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GetMyAds Review – Is Get My Ads Scam? – NOI
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GetMyAds Review – Is Get My Ads Scam?

This is our one of the short review only to warn you about GetMyAds. As per our research, we have found many negative points about Get My Ads  (www. getmyads24. com). This Get My Ads review is not to promote this site, but to deliver the truth about GetMyAds so that you can find out GetMyAds is scam or not. Our No.1 recommended online work company is Wealthy Affiliate about which you can find details by clicking this link:- 


First of all you must know that even we haven’t listed the top revenue sharing sites like FutureAdPro within our Good and Trusted Online Works section. The reason you can find within our detail review on FutureAdPro by clicking this link:-


You can find the list of other legit online work companies within our Good and Trusted Online Works section by clicking through the right-hand side menu of our website.


We think GetMyAds will turn into scam soon. However, at the moment it is paying in the same manner like those kinds of scam companies who pay at the starting to lure more people into their system. But in long run, they will either stop paying or completely shutdown their site. So, we have listed this site within our “Not Recommended” section instead of “Bad and Scam Online Works” section because if some sites are paying at the moment, we can’t declare them scam, but if we know those sites have high chance to turn into scam in the future, then we can’t recommend those sites either. 

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There are various reasons which make us sure that GetMyAds can turn into scam anytime soon in the future.


First of all GetMyAds is lying about everything. They claim that the name of CEO and the owner of Get My Ads is Frank Hanson, however, in his own Facebook he mistakenly put his name as Morgan Lewis which he has already corrected by now. But you just think, no one will ever misspell their own name totally different unless they have lied about their name. The company corporate address provided by GetMyAds is based on Hong Kong. But if you look their Terms and Conditions, then you will find out that they have written that their Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of the Philippines. You can find it in the screenshot as below.

So, why company from HongKong is using laws of Philippines? However, if you check WHOIS detail, then the owner city is at Panama with website location at Netherlands. So, why anyone need to provide several addresses if their intention is good and are not lying about their real address?


Secondly, in GetMyAds, we no need to click any ads to be qualify and earn from AdPacks. So, then how will this business sustain? Where will they show those ads which members will buy through AdPacks. Revenue Sharing Advertisement services only can survive if they can provide good advertisement services. But, if no one have to view ads within GetMyAds, then it will be very hard for advertisers to get good amount of clicks for their AdPacks due to which their AdPacks will be only for the investment purpose, not for the advertisement purpose. On the top of that, there are not any real services or products from which they can make enough profit to pay back that much ROI to their members. So obviously they are running totally Ponzi scheme, paying first member from the money of second member which will collapse soon.


Thirdly, they are lying about the amount that they have claimed to paid to their members. The site is only 100 days old at this time of review and they have claimed that they have already paid 14 million USD to their members, is this a joke? None of new site can paid that much amount within such a sort period of time and even if some site able to make, then those site must have millions of active members using site daily which is not in the case of GetMyAds.


So, like these there are too many negative points about GetMyAds. We think this much point is already enough to give quick waring against this site. So, we simply suggest everyone to stay away from it. 


Good Luck!

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