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Is My 1 Dollar Business a Scam or a Legit? – NOI

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My1DollarBusiness Review, Is My 1 Dollar Business a Scam or a Legit?

What is My 1 Dollar Business about? Is My 1 Dollar Business Scam or Legit? Are you searching for the My 1 Dollar Business reviews in order to find it out? If so, then your search ends here because here, within our My One Dollar Business review, we have provided the complete truth about My1DollarBusiness, both pros and cons, such as about the My1DollarBusiness office background and its owner, about negative My1DollarBusiness reviews, about My 1 Dollar Business complaints, about My1DollarBusiness scam claims etc. In short, we want to make you clear that we don’t recommend My1DollarBusiness and the reasons for that you can find within our My1DollarBusiness review as below. Actually, we only recommend those kind of sites which has been established from very long time with lots of positive reviews and satisfied members, which business model is legal and sustainable, from where you can plan for full time income for your lifetime, such as Wealthy Affiliate which is our No.1 recommended online work company about which you can find the details by clicking this link:-


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Ok, let’s begin with your My 1 Dollar Business review as below.

What is My 1 Dollar Business about? My One Dollar Business. Is My 1 Dollar Business Legit or Scam? My 1 Dollar Business Review. Is My 1 Dollar Business a Legit or Scam?

My1DollarBusiness Join in and Login URL: and

Background of My1DollarBusiness, What is My 1 Dollar Business about?

As per WHOIS details, two domains which are used for My1DollarBusiness, and have same details. Both were registered in September 2016 under ownership of Steve Gresham and based in 195 Wesley Dr., Athens, United States.


My1DollarBusiness doesn’t have any retail products. When you will join the company, you are going to pay for its membership fee for so called membership benefits programs such as, 24 hour roadside assistance, family legal plan, worldwide travel program, 24 hour shopping concierge, worldwide condo program, tax deduction software, vacation and so on which are actually worthless products. They have also claimed that they have provided store for the members to refer customers where they can purchase variety of in demand products and services. But, we found out that store has nothing to do with My1DollarBusiness MLM program. So, the only thing you can market here is the affiliate membership of company itself. If you are able to recruit new members, you will be rewarded by the company when your referrals join the company by paying those membership fees as same as you will do when you join the company.


Steve Gresham was a founder of company known as “Saving Highway” which is already collapsed. Saving Highway was a Matrix-based recruitment scheme which was almost same like My1DollarBusiness. They sold monthly affiliate membership under which they offered same kind of membership benefits like right now they offer for joining My1DollarBusiness and their affiliate can make money by recruiting new affiliates who purchase those memberships. So there is not any huge business model difference between Saving Highway and My 1 Dollar Business. It seems Gresham has re-launched his old business with the different name and platform as My 1 Dollar Business. So, simply considering this fact, we will not recommend anyone to work with My1DollarBusiness because same business model which was operated by same owner has been failed already and even this kind of business model is never a legal ones and not even the sustainable ones.


How to earn money from My1DollarBusiness? – Actually it is not worthy to try

In order to work with My 1 Dollar Business and earn money from it, first of all you have to join the company by paying monthly $1 membership. If you want to take full affiliate benefits form all level, then you should pay $181 per month. Means if you join company by paying $1 and keep on paying $1 monthly, then under that membership you can earn $0.2 monthly when each of your direct referrals join My1DollarBusiness by purchasing $1 membership and keep on paying $1 monthly as same as you do to remain active. If you can recruit more than 2 affiliates, then you can earn $0.5 per referral per month as long as they keep on paying $1 per month and you can earn that from the affiliates placed anywhere in 2×10 matrix under you, means upto 10 level referrals (The level 1 referral means the affiliates that you personally recruited, level 2 means the referrals of your referrals which your referrals have recruited and so on.)


After that if you want to increase your income, or also can say want to risk more money, then you can go for Phase 1 membership by paying $10 per month for which you will earn $2.5 from your referral if your referral also purchase Phase 1 membership and will earn $0.5 per month from your referrals who keep on purchasing $1 membership or from your downlines placed in 2X10 matrix.


Similarly, you can pay monthly $20 for Phase 2 membership, $50 for Phase 3 membership, $100 for Phase 4 membership. To purchase Phase 2 membership, you should have at least 10 affiliates in your matrix and you can earn $4 from your personally recruited Phase 2 members and $1 from any Phase 2 affiliates placed in your 2X10 matrix and then you can earn same commission from your Phase 1 affiliates as when you were in Phase 1 membership.


Similarly, for Phase 3 membership, you should have at least 20 affiliates in your matrix and can earn $10 from your personally recruited Phase 3 affiliates and $2.5 per Phase 3 affiliate placed in your matrix and commission form Phase 2 and Phase 1 affiliates remains same as you were earning as Phase 2 member. For Phase 4, you should have at least 50 affiliates in your matrix and can earn $20 per personally recruited Phase 4 affiliates and $5 from any Phase 4 affiliates placed in the matrix. Once you become Phase 4 member, you can earn all the commission from your all level of referrals with all kind of membership.


So, here is not any retail products to sell and company relies fully on payment from affiliates for the membership fee which make it Pyramid Scheme. This company uses 2*10 matrix structure to make money for the members and each member is required to pay at least $1 per month. So, you should have to recruit the new members directly first and let your those recruited members to recruit others. All the rewards depend upon your performances and your recruited affiliates to purchase membership levels and to recruit people. In fact, if you and your affiliates are able stay as long as with this company by paying certain level of membership fees and keep on recruiting new members, then you can sure earn some money, but not for long time because like this kind of companies never sustain for long run and its business model is also not legal. We can find lots of companies had already collapsed which were following same kind of business model, even one of them was from the same owner of My1DollarBusiness known as SavingHighway. So, obviously we will not recommend you to work with this kind of company. However, if you want to try, then you can try it at your own risk.



Aforementioned, My1DollarBusiness has same business model of “Saving Highway” which was from the same owner of My1DollarBusiness and has been already collapsed. So, it is hard to expect the same business model from same owner to be successful. On top of that, this business model is Pyramid Scheme, so not the legal one and not even a sustainable one. This kind of system only works for some months till it keep on getting new investors. Once the members unable to recruit any new affiliates, then system will slowly start to dry out and no one can generate money. So we don’t recommend you to work with this company, but the final decision will be always yours because we only recommend top rated companies like Wealthy Affiliate where there is real product and even we no need to recruit people to earn money from there, which business model is sustainable and legal, which has high rate of successful members and sustaining in very well manner from long time. You can find more details on Wealthy Affiliate by clicking this link:-


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