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List of Closed Scams That NewsOnlineIncome Reviewed In Past

Many scam sites shut down quickly, making it pointless to update their reviews. Our reviews served their purpose while the sites were active, raising awareness. Now that those scam sites are closed, we've deleted their reviews and listed their names in this article.

We've listed the names of closed scam sites by redirecting links from previous reviews to this content. This way, if you're still wondering if these sites are scams, you can find their names here listed as scams. Doing so, our past articles will still serve the purpose of informing you about those scam sites.

Below, you can find the list of closed scam sites in alphabetical order.

List of Closed Scam Sites:

List of Closed Online Work And Investment Scam Sites:

  • BitcoinInvestment
  • Chain.Group
  • CryptoDaily io
  • DealHaven us
  • Earnmoney Network
  • Elect Capital
  • HashLabs io
  • InvestTrend biz
  • Mocelli
  • MunsBit io
  • MyLifeChange247 
  • Mypaidollar
  • My1DollarBusiness
  • OneLife eu
  • Paid Surveys at Home
  • Sanbux
  • Skinny Body Care
  • SpiderCoin org
  • SuperJobs xyz
  • ThisPaid
  • TradeCoinClub 
  • TrafficVertex
  • Twinkas
  • ZerMoney Club

List of Closed Online Stores:

  • BankSV
  • Propoina
  • WarmJean
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