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Done News Review, Is Done-News Scam or Legit? is one of the scam websites opened by the same scammer who previously had succeeded to scam people through the similar type of scam websites like Quest of NewsLuckiNewsAllnewsroundStatofNews, etc. This scammer is very clever as he/she hides his/her identity. But this scammer always uses similar tricks and data which can help us to identify that he/she is the same scammer and he/she has been continuing deceiving people for years. In "Done News" also he/she uses same data from which we can trace out that DoneNews is from the same owner of previous scam websites as mentioned above.

Done-News Review, Is "Done News" Scam or Legit? is a scam company.

This scammer’s main targeted groups are the beginners who want to earn money from online works and without investment as well as quick earnings. So those people easily get attracted by his/her misleads and the scammer gets opportunity to make money by increasing the traffic number of his/her website. This scammer is even successful to get personal information from some people like their Paypal, Payza account or other payment processors which he/she misuses for personal benefits by hacking the accounts. There is no record that this scammer has paid a single penny to the people. When the people ask for the payment, this scammer in return ask for some money so that he/she could do fast payment. How misleading. The scammer is only using people for his/her benefits. People need to understand that hardworking is the key to get success in everything and without working no one can earn money. So, don't believe in such scams.

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