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Why Do People Fall in Scams? – NOI

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Why Do People Fall in Scams?

Why people believe scams? Why people fall for scams? How scammers can scam people?

It may sound rude but people fall into scams due to the greediness nature of people. Yes, we are responsible for successful scams. It’s our greediness. 


People are being lazy day by day and they want to get everything easily. Most of the people want to make money quickly and easily. So, they start to search the shortcuts. However, they forget the fact that money doesn’t come easily. If you want it quick, you have to take a risk such a gambling which is definitely not the way to make money. Then people start to search the quickest way to make money online and there is where they fall into scams mostly because most of the scam site shows them a very easy way to make money.


For examples:-


1. Some websites make people believe they can earn the good amount of interest on their deposit such as 15% daily or 1000% ROI within a day and so on. Those kinds of websites show the payment proofs because they in real pay at starting by routing the money between the members means by paying one member using the money invested/deposit by another member. However, they do that only to show the payment proofs so that people fall into their trap and invest money. And people in real fall for those scams instead of thinking why any company will raise a fund to invest in their project by paying such high rate of interest rate instead of paying only 1% interest rate by taking the loan from a bank. When these kinds of companies collect the huge amount of money from various people, they just stop paying. Such kinds of online sites fall into the Ponzi scheme category. In order to find out more details on Ponzi scheme, you can click this link:-


2. Another kind of popular scam is Pyramid scheme where people believe they can get the commission by referring people because those kinds of sites make them believe that by selling out membership or worthless products, they can attract the people and make commission up to multi-level downlines. However, these kinds of companies are illegal and you can find out more about Pyramid scheme by clicking this link:-


3. Viewing advertisements to make money online is another scam. Yes, there are some real sites which really pay for viewing advertisements but you can’t earn even a dollar per month by viewing advertisements in those paying sites and other most of those kinds of sites are scams which shows very easy money such as $10 for viewing one ad and people believe that and fall for those scams. You can find about those kinds of scams in detail by clicking this link:-


4. There is also a new version of Pyramid scheme which is known as cash gifting scheme and people believe they are participating in the donation program. But, those kinds of programs are nothing but an easy way to make money which can’t sustain for a long time.


5. ICOs, fake cryptocurrencies trading have taken another level in scam world. Many people don’t know how the real cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have been mined and they just fall into the fake cryptocurrency site which claims they can purchase new coin and the value of that coin will increase in future and they can make money. Those kinds of companies will pump the price of coin by themselves so that more people invest in their program and when they feel they have got enough number of people, they sell their all coin in high pumped price and then the price will be starting to decrease and innocent people will keep on holding those worthless coins believing the value will be increasing soon in the future but they will find out they have been scammed after 1-2 years when the price of coin keep on decreasing.


Why do people fall in scams?

6. There are also scam sites which make people fool by claiming that they can make up to $10 per click that they receive on their referral link for which people only have to copy and paste their referral link in the different forum, blogs, and social media site. But, they forget the reality that if we can advertise in social media site like Facebook at the rate $1 per 25 to 50 clicks in our website link then why any company will pay $10 per click that they receive on their website link.


7. People also fall into the news reading sites which claim people can earn up to $5+ dollar per news that they read on their website for few minutes. But people forget the fact that if even the big news companies start to pay such amount per people to read the news, they will be broke within a day. 


8. People also believe if they get the email notifying that they have earned the huge amount of lottery. These kinds of scams make people believe that they are from a big company and ask people to send the fees to collect that winning amount. However, people forget the fact that no one will do the lucky draw without selling a ticket. If big companies want to distribute their money, they will do for the good cause, for charity, but will never randomly select people to pay the big amount of money. None of the companies get any benefit by doing that. However, instead of doing research on such emails, instead of thinking why we need to send fees when we have already won the lottery, people just fall for those scams and send those scammers some money as fees.


9. Cloud mining companies are another level of scams. Yes, there is some genuine cloud mining company where people really can mine their own cryptocurrency but they pay very less amount of money. However, people are greedy and they keep on searching the cloud mining companies which pay the heavy amount of money in less time period and again fall into scam cloud mining companies.


10. People also pay for worthless training believing they will really earn a big amount of money within a month by following those training. Well, if someone really capable of earning big amount of money in short period of time, they why he/she will share that training to other and sell that training at $1000 price when he/she is claiming to make million dollars from that training. This is again another scam. We are not saying all training is a scam, but those who show you the big dreams, definitely are.


11. Secret Formula, LoopHole, Money Making Software and so on are another level of scam which once again show the big dream and make people believe that they can earn millions of dollar by purchasing that formula or software. Well, if someone really has such formula or software, why he/she will sell you that instead of using for him/herself?


12. You can find scam even when you search for Jobs, Tasks or Surveys. Yes, there are few sites which really pay for you completing the task, jobs or surveys, but they don’t pay you the huge amount of money like scam sites claim. Even there are some scam sites which let you pay to get the job. Well, why anyone needs to pay first to do the job? If that is business, we can think about it. But to do the job, task, survey? really?


13. Online dating scams are not actually directly related to money but also people have lost a lot of money, even a life in this scam. In this scam, people just believe anyone who met them online and fall in love online. Well, we are not against for online love. But at least think about real life love than wire transfer love in order to save yourself.


Well, these are only examples. There are lots of different kinds of scams. However, one common thing about these all scam sites is easy money. And that is how these scam sites get into the pocket of innocent people to steal their money.


Like we have said before, it is our greediness which makes us believe the unbelievable thing. Actually, if we even think one time logically instead of becoming blind due to our greediness, we can spot a scam by ourselves very easily.


So, we suggest people not to go after the easy money. Instead, go for real way to make money online or offline. Such as our No.1 recommended company known as Wealthy Affiliate where people can learn the real way to make money online such as making a website in their own subject of interest and learn the strategy to make money online from their own website by working day by day, by developing their own online business. If you want to find out more about Wealthy Affiliate, you can click this link:-


You can also find out the list of other legitimate online works and businesses by clicking this link:-


However, you must know the fact that you need to do the work, give some time to make money genuinely. It can’t happen overnight like the claims of scam companies. You can find the bunch of such scam companies by clicking this link:-


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Have you ever got scammed? Have you find out any scam companies by yourself? Do you want to report about any scams? Do you have any queries related with online works and businesses? Well then, you can place your queries and reports within the comment section below.

We love to hear from you and will be more than happy to help you.

Good Luck!

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