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Beware of Charity Foundation Scam Email In The Name Of Mrs. Sayuri Yoshiko
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Beware of scam email as below in the name of Mrs. Sayuri Yoshiko:

“I am writing this letter in confidence believing that it is the will of God to meet with you since we have not met before. It may surprise you to receive this letter from me, since there has been no previous correspondence between us. My name is Mrs. Sayuri Yoshiko. I’m a Japanese citizen from Miyagi, Japan. I wish to establish a charity foundation to help the poor in your country under your care. I find joy in giving the less privileged. I really want to give to a charity organization dedicated to feeding hungry children.

Your earliest response to this matter will be highly appreciated.

Thanks. Mrs. Sayuri Yoshiko”

If you have received email as above, then you should know that is a scam. So, you should not follow any instruction provided on these emails and should delete them immediately.

Now you know that messages as above are nothing other than fake messages. So, if you want to make your friends and families aware of this scam, then please feel free to share this post through your social media accounts.

If you want to report similar kinds of scam messages, then please feel free to place your comments below.

Actually, there are lots of similar kinds of messages circulating around in the name of reputed companies and reputed persons, but all of them are scams. You can find different kinds of phishing messages by clicking >HERE<.

If you want to detect a scam by yourself, then you can learn how to identify any site is a scam or not by clicking this link:-

We also recommend you to check other articles under our “Scams” or “Suspicious – Not Recommended” categories so that you will have more knowledge about various kinds of scams and suspicious websites and online activities.

Good Luck!

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