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Dwayne Johnson Giving Away Big Cash Scam

Warning! Beware of the post which is claiming Dwayne Johnson, The Rock is giving away big cash and prizes. This post is completely hoaxed. Even scammer has posted the video where Dwayne Johnson is talking about his projects, how much money he has made from his recent movies and so on. But, he hasn't said anything about giving away cash and prizes in that video. That video has been downloaded from his official Facebook page which is this one:-

However, the posts which are claiming to give away big cash and prizes have not been posted from the official page of Dwayne The Rock Johnson. Those posts ask people to like, share and comment "WIN" in the post. You can see some examples of those kinds of posts in the screenshots as below:-

The scammer is posting such a hoax post because in that way he/she can find lots of active Facebook accounts operating by the real people. He/She will collect that information and will contact those people later to scam further because he/she now know those people who have liked, shared and comment in these hoax posts are interested to make money easily. So, he/she will make the list of those people and will contact them later to join his/her scam schemes. He/She will contact those people later by sharing the link of his/her upcoming scams and will claim they can earn money easily by joining his/her site or they can get free items by providing the credit card information and so on.

This is how the scammer collects the information about the people who are interested in an easy way to make money. He/She knows that these people believe anything because these people who like, share and comment on these hoax post even not did any research before doing that. So, that means they don't bother to do any research and just follow the instruction if they see they can make some money easily. Scammer always like to target these kinds of people to run their scam companies. So, never ever like, share or comment on these kinds of posts otherwise you will be the potential victim of the scammer.

Actually, instead of jumping on liking, sharing and commenting on such hoax posts, at least do some little research, then you will find out the reality by yourself.

First of all, you can open the video posted in this "Dwayne The Rock Johnson giving away big cash and prizes" post because if you open that video and listen, then you will not find out anything that Dwayne Johnson has said about giving away cash and prizes. If this post has been posted by the Dwayne Johnson himself, then he would have talked about that in the video. This is the one proof to find this is a hoax post.

Verified Facebook profiles

Another best way to find out either the posts are from the real celebrity page or not is by checking the page from where those posts have been made. The real celebrity page will have verified logo provided by the Facebook as shown in the picture here on the right.

You can see the blue tick mark just after the name of Dwayne The Rock Johnson which proves this is the official page belong to real Dwayne The Rock Johnson, not the fake one. Other every pages and profile that you find out in the name of Dwayne The Rock Johnson are fake if there is not a blue tick mark after the page name. If you want to see it by yourself, then you can check the real Facebook page of Dwayne Johnson by clicking this link:-

Fake Facebook profile picture of Dwayne The Rock Johnson.

This scammer is also tricking people by showing the verified blue tick logo on the picture of Dwayne The Rock Johnson on his/her fake Facebook profile as shown on the right-hand side. However, the original verified logo of Facebook will not be on the picture but will be after the page name as we have shown above. So, if you see any celebrity page with the verified logo on the picture instead after the name of the celebrity, then you must know those celebrity pages are fake.

So, it's very easy to check. However, if you even don't bother to listen to the video in the post and even don't bother to check either the post is from the real celebrity page or not, then you are definitely the best client for the scammer because he/she is searching for those kinds of people who quickly fall for the easy money claim without doing any research. So, the main motto of these kinds of posts is to collect the information of people who will easily fall for the easy money scheme so that scammer can contact them later and convince them easily to join their easy money making scam schemes or show them the advertisement of their easy money scam schemes. Those people who fall for these kinds of posts definitely will fall for any easy ways to make money just by viewing advertisements as well. So, if you don't want to be the victim of the scammer, never ever follow these kinds of posts.

Actually, this is not the first time the scammer is trying to scam using the name of the celebrity. In the past, the scammer has already scammed people using Tyler Perry, Janet Jackson, Will Smith and other celebrities name. These kinds of scammer later will contact you or show you the advertisement to join the easy money scheme or to download free movies or to get some products free of cost where you need to provide your credit card information. So, most of the people who instantly believe these kinds of posts, they will also believe about those free items or easy way to make money and they will provide their credit card information to the site provided by the scammer.

Although this scammer will claim that he/she will not charge any money from your credit card and that is only for verification purpose to get free items or to join easy money making scheme, but also later he/she will take all the money from your credit card without your consent.

So never ever believe these kinds of posts. Real celebrities or renowned rich person will not select the random people to give away their money. Instead, they will donate to certain charity for the certain cause. Never go after such an easy way to make money. Instead, if you are ready to do some work, then you can find the list of genuine and trusted online works and businesses from where you can make money by clicking >HERE<. However, you definitely can't make millions of dollars within a day from any genuine companies. So, don't fall for those scam claims.

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Good Luck! 

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