Scam Alert! Comments From Scam Rescue Claiming To Recover Your Funds From Scammers Are NOT LEGIT

Have you ever seen the following types of comment on some websites claiming ScamRescue is currently recovering funds of all victims?

"For options on how to get recovery of any funds lost to any of the options below;
1. Binary option scam?
2. Forex trading?
3. Romance scam
4. ICO Scams
5. Online betting scams
6. Bitcoin scam
7. Phishing scam
or any other kind of scam?

If in any case you have lost funds to them or any other. I have a good news for you. scam rescue is currently recovering funds for all victims. Service delivery is top notch and second to none. Hurry and con ta ct them on info at +447548919371 Whats. app or scamsrescue AT aol DT com

Thank me later."

NOTE: The details provided in the above example may be impersonated.

If you have seen the comment similar to the above example, you should know those are fraudulent comments with the intention to scam you. That’s why you should not follow any instructions provided on such comments.

Beware of scamrescue claiming to recover the funds of all victims.

You may also find slightly different kinds of comments but if those comments look similar to the above example, then definitely you should know those are fraudulent comments.

There is no agent or company which can help you to get back money from the scammers. If someone can do that, then that will be either legal authorities, your bank, or payment processors like PayPal. So, don't fall into this double scam trap that claims to recover your money from the scammer. If you follow these kinds of comments, then you may end up losing more money than getting your money back.

The main motive of these kinds of fraudulent comments is to steal your personal information which they will try to do in the following ways:

  • By asking you to click the malicious link provided on the message that they will send you if you contact them as per the instruction provided in the comment. Such a malicious link can hack your device.
  • By tricking you to submit your credentials on the clone sites that look exactly similar to the renowned legit sites but with different domain names.
  • By asking you to reply to them or call them back directly.
  • so on.

Now you may be thinking about what they will do with your personal information, right? Well, they can sell that to third parties and make money out of that. If they got your credit card information or other payment processor details, they can directly steal your money.

Now you know that the comments on various websites that claim to recover your money from scammers are nothing other than fake comments. So, if you want to make your friends and families aware of this scam, then please feel free to share this post through your social media accounts.

If you want to report similar kinds of scam comments/messages, then please feel free to place your comments below.

Good Luck!

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