Review: GoodsGreats Scam or Legit - NOI Review: GoodsGreats Scam or Legit?

Are you trying to find out what is in real and searching GoodsGreats reviews for that? If so, then you have landed in the right place since through this Goods Greats review, you are going to find out either is a scam or genuine. So, let's begin with our GoodsGreats review to find out either is a GoodsGreats trustworthy or not.


Actually, we don't recommend GoodsGreats for online shopping. Why? Well, keep on reading this Goods Greats review to find out the reasons.


GoodsGreats complaints. Is a GoodsGreats fake or real? Is a GoodsGreats legit or fraud?

We don't recommend Goods Greats due to the following reasons:-

  • GoodsGreats has provided its parent company's name as "Qandies Limited" on its “Terms of Service” page. However, WHOIS details of reveals the parent company name as CHICV INTERNATIONAL HOLDING LIMITED from Hong Kong. You can find a bunch of problematic online stores operating under CHICV INTERNATIONAL HOLDING LIMITED and Qandies Limited such as Remeyou, ChicKeep, ClosetNote, Charmeric, AnnieCloth, Jodimitty, Omygeeze and so on. This is definitely a big warning bell to stay away from GoodsGreats online store.
  • All the online stores operating under CHICV INTERNATIONAL HOLDING LIMITED have a bunch of common complaints from their clients about the poor quality of the products that they delivered. Clients of CHICV INTERNATIONAL HOLDING LIMITED have always complained that their customer support is very bad and the items they have delivered are very low in quality which looks completely different than what they have advertised on their website due to which they have paid more money than the real value of the products. Clients have also complained about their delivery time and useless refund policy which let them pay for a refund.
  • Lots of details provided on GoodsGreats website match with other problematic sites which are operating under CHICV INTERNATIONAL HOLDING LIMITED. For example; Its website theme is not so tidy; It has copy-pasted lots of website details from other websites; Lots of images provided on GoodsGreats website are blurred which don't look like the original pictures; The faces of models have been cropped out from the most of the product images presented on GoodsGreats website which is mostly done by online stores when they copy-paste those images from other websites without taking a consent so that it will be difficult for the copyright holder to find those images easily; GoodsGreats hasn't secured its website properly.
  • Since GoodsGreats hasn't secured its website properly, so your personal and financial information will be on risk if you shop at GoodsGreats.

Due to the reasons mentioned above, we don’t recommend Goods Greats. So, we have listed GoodsGreats in our Not Recommended sites list. However, if you have a different opinion or want to provide your own Goods Greats reviews, then please feel free to leave your comment below.


You can also comment below if you want to report about any online scams. After all your comment can help others here to identify more scams.


It is also better you share this post with your friends and families through your social media accounts so that lots of people know the reality of online stores like GoodsGreats. It will help them to identify similar kinds of online stores.


Actually, many people fall into the scam online stores due to the very low product price that most of the scam online stores offer on relative products. GoodsGreats is also offering a high discount on various products listed on GoodsGreats website. So, many people fall into scam online stores due to the price they offer. However, instead of falling for that, avoid them. If you find something too good to be true, then you should know that may not be true. So, don't fall into the trap of scammers just because they attract you with flashy design, attractive products, and very low price. Instead, you must know those are signs of bad online stores.

Please feel free to share this GoodsGreatsp review with your friends and families through your social media accounts so that they can find out either is a GoodsGreats genuine or hoax:-

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We will be more than happy to hear from you and help you.

Good Luck!

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Comments: 27
  • #1

    Cheri (Tuesday, 24 September 2019 14:01)

    I placed an order with Goodsgreats on Sept 6th and they have taken the money out of our account, but I have yet to see the product. It is now Sept 24th. Feel like I've been scammed

  • #2

    Sherri D. (Wednesday, 25 September 2019 13:18)

    I too ordered boots online about 3 weeks ago and have not received my order.

  • #3

    Mary Ellen (Wednesday, 25 September 2019 14:00)

    I purchased shoes and never received them - they sent me an email that said the item was shipped but it never arrived. I think it may have been to buy more time. The shipment notice email disappeared from my inbox and was not in trash either. So I had no contact means. I reported them as a fraudulent company to my credit card and stopped payment I would not recommend this compnay

  • #4

    Susan Buxton (Monday, 30 September 2019 08:12)

    Don’t order anything from goodgreats. They show photos of great designers products but supply a horrible cheap knockoff. I ordered beautiful soft leather booties with decorative stitching and received something that’s a step up from a rubber boot.

  • #5

    pat (Tuesday, 15 October 2019 04:16)

    you have taken my money and i have not recieved my boots ,i ordered them in september whats happened to them? if you dont send them could you give my money back please ?

  • #6

    rac (Tuesday, 22 October 2019 21:33)

    I ordered a pair of short boots from them. They arrived about a month later and the color was very different than the image they showed AND worse than that - the image showed what looked like leather with a seal branded in and when my boots arrived - they looked completely different and were made of some cheap, plastic man-made material. A COMPLETE SHAM.

    I had been traveling so I missed their 15 return deadline and they wouldn't honor it. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY.

  • #7

    Evelyn hunsucker (Monday, 28 October 2019 09:51)

    I have yet to receive my sweater money was taken out of account 1month ago

  • #8

    Marie Ezzo (Tuesday, 29 October 2019 05:57)

    I ordered a oversized hoodie sweater from this company and have never received it. I ordered it in September and it is now near the end of October and I still haven't received my order. Please do not buy from this company. I think all of us have been scammed. They should be shutdown for good. They sure took my money pretty guick.

  • #9

    Idonia (Tuesday, 29 October 2019 09:19)

    I purchased a cardigan on 10-14-19 and still haven't receive the merchandise. They took out the money from my account on the 19th of october i had to call and cancel the order because i have not been able to track the order with the tracking number they gave me.

  • #10

    Holly (Wednesday, 30 October 2019 14:10)

    I ordered a sweater 10/9. I wrote once and answer was they were still getting it ready to ship. Now the end of the month and haven’t heard anything

  • #11

    Bonnie Criss (Thursday, 31 October 2019 11:14)

    I will never buy from this place again,,items are not s they appear 🙁 ,, then they don't want you to return the item,, and offer you 15%,,what a joke,,and sending back to China must be a fortune

  • #12

    Debbie (Friday, 01 November 2019 11:10)

    I ordered three items:
    #1: was presented as a jacket but the length was more of a shirt. Cute but not as presented. Quality not determined since I immediately returned it to it's packaging.
    #2: Cute shirt listed as being cotton, arrived as 100% polyester. I would not have purchased polyester...yuk
    #3: novelty lights never arrived (or shipped).
    As noted above, return policy is that customer pays for return shipping. They offer 15% to eliminate your inconvenience. Return shipping for $45 worth of product to China will be $53.
    They sell crap and know you can't do anything about it. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!

  • #13

    lee sanders (Friday, 01 November 2019 11:39)

    These geeks are a scam & should be brought to justice. Ordered shoes 9/6/19 & arrived end of Oct, wrong size, will not give return address. Just sending long goofy reasons, dead end. Should go to prison.

  • #14

    Annette Doyle (Sunday, 03 November 2019 12:22)

    I purchased a coat jacket from Goods Great and wanted to return it, was offered 15% for my trouble if I didn't want to return it to China. Beware! No where on the facebook did it say what their return policy was or even where you were ordering it from.

  • #15

    Darlarae (Monday, 04 November 2019 17:14)

    I bought the lush light green sweater on October 3/2019, this company took out my money right off the bat! I didn't receive the sweater until 11/01/2019 almost a month after I ordered it! The product I received is nothing like the advertisement online! It's supposed to be a pretty light green color!!! It's dark green, cheap, and the most ugly thing I've ever seen! It's so cheap I wouldn't wear it for fear of the under breathe comments I might hear!! I want my $$ and I'm disputing the charge!!

  • #16

    Mina (Monday, 04 November 2019 21:59)

    I ordered from GoodGreats on 10/20/19; still have not received my items. I received an email stating they're on back order and will arrive soon. After reading the other comments, I wish I could cancel my order. I am afraid of what I will receive. I'll just have to count it as a loss ($125)!! Can we report this company to a Consumer Agency to warn people and have this company shut down!

  • #17

    Shelia (Tuesday, 05 November 2019 11:34)

    Will never order from Good Greats again! Ordered boots. Received them a month later. Too big and cheap quality. Was informed that I would have to return to China at my expense. They offered a discount which I never received.

  • #18

    Susan (Wednesday, 06 November 2019 18:27)

    Yes all of us have bought. Got inferior items not even close to what we wanted. They say we can return but... to China. The cost is more than the product so we all keep what we got.
    This is a massive amount of screwed customers!!! SCAM SCAM
    If anyone knows how to fight this company I’m right there with you

  • #19

    linda freeman (Thursday, 07 November 2019 08:26)

    I ordered some storage bags and a cardigan beginning Oct received the bags but not the cardigan ???? Strange reading all these reviews glad I did not pay a lot for cardigan Still you live and learn

  • #20

    joann (Friday, 15 November 2019 20:07)

    how do i contact them

  • #21

    Sherra seib (Friday, 22 November 2019 17:03)

    Do you know when my order will be here, almost been a month

  • #22

    Martha Brown (Sunday, 01 December 2019 16:45)

    I placed a order on a pair of boots I did receive them. I received them on time but they were crappy. I just looked at them didn't even take them out of the box. mailed them back and still haven't received my money and not going to. I've been scammed out of my money.

  • #23

    Reuben (Tuesday, 21 January 2020 23:26)

    Ordered my jacket on 12-14-2019 it is now 1-20-2020 and have not received my order. Emailed them many times respond ed once. Still no product. No contact ect. Never gonna order from this place again.

  • #24

    DPool (Thursday, 23 January 2020 07:30)

    I ordered a sweater in October. Have emailed multiple times, and they have assured me they are checking into the delivery information. It is now JANUARY, and they are still "checking on it".

  • #25

    Linda Williams (Friday, 24 January 2020 09:38)

    I am trying to return a sweater. It is very poorly made.Plus the color is wrong,I'm trying to find their phone number since they won't answer my emails any help would be appreciated.I spent 40 dollars on a sweater that is NOT EXCEPTABLE,PLEASE HELP. Thank you

  • #26

    Reuben lewis (Monday, 03 February 2020 23:04)

    Ordered 12-14 2019 x-mas gift and still have not heard a word from these people! Never again.

  • #27

    Leslye (Thursday, 13 February 2020 05:11)

    Stay away from pp carraue and any website basically popping up with goods from kong. Its like more than 1/2 to return if you recurve the crappy goods. Luckily I used PAPAL and got 30$ back in shipping along with return money after filing a dispute and uploading shipping receipt on separate form (ask them).
    Also beware these companies Keep changing their names.

  • #28


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