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Chipotle: We Weren’t Able To Reset The Password – Is This Chipotle Email Scam or Legit?

Have you recently got the following email from Chipotle?

“Chipotle: Unfortunately, we weren’t able to reset the password for youremail@address, because this account was not found in our system. Frown. The good news is that you can create an account right now by clicking on this link: Smile. If you didn’t make this request, or no longer need to reset your password, you can ignore this email. DOWNLOAD OUR APP”.

If you have got the email as above, then you are not alone. Not only the users of Chipotle but those who even don’t know anything about it, who never have visited its website or app are also getting this kind of email. So, this makes clear that there is something wrong with this email.

Beware of fraudulent Chipotle emails: We Weren’t Able To Reset The Password

Why are you getting password reset emails from Chipotle even when you are not using its services?

It looks like its website or app has been hacked and those hackers are sending these emails. Or, it may also some error within its website or app. Anyway, whatever is the reason, it is better you avoid this email and don’t click any link provided on these kinds of emails.

If you have already click the link on such email and have reset your password, then we suggest you immediately clear your browser history, delete this email and then visit the Chipotle website or app and change your password again.

If you have requested to change the password, then you may get confused either these kinds of emails are from Chipotle or not. In that case, it’s better you contact its support team and ask them to help you to reset the password.

Mostly, hackers try to hack some websites or apps to get the personal information of the users submitted to those websites or apps. So, if your credit card is linked to the Chipotle website or app and if you have already clicked the link provided on such emails, then we suggest you immediately contact your bank or credit card company and ask them to cancel your credit card and give you the new one.

Now you know the reality of these Chipotle emails, so if you want to say something about it, please feel free to place your comment below.

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Good Luck!

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