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What is Is Bitcy Limited a Scam? – NOI
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Bitcy is not a real company as it is claiming. It is just a Ponzi Pyramid hybrid which can be collapse anytime in the future because Ponzi and Pyramid schemes never sustain for a long time and even if some Ponzi and Pyramid schemes manage to survive for a long time, then also they can have legal issues anytime in the future because Ponzi and Pyramid schemes are illegal schemes. If you want to know in detail why we are saying is not a real company, but a Ponzi Pyramid hybrid, then you can find the details within our Bitcy review as below. However, if this much information on is enough for you and now instead of finding out the details on Bitcy, if you want to find out the real opportunities to make money online, then you can click this link:-


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OK, now let’s begin with our review in detail in order to find out what is Bitcy in real.

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Bitcy complaints. Bitcy reviews. Bitcy scam or legit?

Bitcy login and join in link:- (Not Recommended to join)

What is Bitcy Limited and why don’t we recommend it?

Bitcy Limited is a combination of highly unsustainable schemes, Ponzi and Pyramid. Actually, Ponzi and Pyramid schemes are illegal in almost all countries. So, we don’t recommend Bitcy. It claims that it is making a real profit to pay back its members up to 7000% profit after 100 days by using the investment of members in cryptocurrency trading. However, any cryptocurrency traders know that is a lie because no one can guarantee up to 7000% profit in 100 days from cryptocurrency trading. So, the claims of itself proves that Bitcy is not a real company.


You can think yourself. is claiming to pay up to 7000% profit in 100 days and so on. But, none of the legit company will pay such high rate of return on your investment and if some legit company can make such profit, they will simply take a loan from a bank in much more lower rate, less than 1% monthly than paying 7000% profit in 100 days by collecting the investment with several people. For any legit company to pay such an attractive payment, they themselves need to earn huge profit, but here we do not get any indication that this company has that much strength to pay back such high rate of return. But in-fact, they routed the money by paying their existing members from the investment made by the new ones. But this payment is not constant. They pay their members only to prove that they are paying initially so that they can lure more people into their scheme, but later they will not pay anything to anyone because they will not have enough fund to pay to their majority of members as per their business model. That is why Bitcy is a Ponzi scheme. If you don’t know what is Ponzi scheme, then you can find the details on Ponzi scheme by clicking this link:- has also provided the referral earnings up to 2 levels like MLM (Multi Level Marketing) companies, but without selling any real products or services, just on the investment amount of the referrals on their ROI plans which makes them another illegal scheme known as a Pyramid scheme. You can find more details on Pyramid scheme by clicking this link:-


Aforementioned, it is clear that is an illegal and unsustainable company. So, we don’t recommend it.

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