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Zhanclip Review – Genuine? Zhanclip Scam or Legit?

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We think Zhanclip is not a trustworthy online store to do any types of online shopping. So, let’s find out what is in reality through our Zhanclip review here.

It is selling products like 3/16’L x 3′ Hollow Wall Anchor Combo (Phillips/Slotted) Pan Head Low Carbon, Chicago Die Casting 400A 5/8 4′ Single V Groove 5/8′ Pulley, 20x25x5 MERV 13 Carrier Replacement Filter (2 Pack), Ekena Millwork ONL04X10X01FL Onlay, Skelang Maple 3/4′ X 50′ Roll Wood Veneer Edge Banding Preglued Iron-On with Hot, 1×2 Glossy Glitter Ice Sky Subway Glass Mosaic Tiles for Bathroom and Kitchen, etc.

Zhanclip complaints legit or fraud?

Zhanclip is found to be a fraudulent website due to the following reasons:-

# It has provided its email address as CIRILALBAYIV@GMAIL.COM which belongs to multiple scam sites. So, this one reason is enough to prove that Zhanclip is a scam site run and operated by the scammer with multiple similar kinds of scam sites. (NOTE: At the time of review, it has provided its email address as CIRILALBAYIV@GMAIL.COM, but it may change its email address in the future because similar kinds of sites have changed their email address multiple times. The previous email addresses belong to these scam sites were CHERLYNUNCLEL@GMAIL.COM, BWYEAVCIJTC@GMAIL.COM , SUNNY_SERVICE@TRADE7686.COM, SUUY2020@MSN.COM, JUDYHILARYGLMQA@YAHOO.COM,  NATASHA@CUSTOMERSERVICEMODE.COM, AIDA@ANYPROBLEMSERVICE.COM, SHERRY@CUKTER.COM, etc.)

# Lots of content provided on its website matches with multiple scam sites such as Petscutey, Upetosaweb, Fblogpimp, Valldosing, MmadldTop, Mindorax, ZddhouseTop, Teamrussiay, Gsaconnects, LinditClub, Herlifew, Wenzinsy, EsamedxTop, GiamgiaxTop, Iamdrguptaj, Tquadrilha, Ihplookupn, and so on.

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