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Affilorama Review, Is it Scam or Legit? – NOI
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Affilorama is online from 2005 and the owner of Affilorama is Mark Ling who has very good reputation in online work industry. Although Affilorama is established company, we don’t recommend this company because there is another more established best company known as Wealthy Affiliate which offers same type of courses and facilities with much more lower fee. The courses in Wealthy Affiliate are more updated than in Affilorama. You just think that if there is another company which offers latest updated courses and better support with less fees than what you have to pay to Affilorama and even if that company is more top than Affilorama, then what is the use of joining Affilorama. Anyway, it is totally your decision. If you want to join Affilorama, then that is also completely fine as it is also not a bad company and you can earn back your investment by following courses of Affilorama. However, some courses of Affilorama is not updated due to which even it may harm you if you follow them. So, if you want to join in more top company which always offer updated courses with less fees, then you should sign up in Wealthy Affiliate. You can find our detail review on Wealthy Affiliate and link to join it by clicking this link:-

Affilorama Review, Affilorama is Scam or Legit. Find out the truth about Affilorama

Why don’t we recommend Affilorama even it is a legit company?

As we mention before, we don’t recommend Affilorama because there is another company which is more good than Affilorama. Following points are the comparision between Affilorama with that another company known as Wealthy Affiliate:-


1. Wealthy Affiliate offers much more training to free members in comparison with Affilorama. Wealthy Affiliate also provides two free websites for free member for lifetime where as courses and training offered by Affilorama are very limited to the free member and you will not get any free website as free member.


2. Wealthy Affiliate is in clean format with only two type of membership (free and premium) so that it will be very easy for member to understand everything within Wealthy Affiliate just after they sign into the program where as in Affilorama it takes time to understand every detail and programs packages.


3. The courses of Affilorama is not updated and there are some courses which are even harmful to follow at the moment. For example, Affilorama is still teaching backlinks method to rank up the website. Instead, now backlinks can get you in lot of trouble. Backlinks strategies had worked till 2012, but now if you follow these strategies, you may get banned from Google and you will lose your entire business related with search engine ranking. According to Google Panda or Penguin update, almost all website which put emphasis on backlinking strategies are blacklisted by Google and removed them from search results. However, all courses within Wealthy Affiliate is up to date because Wealthy Affiliate always remove or replace any courses on time according to the changing demand and scenario of the market.

Another outdated offer from Affilorama is that they are providing 30 new articles every month for premium members. However, this strategy is also too much worthless as it will hurt the ranking of your website in Google if you use those articles to develop content of your website. Google BOT will identify those kinds of contents as duplicate contents which may lead your website banned by Google.  

Wealthy Affiliate is No.1 Online Work Company from 2005 and it is more good than Affilorama. Click here for more details on Wealthy Affiliate and in order to join it

4. You can contact founder of Wealthy Affiliate anytime when you need help from them and you can also get good help from community within Wealthy Affiliate. Even there is live chat facility within Wealthy Affiliate where as in Affilorama support is not handle by founder of Affilorama. You can’t contact with founder (Mark) directly in Affiliorama where as in Wealthy Affiliate you can contact founder (Kyle and Carson) directly.


5. Program costs offer by Affilorama is expensive as compare with Wealthy Affiliate. More than that, there are many kind of membership and up-sells in Affilorama for different courses where as in Wealthy Affiliate you can access everything just by one membership fee. There is not any upsell and any other additional fees within Wealthy Affiliate. Following is the detail comparison of Affilorama’s product cost with Wealthy Affiliate’s product cost. 


-> Affilorama free membership have nothing at all as compare with free basic courses within Wealthy Affiliate. You can also get two free website with full hosting in Wealthy Affiliate as free member wheres as in Affilorama even you upgrade your membership to premium, you will get limited hosting for your website and you have to pay addition fees for full hosting of your website.


-> Affilorama Premium membership cost $67 per month where as Wealthy Affiliate premium membership cost $47 per month. There is not any upsell in Wealthy Affiliate and you can access everything with $47 per month membership cost where as even you pay $67, you can’t access everything within Affilorama.


-> In Affilorama, you have to pay additional fees for advance level of training about SEO, PPC, Niche markeing etc. where are in Wealthy Affiliate you can get this everything with same premium membership. This product package of Affilorama is known as AffiloBlueprint which cost additional $197 first and then again $67 every month.


-> There is again another upsell in Affilorama known as AffiloJetpack Membership with cost $997 which teaches you the best method to earn by selling products of founder of Affilorama so that he can earn more commissions from your hard work. So, we really don’t understand why we have to pay additional fees in order to learn to sell his products so that he can earn more than what we can earn.


-> You have to pay again $97 per month for Affilotheme membership which is just for more wordpress themes and full hosting of your website.


So, You have to pay $1291 plus $67 per month in Affilorama for the same courses and facilities which you can get in Wealthy Affiliate just at $47 per month and even courses of Wealthy Affiliate is always updated according to market trend where as Affilorama is even not updating their courses due to which some of their courses will give totally negative impact at present scenario if anyone follow them.

Home Page of Wealthy Affiiliate after you sign in. Click here to see the detail review on Wealthy Affiliate

Conclusion about Affilorama :

Affilorama is legit company and this system works. However, there is much more good company than Affilorama which known as Wealthy Affiliate in which you can learn everything what Affilorama offers even with low membership fees. You can learn more easily by following courses of Wealthy Affiliate than Affilorama. More than that, as we mention before, some courses in Affilorama are outdated which will even harm you if you follow them where as Wealthy Affiliate always update their courses according to the market trend. Now it is upto you to decide whether you want to join Affilorama and pay $67 per month plus $1291 for upsells or you just want to join Wealthy Affiliate and try it free of cost at starting and when you get confident about the system, then just pay $47 per month membership fees and access everything and even much more than what you can get in Affilorama.


If you have decided to join Wealthy Affiliate, then you can find our detail review on Wealthy Affiliate and link to join this company by clicking following link:-


Your comments are valuable for us. So please feel free to leave the comment below if you want to report anything about Affilorama and Wealthy Affiliate or about any other online work companies. 

We are happy to help you.

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