FGVips Scam Alert! It's a Fake Online Store

Our FGVips review is here to reveal the truth about FGVips. Actually, FGVips is a scam online store. Now let's find out why is FGVips.com a scam and what makes FG Vips a scam, So, let's begin with our FG Vips review.

What is FG Vips and why is FGVips a scam?

FG Vips is a scam because it is stealing the money of people by pretending to be an online store but in reality, it is not delivering any items to those clients who have purchased from this site.

Actually, whenever you find out any new online store which is selling some items at a ridiculously cheap price, such as FGVips is claiming to sell $2499.9 worth of item at $118.99, then you must not know there is something fishy. None of the legit online stores can offer any items on such a heavy discount price.

These days lots of scam online stores are popping up about which you should be always careful. So, let's find out more about FGVips as below from which you will get some idea about how to identify some scam online stores.

FGVips complaints. Is FGVips fake or real? Is FGVips legit or fraud?

FGVips is a fraud site

Since we already made you clear that FGVips is not delivering the purchased items to its clients so that directly makes it a scam site. On top of that, even some clients have claimed that it is charging their credit card randomly without their consent due to which even those clients end up losing lots of money and canceled their credit card.

So, FGVips is definitely a huge scam. You can find lots of complaints against this site from various users about not delivering the items and about charging their credit card.

How to identify either an online store is a scam or not on your own?

Well, check the contact details of any online store sites first. If you can't find any contact details than just some free email address, then that is definitely a sign of scam online stores as legit online stores always provide detail contact details even with the phone number and company's location. In the case of FGVips also, it has only provided the free email address. Even it has concealed its owner's name and company's location in WHOIS.

Another way to check either any online store are scams or not is simply by checking the trust seal logos that they have provided on their websites. If some online store hasn't provided any trust seal logos, then that is a sign of a scam.

However, some scam online stores also trick people by showing the fake trust seal logos, such as in the case of FGVips also, it has provided the fake trust seal logo of McAfee and also has provided the fake logo of BBB rating.

We can say those logos are fake because the real logos should be clickable and should be directed towards the official websites of respective logos' companies. But, in the case of FGVips, those logos are not clickable which proves FGVips is providing the fake logos.

So, now you can think yourself why any legit company will provide the fake logo to trick people? Definitely not. So, this 100% proves that FGVips.com is a scam. That's why we have listed it in our Scams category.

Actually, these days you can find lots of fake online stores. Even we have already reviewed lots of fake online stores some of which are Rbeall, Wowm, MusicEnjoyStore, ShopByHot, and so on.

If you have already purchased any items from FGVips or even has only provided your credit card information to FGVips or to any other scam online stores, then we suggest you immediately contact your bank or credit card company and follow their guidance to save your money.

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Good Luck!


  • #1 Gerhard Els (Saturday, 01 December 2018 11:09) Hi,
    I have been caught by this FGVips scam store. I have live in South Africa and purchased a fish finder. It was tracked and traced to my door but nothing. When I enquired about the courier and to follow up, no record of my transactions is found.
    Hoe can we stop such untrustworthy, unethical companies to Rob innocent people?
  • #2 william haniford (Wednesday, 05 December 2018 07:49) I have been scammed by this web site my problem is i checked my charge cards and found no transactions from them as of date so now i must keep a eye on my accounts so they cant charge them this is the work of some unethical people for sure
  • #3 Fred Meyer (Tuesday, 11 December 2018 23:19) I thought it was too good to be true. It would have been a great upgrade to my current color sounder / gps. Delay after delay and then almost six weeks after ordered, fgvips.com tracking said that my fish finder had been delivered to my front door dated the day before I saw that entry. That would have been Sunday. I was home all that day and home all day the next! And to add insult to injury, the original purchase was $109.99. My card was charged $141.79 with free shipping. Go figure. I guess Facebook keeps fraudulent sites like that because of the revenue they generate! Facebook, would you care to reply!
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