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WomenInMove Review: Women In Move Scam? – NOI

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  • April 12, 2020

WomenInMove Review: Is Women In Move Scam or Legit?

Women In Move is not a legal company, instead, is a scam.


However, if you want to know why is Women In Move a scam, what makes it an illegal scheme, then you can definitely find that within our Women In Move review here, you don’t have to search any other Women In Move reviews for that. So, if you were searching for the WomenInMove reviews in order to find out either is a scam or a legit, what is in real, then you are absolutely in the right place.


Whenever we say some company is a scam and recommend people to other companies as listed in our Good and Trusted Online Works category or refer them to our No.1 recommendation to make money online known as Wealthy Affiliate, then the owner and the supporter of these kinds of scam sites come here and argue with us that we are saying these sites are scams only to promote our sites. However, it is completely false information to make you more confuse to join these scam sites. Anyway, due to this fact, we are not promoting anything or recommending anything in this review but just providing the reality of WomenInMove.


The scam sites like WomenInMove is known as a Cash Gifting Site. These kinds of sites pay at starting by routing the money between the members due to which lots of people confuse these kinds of sites are legit. However, they will pay only at starting to show the payment proofs so that they can lure more people into their scam and collect the huge amount of money before they vanish.


None of these kinds of sites have sustained for a long time in the past. These kinds of sites have maximum 1.5 years of sustaining record. However, most of them collapsed within some months. These kinds of sites always need to pray on new people in order to pay old member due to which, after some period of time, the market will be saturated and the last one who joins the system will not get any return on his/her investment and he will stop donating and leave the site due to which the whole system will start to backfire and ultimately collapse.


OK, let’s continue with our Women In Move review to find out further what is Women In Move and why is a WomenInMove scam.

WomenInMove complaints. WomenInMove fake or real? WomenInMove legit or fraud?

Women In Move login and join in link:- (Not recommended to join, it’s a scam)

Why is WomenInMove a scam?

WomenInMove is a scam because its business model is a combination of two illegal schemes and those are Ponzi and Pyramid schemes. This kind of business model is commonly known as a Cash Gifting Scheme.


These kinds of companies always make people confuse by pretending to be the donation platform but in reality is an unsustainable illegal scheme.


So, whenever you see the terms like peer to peer donation platform in companies, it is better you run away from those companies because all of them are scams.


Women In Move is not the first one that we have reviewed. We have already reviewed lots of similar kinds of companies among which some companies have already turned into the scam. You can find the detailed reviews on those similar kinds of companies by clicking this respective links as below:-








and so on.


Many sites have been already failed which were running this kind of business model which proves this business practically can’t sustain for a long time.


The whole business model of Women In Move revolves around by gifting the cash between the members by making them believe that they are providing the help to each other. But in reality, they are investing the money in this scheme in the name of donation in the return of which those members will earn a profit when other members who join after them invest in this program.


These kinds of companies need the continuous flow of new investment coming into the company and that is also more than the amount that existing members have invested so that they can make profit which is actually not possible because whenever these companies pay one member, they need to use the money invested by two other members due to which each time they pay one member, they create a debt. Like this, the debt will be kept on increasing and the whole system will be collapsed.


Yes, we know these companies denied that they take the money and claim that the donation will be between the members directly. However, have you ever think that the owner of these kinds of sites can make lots of accounts in various name by themselves pretending to be the members?


On the other hand, it is hard to get the new members continuously. So, the market will be saturated and the last one who joins the system will leave the system and slowly the members from down to up will start to leave the system and at last the whole system will be collapsed.


So, now it is clear that Women In Move is an illegal and unsustainable company with unclear owner details. So, we don’t recommend it and have listed it within our Bad and Scams category.

Please feel free to share this review with your friends and families to warn them about this scam:-

We love to hear from you. So, please feel free to leave your comment below if you have any queries related to Women In Move or want our help in relation to online business industry.

We will be more than happy to hear from you and help you.

Good Luck!

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    Duduzile Mkhize (Wednesday, 12 September 2018 10:28)

    Many people who joined benefited from Do your reseach well.

  • #2

    News Online Income (Wednesday, 12 September 2018)

    Dear Duduzile Mkhize,
    We have done our research well and we haven’t denied that WomenInMove has been paying the members. These kinds of companies definitely pay at starting, however, they can’t sustain for a long run. Why? Well, we have explained that very well within our review as above. So before you argue with us, first of all, read our review word by word as above.
    Thank you.

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