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BitcoinGenerator.Work Review: Scam or Legit?

You must be here because you were searching for the BitcoinGenerator Work reviews to find out either is a BitcoinGenerator.Work scam or genuine, right? If so, then here, within our BitcoinGenerator Work review, you are going to have a clear idea about what is BitcoinGenerator.Work in real and either is a BitcoinGenerator.Work fraud or trustworthy.

Actually, Bitcoin Generator Work is a scam due to the reasons as we have explained below.

BitcoinGenerator Work complaints. Is a BitcoinGenerator Work fake or real? Legit or Hoax?

Bitcoin Generator Work is a fraudulent website due to the following facts:-

  • They claim BitcoinGenerator.Work, also known as the “Bitcoin Hack”, is the ultimate personal Bitcoin Generator. They claim it is online encrypted software that generates free Bitcoins to your platform’s wallet account and it uses a peer-to-peer cryptography system that generates the Bitcoin into your account wallet. Generated through a process called “mining”, it represents a transaction verifier by creating a transaction block. Each block links to the previous block, making a chain. Well, all the claims made by BitcoinGenerator.Work doesn’t make any sense. Bitcoin doesn’t generate in such a manner. Yes, we agree that Bitcoin can be generated via the mining process but for that, we need to have mining equipment. We need to invest money in hardware to make our own physical miners. Even if anyone has such a system to generate such a good amount of Bitcoins, then they will use that to generate Bitcoins for themselves. No one will share such a system with public and pay them profits instead of making that profit for themselves. So, all their claims are completely bogus.
  • In the past, there were tons of similar kinds of scam sites such as XBTC100, Bitcoingen.Online, Bitgenx.Pro and so on. Yes, they have mentioned by themselves that these are online scams and they are completely different than them. But, their business claim, website design, and lots of things match with these scam sites. So, they have listed these similar sites as scams by themselves to gain the trust of those people whom they have already scammed before with those scam sites. So, don’t fall into their trick.
  • Once users submit their Bitcoin wallet address and select the desired number of Bitcoin that they want to receive, these kinds of sites will notify the users that they have got their desired number of Bitcoins in their desired wallet address. However, they suggest users pay the fees to the site which will be around 0.002 BTC to get those Bitcoins. If some people fall into this trap and pay the fees, then they will only lose that fee money because at the end these kinds of sites don’t pay anything to anyone. Actually, you should think twice before falling into these kinds of scams. Why any company asks you the fees to release your payment. If that company is legit, then that company can cut the necessary fees from the amount which that company is going to pay you. So, instead of that, why is it asking you to pay the fees? Just because it is not here to pay you, but to steal your money. This is how multiple similar kinds of scam sites have scammed people previously.
  • These kinds of sites are online to deceive people so that they can make money for themselves when people fall into their trap by believing they will get the Bitcoins by paying fees to the site.
  • We should never believe the sites like BitcoinGenerator.Work whose owner details are completely hidden. You can’t find anywhere about who and from where is operating and running BitcoinGenerator Work. That information is also concealed within the WHOIS details. Whenever you encounter with online businesses whose owner details are unknown, you should stay away from those businesses because none of the legit online businesses hide their owner details, only scam businesses do.

Aforementioned, it is clear that BitcoinGenerator.Work is a scam. So, we have listed it in our Bad and Scams category.

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  • Embarrassing (Wednesday, 02 October 2019 06:41)

    Yep got me for $29 Embarrassing
    And they are linked with Blockchain and had the trust there. Blockchain is whom àctually asked for Mining fee

  • Martin (Wednesday, 02 October 2019 10:45)

    The bitcoingenerator have taken my money.

  • ehsan ghanei (Sunday, 10 November 2019 06:48)

    Following sites also look like similar kinds of scams.


  • Mikmik (Thursday, 12 December 2019 16:28)

    It’s 100% scam. I paid but did not confirm.

1 thought on “BitcoinGenerator.Work Review: Scam or Legit?”

  1. Yes absolutely it’s scam

    I paid money what they call a small fee to operate the site after the site stating generated BTC to me. They didnt sent the generated BTC to me

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