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What is Cash Job Online? Is Cash Job Online Scam or Legit?

Here, in this Cash Job Online review, we are going to talk about what is CashJob.Online in order to find out either Cash Job Online is a real or a fake? Actually, Cash Job Online is completely a scam site which is not paying any of its members and providing many fake claims on their website. 


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OK, let's begin with our CashJobOnline review as below to find out why we think CashJob.Online is a scam site.

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Is Cash Job Online a scam or a legit? Cash Job Online payment proofs are fake, lots of Cash Job Online claims are fake. Cash Online Job review. What is cash job online?

Cash Job Online Login and Join in link:- cashjob.online (Not Recommended to join)

The reasons why we think CashJob.Online is a scam site

Most of the scam companies attract people by claiming several fake and attractive claims on their website, such as you can be rich within a week or you can easily earn good amount of money for doing very simple tasks, and so on, but in the reality they don't pay to any of their members. Cash Job Online is also same kind of scam site. Actually it is not a new kind of site, in the past there were similar kinds of sites only with different names such as Weekly Fix PayWeekly Youth Pay, Dollar Job Online etc. It seems all of these sites are running by the same owner because all of these sites look like same. However, they are so clever that they have completely hide their owner details within their website as well as within the WHOIS record. And it is obvious, after all thief never want to get caught, right?


Cash Job Online claims that you can earn $2500 in a week just by doing the simple tasks for 5-10 minutes. Sounds crazy, is it really possible to earn $2500 within a week so easily from this company? Do you know what kinds of tasks they let to do their members? In order to earn that much amount of money, members just need to do the simple tasks like copy and paste their referral links in the forums, blogs, Facebook pages/groups, Twitter, PTC sites, advertising sites and so on and when someone click those links, members will earn $10 per one click. So, does this company really pays that much amount of money to its members for such a simple task? Do any companies get any benefits by paying such amount of money for such a simple task? Come on, if it will be that much easy to make money, then no one will do any work than simply working with this company. Actually, the members who had already worked with them, none of them got their payment at all. Company claims that once you do those tasks and earn $300, you can cashout your earnings. But, after that they will ask you to do some surveys in order to get your earnings. But, the catch is, those surveys are not fee. Actually you need to pay in order to complete those surveys. So, this is why this site is online, not to pay you, but to make money for themselves. First of all they will let their members to advertise their site by sharing their referral links which will benefit them to catch more new people into their site and at last they will ask their members to complete the surveys in order to cashout and those who fall for it, they will complete those surveys by paying some amount of money from their own pocket and the owner of this site will get commissions on those payments. So, at the end they will make money from you, but doesn't even pay you a penny.


If you observe their site more closely, you can see that they have posted different usernames with the payment amount, but all of those are fake payment proofs. They have also claimed that they have already more than 100,000 employees, more than 200,000,000 USD paid to their members and so on, but all those claims are fake. You can just think yourself, if some company has already paid more than 200,000,000 USD or have more than 100,000 employees, then that company should be very popular and their official website where those employees are working should have lots of traffic, at least more than 100,000, but in the reality if you check their traffic number, then you will find much more less than that. More than that their website is very new, just registered around September, 2016 and when we are writing this review, it is February, 2017 and till now they have already claimed that they have total 128,000 job holders, 245,954,909 USD worth of work has been already completed, 205,954,909 USD has been already paid to their members, and so on. Can you believe that? If some site can rise up that much within 4-5 months, that site will come in big news channel as a breaking news. Actually, this is not the first site from this group. Before also they had already opened similar kinds of sites and never paid to anyone. So, it is always better to stay away from these kind of sites. 




Aforementioned, it is clear that all claims that CashJob.Online site has claimed are fake and you can find lots of complaints from its members for not getting payment from this site. So, we have listed it within our Bad and Scam Online Works section because you will get nothing from it, only will waste your time here. If you really want to earn money online then, we have listed several legit online work companies which you can find by clicking this link:- newsonlineincome.com/legitimate-work-home-businesses/


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