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What is Seven Dollar PTC? Seven Dollar PTC Scam or Legit? - Genuine?

Is Seven Dollar PTC a scam or a legit? Are you searching for the Seven Dollar PTC reviews in order to find out what is SevenDollarPTC .com, scam or legit? If so, then you are absolutely in the right place. Here, within our Seven Dollar PTC review, you will find out the complete truth about Seven Dollar PTC such as, Seven Dollar PTC complaints from its members, reasons for having lots of negative SevenDollarPTC reviews and SevenDollarPTC scam claims and so on, overall about what's Seven Dollar PTC, or let's say what is 7 dollar PTC because some people misspell it as 7 Dollar PTC.

Don't be confused with Seven Dollar Click or 7 Dollar Click, because that is another website, but either it is SevenDollarPTC or SevenDollarClick, both are scams. Yep, you hear us right, Seven Dollar PTC is a scam site because it has never paid any of its members, nor will pay to anyone in the future. So, we have listed it within our Bad and Scams section.

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OK, Let’s begin with our Seven Dollar PTC review as below to find out in details what is the Seven Dollar PTC.

What's Seven Dollar PTC, Is Seven Dollar Click a scam, yep it is but, Seven Dollar Click and Seven Dollar PTC are not same sites, anyway, both are scams, Seven Dollar PTC review

Background of Seven Dollar PTC,  What is Seven Dollar PTC?

The details about the owner of Seven Dollar PTC is completely hidden in their website and also with in a WHOIS record. Most of the scam site hides the detail of their owner, so it is not a new thing that SevenDollarPTC has also hide the owner details. Actually, it is one of the long on going scam site because it is online from 2012-11-27 and till date it is online and targeting the new people who are just a beginner in online work industry.

Those who have been already from a long time in online work industry, they will know that these kinds of PTC sites are 100% scams, so the target of these kinds of sites are always the new comers.

Well, may be now you are thinking why none of the concerned authorities shutdown this site when it is already online from so long time and scamming people. Well, we also don't know why concerned authorities don't take any action on these kinds of sites. But, trust us, it is 100% scam and if you still don't believe us, you can try working with this site. Once you earn enough money to cash-out and request for cash-out, you payment request will be keep on pending forever, you will never get even a penny from this site.

Seven Dollar PTC is a fake PTC site which claims to pay their members $7 per ad click and view on their website and claims members can cash-out once their earning reach $7000. But, in the reality, this site has never paid any of its members till date. And it is not a surprise to see that they are not paying because none of the legit companies can pay $7 for just one visit in their advertiser's websites or referral links. No one can make profit by advertising in such a high rate especially in PTC site.

You can't earn money from SevenDollarPTC? Why?

It is actually not possible to earn even a penny from Seven Dollar PTC site because they doesn't pay to anyone after they request for cash-out.

All the payment proofs that they have provided within their website are fake. They claims that the people can join and work in their site free of cost and can earn $7 per click just by clicking and viewing ads. They make it sounds like this is a great opportunity to make a bunch of cash easily. But, in fact none of the legit sites can afford to pay $7 for just one click simply because there are not any advertisers who can make any profits by advertising in PTC sites at the rate $7 per click.

Seven Dollar PTC is just fooling around the new people by showing them easy money. But, once your earning reach to the cash-out threshold and you request for the payment, that payment will be kept on pending forever. If you ask them why your payment is pending from so long time, they will suggest you to purchase their membership in order to get the payment fast, but even after you upgrade, you will never receive your payment.

These kinds of sites are just online to make money for themselves, not to pay you. They will make money for themselves by tricking people to purchase the membership in their site, by selling the advertisements, and also by selling the personal information of the members to the third parties. So, it is better to stay out from these kind of sites.


Aforementioned, it is clear that SevenDollarPTC is a scam site simply because it doesn't pay to any of its members. So, we have listed Seven Dollar PTC within our Bad and Scams section. If you are really willing to work online, then we suggest you to take a look at our legit online work companies list by clicking this link:-

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We will be more than happy to hear from you and help you.

Good Luck!

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