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I ordered clothing from Megaency .com website and never received a confirmation saying that they received my order or that they are going to ship it out soon or anything. I paid with my credit card two weeks ago and saw that it was charged but still haven't heard or received anything from them. I just went to check how to contact them and found their email address. So I started to email them but when I clicked on their email address it changed to Then I find out there's another name they go by Fadel-Beatty limited. So I do research about it and find this info. Thank you for letting everyone know about them.

Another Comment:

I was scammed from a company representing Kohls for $35.19. They charged my card and even sent confirmation and shipping. Something did not look right on my statement. it said "RH * internet".

Above information is not posted by us, but by a Guest/Visitor of our website. Below is our verdict:

We found the following information on Megaency website:

Parent Company Name: Fadel-Beatty Limited

Copied Content: The content of the policy pages are similar with multiple known scam sites.

So, either is a FADEL-BEATTY LIMITED scam or genuine?

All the sites with parent company name Fadel-Beatty Limited are scam ones. If you want to know why, then you can find detailed information about Fadel-Beatty Limited here –

Final Verdict:

FADEL-BEATTY LIMITED is a scam. So, if you have been already scammed by this company, then it’s better you contact your bank or credit card company and ask them to help you with a refund. However, if you had paid with PayPal, then open a dispute via your PayPal account and contact the PayPal support team to get a refund.


We like to thank a visitor who have provided aforementioned list of FADEL-BEATTY LIMITED site. Thank you very much.

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