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Jarvee Review: Is it Legit or Scam? – NOI
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Jarvee Review: Is it Legit or Scam?

We know that you were searching for the reviews to find out either is Jarvee a scam or a legit, does Jarvee really works or not, etc. So, here, within our Jarvee review, you are going to find out the answers to your queries. So, without further delay, let’s begin with our review to find out either is a Jarvee scam or legit.


What is

Jarvee is a platform which provides the service to grow your social media platforms. Now let’s find out either this Jarvee social media growth software really works or just a scam.


Either is a scam or a legit?

We will definitely not call Jarvee a scam, but there is something we don’t like about it. However, as per our test, we find out it really helps to grow the social media platform. So, if some software is doing what that is claiming, then definitely we can’t call that a scam. But also we don’t recommend this software and reason for that you can find below in this Jarvee review.


Jarvee is a software which helps users to grow their social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on by performing bot action, means automated action. However, personally, we don’t think automation action on your social media platform is any good. Why? Well, we will discuss that later.

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Jarvee complaints. Jarvee fake or real? Jarvee legit or fraud?

Jarvee login and join in link:- (Not recommended to join from our side)

If you are looking for automated social media actions such as auto follow and unfollow, auto likes and comments, auto direct message, specifying the targeted group to perform automated actions to get a good amount of follow backs, and so on, then Jarvee is the best option for you compare with other competitors. It also allows you to customize the speed of those automated bot actions so that you will have less chance to get banned by social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on.


Well, now here is the catch. There is always a risk involve to get banned from social media platforms if they notice your account is having automated bot actions. So, from our side we never recommend anyone to use these kinds of automated software to manage your social media accounts because you can get banned anytime from your those social media accounts for performing automated bot actions. After spending lots of money and time on this software and after making lots of followers, if you get banned, you will definitely not feel good. If social media platforms don’t find these bot actions, then you are all safe. But, day by day social media sites are increasing the securities and also tightening their TOS. So, if you not get banned right now, there is a high chance you can get banned in the future. So, from our side, we never suggest anyone use these kinds of bot actions for their social media accounts.


You will get a good result from social media sites only involving by yourself. Using social media sites should have a personal touch. Instead of that, making automated actions may grow your followers but at the same time, you may lose your current followers when they don’t feel the personal touch within your social media accounts.


Another reason we don’t recommend Jarvee is its anonymous owner information. It hasn’t mentioned anywhere in its official website about who and from where is operating and running Jarvee. It has also concealed those details on its WHOIS. We never recommend anyone to involve in companies who hide their owner details. On top of that, we need use our credit card or PayPal to pay the Jarvee service and we also need link our social media accounts to use this service. So, how we can be sure that our that personal information is safe when even we don’t know who and from where is operating and running the Jarvee. So, this is another reason we don’t recommend this company.


Although you able to grab lots of followers, then also you will not get a good amount of engagement on social media sites like Facebook pages without boosting your post. So, why not just boost your post targeting the people who are interested in your post. You can boost your post by targeting people on social media sites like Facebook according to the location of people, according to their interests, their age and so on. So, you can find the right people who will engage in your post by boosting your post on social media sites instead of using software like Jarvee.


However, if you want to take a risk of using bot actions for your social media accounts, then Jarvee is definitely a good option compared with other competitors. Why? You can find that below.



Is Jarvee good compare with its other competitors?

Jarvee is a good option if you are looking for automated bot actions to manage your social media accounts compare with other competitors such as Morfix, Boomul, Yourcharisma, AlphaReady and so on because of the following reasons:-

  • The price of Jarvee is cheap than other competitors because you can enjoy the Jarvee service at the rate $19.95 per month whereas Morfix is $37 per month, Boomul is $49.9 per month, Yourcharisma is $65 per month and Alpha Ready is $100 per month.
  • Jarvee provides the management of multiple social media accounts such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram and so on in the same price whereas other competitors don’t provide the service for many social media sites as well as some of them even let you add money to manage additional social media accounts.
  • You can join the affiliate program of Jarvee free of cost. You don’t have to be the paid member to promote Jarvee and get affiliate commission whereas other competitors make you subscribe to their service by paying money before you can promote them. Actually, it is not good to force people to purchase the service to promote them. Legal authorities never like the idea of forcing people to purchase the products or services in order to join their affiliate program.


Drawbacks of Jarvee comparing with its competitors

Although Jarvee is good comparing with its lots of competitors, still it has some drawbacks and those are:-

  • Jarvee can’t be downloaded in Mac, only can in Windows OS. So, if you are Mac user, its better you choose other option.
  • If you want Jarvee operates 24/7 to manage your social media accounts, then you also need to run your computer 24/7, at least in sleep mode. Yes, it works in sleep mode too but we will always prefer for the services which will let us shut down our device when we are not using that. It is not good for our device to run them continuously.


Is Jarvee affiliate program is good option to make money?

Well, you can promote Jarvee free of cost without purchasing its service and earn the affiliate commission for each sales, but also we don’t recommend this service because we don’t like the idea of promoting any businesses which don’t provide the clear owner information as well as we don’t like the idea of promoting the program which services we don’t like and you already know why we don’t recommend Jarvee. So, we don’t recommend its affiliate program as well. Actually, there are lots of good affiliate programs we can promote and make a good amount of sales, so why choose Jarvee.



So, then which programs are good to make money online?

We have listed all genuine and trusted online works and businesses to make money online within our Good and Trusted Online Works category which you can find by clicking >HERE<


However, our No.1 recommendation to make money online is Wealthy Affiliate because from Wealthy Affiliate you can learn to create your own website in your own subject of interest and make money from that. You no need to have any technical knowledge for that. It is not difficult as it sounds. Wealthy Affiliate provides you step by step video tutorial to make money from your own website and provides you very easy platform to create your own website in your own subject of interest. If you are interested to join Wealthy Affiliate, then you can find its detailed review and link to join it by clicking >HERE<



What is the best way to grow your social media accounts?

The automated software like Jarvee is definitely not the best way to grow your social media accounts. Instead of putting money into the software like Jarvee, it’s better you do direct advertising through social media sites.


Yes, many say it is not easy to get a good amount of likes/follows from the people who will engage with your all posts. Well, it is only if you advertise on social media sites randomly. But if you choose the right people by targeting the right location, right interest, right age which will be the exact fit for your post, then definitely you will get a good amount of engagement directly advertising in social media sites. There is no use of using software like Jarvee.


So, the best way to grow your social media accounts is directly adverting in the social media platforms by boosting your post to the targeted audiences who will be interested in your post. 

We also don’t recommend just to purchase followers on your page. Instead, boost your post to the targeted audiences which will have interested in your post.


However, social media platform is not the only way to attract the visitors to make the sales. Actually, if you want to sell something online either affiliate products or your own products, or if you want the visitors just to grow traffic to your website or YouTube video to make money from advertisement services like Google Adsense, the best way to attract visitors for that is by creating your own website in your own subject of interest and optimizing your website with full SEO plugins so that you can get targeted visitors according to your niche to your website from where either you can drive them to sell something, or drive them to like your social media accounts or to view your YouTube videos, or display the advertisements and make money from advertisements. Although it sounds difficult it is not because you can learn about these all steps very easily without having any technical knowledge from the online business training program known as Wealthy Affiliate. For further details on Wealthy Affiliate, you can click >HERE<

Please feel free to share this Jarvee review with your friends and families through your social media accounts to let the know about its reality:-


Yes, if you create your own website, you can ask the people to share your post in this way in social media accounts to get the engagement from social media sites.

If you have any queries related to Jarvee or if you want to provide your own Jarvee reviews or if you need any help in relation to online work and business industry, then please feel free to leave your comment below. We will be more than happy to help you and hear from you.

Good Luck!


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