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Burloga Legit Or Another Scam From Fadel-Beatty Limited? Burloga Review

I order a pair of workbooks from Burloga, and I’m now seeing that it’s a scam, they took my $28.00, and I never received anything. I got scammed again by fake companies, please help. Stop this company from thieving. Scamming poor people is a crime. How do they get away with this? And, why are there so many scammers taking $$ from people? And what’s being done about it?

Above information is not posted by us, but by a Guest/Visitor of our website. Below is our verdict:

So, either is a Burloga scam or genuine?

Burloga is a scam site, since all sites with parent company name Fadel-Beatty Limited are scam ones. If you know to know why, then you can find detailed information about Fadel-Beatty Limited here –

Final Verdict:

Burloga is a scam. So, if you have been already scammed by this company, then its better you contact your bank or credit card company and ask them to help you with a refund. However, if you had paid with PayPal, then open a dispute via your PayPal account and contact the PayPal support team to get a refund.

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