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ZLicense Review. What is – NOI

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ZLicense Review. What is

You may be here because you were searching for the ZLicense reviews to find out either is ZLicense a scam or legit, right? If so, then here, within our review, you are going to find out the complete truth about this company. In short, we want to make you clear that we don’t recommend ZLicense, so we have listed it in our Not Recommended sites list.


However, don’t think we are not recommending ZLicense because we want to promote Wealthy Affiliate. Many people think we call other companies bad because we are promoting Wealthy Affiliate as the best platform to make money online. However, trust us, whenever we find out the good companies, we also recommend those companies, not only Wealthy Affiliate. For example, you can find the list of genuine and trusted online works and businesses listed on our website by clicking >HERE<


If we find out some good company, definitely we will like to promote that instead of talking bad about that company because we can earn affiliate commission from that company, so there is no reason to call one company bad to pull people to another company. Even it is difficult to drive people from the review of one company to another company. Instead, it is easy to promote the company which we are reviewing.


So, why aren’t we doing that? Why don’t we recommend ZLicense? Well, let’s find out about that as below within our review.

Zlicense complaints. Zlicense fake or real? Zlicense legit or fraud?

ZLicense login and join in link:- (Not recommended to join from our side)

Why don’t we recommend ZLicense? Do we mean ZLicense is a scam?

Well, we will not call a scam because it is paying its members on time as per its TOS, it hasn’t concealed its owner details in WHOIS and it has clearly mentioned it is run and operated by Troy Mason from Texas, USA.


So, then why don’t we recommend ZLicense?


It’s because of its business model. Ok, let’s us explain to you.


ZLicense is an MLM company with a product Plastic sleeve which can be fitted over the top of the ID, which costs $19.95 each and includes one year of medical information stored on their website. You can find the access code and link to the ZLicense printed on those sleeves. People from all over the world can store and maintain the information needed by hospitals in advance so that when needed, people can simply see the sleeve and then access the individual’s medical information on the ZLicense website.


So, the product line of ZLicense is not bad at all. It’s a unique concept which is helpful in many medical cases. It is more helpful in emergency cases to find out about your health issues within a minute.


But, we don’t like its business model because it forces people to purchase its product first in order to be eligible to earn affiliate commission by selling those products. It is never a good business model and even legal authority doesn’t like this kind of business practice.


OK, let’s talk about the business model of ZLicense in detail as below.



ZLicense compensation plan (Business model of ZLicense)

As a ZLicense member, you have to purchase ZLicense sleeves first of all by yourself to get paid by recruiting other affiliates who then do the same. Not only that, in order to be qualified for the commission, you need to make a wholesale purchase within the past year, you must have minimum 4 customers that have been activated their ZLicense file and you must have at least $22 in your account.


You need to renew the license every year which will cost $19.95 so that you can earn $10 when your affiliate purchases the sleeve.


Affiliates can earn the commission up to two levels of downlines on the sales of products made by their recruitments, 20% commission from level 1 referrals and 10% from level 2 referrals.


There are three prices of ZLicense membership and those are $49.95, $99.95 and $199.95. The difference between these memberships is the income potential that members can make through ZLicense compensation plan. Actually, the product line is the same for all kinds of memberships.




Aforementioned, you can find out the ZLicense compensation plan is more focused to sell the product to the affiliates than doing the retail offering. Affiliates have to purchase the product to resell them. So, it is not a good business model in the MLM industry. Legal authorities never like the idea of forcing affiliates to purchase the products be the part of the income opportunity. So, ZLicense can face the legal issue anytime in the future.


Even if ZLicense doesn’t face the legal issue, then also it can be collapsed by itself because every affiliate has to purchase its products and membership to be the part of its income opportunity. However, it has only one product line. So the market will be saturated at one point and the last one who joins the system will not find any other people to recruit and will keep on spending to purchase the products but doesn’t earn anything. Then that last one will leave the system and the one who recruits him/her will start to face the same problem. Then slowly from bottom to up, the system will start to backfire and ultimately collapse. This is the reason why legal authorities never like an idea of forcing affiliates to purchase products in order to earn the commission.


So, due to the business model of ZLicense, we don’t recommend it.

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Good Luck!

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