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Coin Space Review, Is CoinSpace Scam or Legit?

What do you think? Is CoinSpace a scam? Are you searching for the CoinSpace reviews in order to find it out? If so, then you are in the right place because here you can find the real truth about CoinSpace, both pros and cons such as who is the owner of Coin Space, what is CoinSpace, either we can earn money from CoinSpace or not, about Coin Space scam claims, about CoinSpace complaints etc.

If you want the short answer, then sorry to say, we don't recommend you to work with CoinSpace because we find lots of risks to invest in CoinSpace.

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Background of CoinSpace

CoinSpace was registered on March 11, 2015. More than that we can't find any other details within WHOIS record of After doing further research, we find out that some reviews claim before they have provided Danjel Pawl as the name of the owner within WHOIS details and address as Malta, but there is not any authentic proof for that and by the time of this review everything is hidden within WHOIS record.

The website has provided their address as Triq Il-Kappar MB 1, Mosta, MST 4003, Malta. More than this, there is not any other information about the owner of this company and it is really not a good sign. If they want to establish the company and ready to provide good service to the costumers, then why they have to hide their own information and make it very difficult to find for public? It seems they are also confused about their own products and services by themselves .

What is CoinSpace and How to earn money from CoinSpace?

As per company's claims, CoinSpace is a network company with cloud mining platform where you can invest in their membership to take benefit from their cryptocurrency minings. It also offers its own kind of cryptocurrency known as S-coin which is not popular in real public till date. Till now use of Scoin is just limited within members of Coin Space. More than that, even there is not any authentic information where and how the company is doing mining of cryptocurrency. If we want to work with Coin Space, we only need to believe and follow what CoinSpace tell us without any solid proofs.

Actually this is not new. There other companies like CoinSpace who are attracting investors to invest in their membership and in return giving new kind of cryptocurrency. Actually none of these kinds of CryptoCurrencies have been sustained till date. Since Bitcoin become so popular and now the price of Bitcoin touching up the sky, companies like Coin Space got the idea to attract the public which are searching for new coins like Bitcoins but in lower price so that they can take same benefit like from Bitcoins in the future. But, the cryptocurrency like Scoin are actually not a real cryptocurrency. That is just a way to attract people to invest in their system. You can find our detail review on similar kind of other companies like Onelife and Onecoin within our website.


Ok, if you still want to know how to invest and work with CoinSpace, then here is detail for you:-

Aforementioned, CoinSpace is a cryptocurrency mining network company. After we sign up with this company, we need to invest in their offered packages which costs from €300  to €12,000 in return of which you will get from 30 S-coins to 2000 S-coins and then will earn passive income upto two years such as if you invest in €300 plan known as Minimum Mine package, then you will earn back €36.5 each month for one year, means 438 EUR in total within one year. Similarly if you purchase their highest top package known as double mine for which you have to invest €12,000, you will earn back 1,520 EUR each month for 24 months which means you will earn back €36,480 within 2 years from your €12,000 investment.

You can also earn referral commission by letting people to join CoinSpace through your affiliate link for which you will earn commission according to the packages that your referrals purchase such as if they purchase Minimum Mine package worth €300, then you will earn €36 and if they purchase the Double Mine package worth €12,000, then you will earn €1440 as commission.

Sound so good right? NOT SO FAST.

Because first of all none of the legit investment company can guarantee how much profit they can make in the future, so if any company promises to pay you certain rate of return within certain period of time, then that means they actually taking high risk or simply they don't care because doing so they have to pay you back quoted amount even when they are in loss which can collapse the company and if company collapses, you will lose your investment amount as well. On top of that, Coin Space is not providing any authentic proof that they are doing real mining of crypto currency and even if they are doing, it is hard to cover them to pay such a high amount of ROI back to their affiliates such as €36,480 in two years by paying €1,520 every month for those who have just invested €12,000.

Most of these companies actually run as a Ponzi scheme, means paying old members from the money of new members which definitely gonna collapse and create huge debt in the system after certain period of time and in case of CoinSpace, even they don't want to disclose who is running the business and where and how they are mining the cryptocurrency which give us additional warning to stay away from the company.

Anyway, you are the one who can take final decision. We are here only to deliver the truth, if you want to take a risk, then that is completely upto because at starting these kind of companies will keep on paying and after certain period of time, all of sudden will vanish and if you are having bad luck then at the time you will invest in these kind of companies may be will be the time when company is going to collapse. So, think twice before investing in these kind of companies. And also if S-coins are real, why they are not available in real cryptocurrency market to exchange in popular cryptocurrency wallets? It is because they are not a real crypto currencies, they are just Ponzi points.

Actually, CoinSpace company itself has mentioned in their website that they are not legal investment company. For the proof, you can find the screenshot of their website page as below:

Proof showing coinspace eu is not a legal business, coin space scam, coin space review

So, we don't think we have to say more than this to show you legal aspects of the business of CoinSpace.


Aforementioned, we simply don’t recommend doubtful and Ponzi nature kind of companies. However, final choice is yours.

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Good Luck!

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