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  • April 12, 2020 Review: Direxnews Scam or Legit?

Direxsnews review / Direxnews review / Comeinnews review: Direxnews, Comeinnews and Direxsnews Scam Alert!


We have listed Direxnews, Comeinnews and Direxsnews websites within our “Bad and Scams” category because Direxsnews, Comeinnews, and Direxnews websites are not genuine or trustworthy, instead these websites belong to the serial scammer who has multiple similar kinds of scam sites such as Pageanket, Quiztitle, 17Vesti, Okopros, Up3News, MonthOfNews, Up1Line, MainofNews, BaseofNews, CapitalofNews, SoCupNews, LuckiNews, QuestofNews, AllNewsRound, NewsDoc, TillNews, etc. Like these mentioned scam sites, Direxsnews, Comeinnews and Direxnews websites also belong to the same owner who has been deceiving people using the same method. Though the theme of these sites may be slightly different from each other, the main motive of these sites is the same and that is to deceive people by making attractive offers.


This scammer hasn’t yet paid a single penny to any of his/her members. Furthermore his/her main targets are especially the beginners who are searching keywords in search pages like “how to make money online“, “work from home jobs“, “how to earn money without investment“, “trusted online works“, “top recommended online work” etc. to begin their career in online field. So, this scammer always targets such innocent people who don’t know the dark side of the online world and promise them to pay money very easily. After all who won’t fall for easy money, right? Due to this fact, this scammer easily grabs the attention of innocent people just to make them engage in his/her sites so that he/she can earn money by selling the personal information of those people that they submit while registering with these sites as well as while requesting for the payout.


This scammer also tries to trick people into paying money to be eligible to cash-out their earnings. This scammer tricks them by telling them to pay some fees or do something else to release the payment soon. But those members who paid their own money, they also didn’t receive any payment from these sites. Actually, all sites which ask for money to release the payment are scams. You never need to pay money to release your payment from any legit sites.


Direxsnews, Comeinnews and Direxnews complaints: Fake or Real? Legit or Fraud?

This scammer always hides his/her location so that he/she can’t be traced. He/She has been deceiving and cheating on people over years from many other similar sites as mentioned above. We have already written reviews on his/her multiple sites. Still, he/she hasn’t given up on trying to continue his/her wrongdoing and we too haven’t given up on trying to aware people from being scammed by such sites.


This cybercriminal always opens his/her websites by hiding his/her real identity and the real location so that no one would figure out who he/she is and pinpoint his/her location from where he/she operates these sites. However, there are some similar data that he/she always use which make easy for us to identify that these websites are being operated by him/her.


Direxsnews, Comeinnews, and Direxnews also use the same way of tricking its client like offering to pay $50 for each involved partner and claiming to pay $2 to $10 just for reading a piece of news which sounds pretty impossible and is too. It’s totally a fake claim to attract innocent people.


Aforementioned, these kinds of scam sites ask real email ID and payment processor details which this scammer sells to third-parties and make money from there. When those innocent people working in these kinds of sites ask for the payment, this scammer asks them to pay a certain amount of money to get paid faster than regular.


It is very risky to provide your Paypal or any other payment processors details or bank address to these sites because this scammer may also try to hack your those accounts. This scammer is asking such information so that he/she can cheat money from the innocent people.


You must understand that to have a proper earning you must work hard both offline or online. There is no such thing as easy money without working hard as these kinds of scam sites are claiming.



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