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whitepinsplus  Review – is It Scam or Legit – We think it is scam, Why?

Update:- Whitepinsplus had now stop paying to their members and turn out to be Scam like we guess before in our review as below. Although we had already warn bad things about this company from the day it was launched, but also people keep on working in it and keep on arguing with us. But, now we think everybody has realized why we had listed it in our Scam list even that time when it was paying. Anyway, we are sorry for those who loss their investment and time within Whitepinsplus. is SCAM

First of all we like to inform that even we have put “Whitepinsplus. com” in our “Bad and Scam Online Work Companies” list, then also we are still investigating it. We think it is Scam because so far from our investigation, we only find bad points about Whitepinsplus than good points, so we feel it is better to warn people about this company by putting it in Scam List.

So far from our investigation, it seems their business is not sustainable. But we find some people are posting payment proof from Whitepinsplus. May be they are currently paying or may be those posts are by themselves, but we don’t think they can afford to pay in future.


Money doesn’t come so easy. Till now we didn’t find any company who can afford $2 Euro per person per day just to give opinion by comparing two product pictures.


If like this companies start to pay 2 Euro per person, then to show this to 1,000,000 people, they need to pay 2,000,000 Euro. And that is also not for advertisement, just to get opinion. In 2,000,000 Euros, any company can advertise their product in huge scale media and can get free opinions about it from more than 20,000,000 peoples. If company just pay around 50,000 euro, then they can get opinions from almost all user of facebook by showing ads in it which have additional benefit of advertisement as well. So, why they will pay that much amount just to get opinion. Even those companies can’t be sure that people real clicking on good picture and they are getting accurate data.  After they final product from this survey, then again need to do advertisement to sell those products. So what is the product cost? Who will buy that much high price products. 


If some companies want to advertise, then they 1st of all want to come in the front of Media. They want their brand name should be recognize by many people. But in the case of Whitepinsplus, they even don’t give any information from which companies they are getting those products’ comparison. Why some company want to hide themselves after paying 2 Euro to that person who is judging their product. Don’t they want their brand name get advertise while they showing their products for surveys? If those companies real want to hide and paying money like this, then we want to suggest them that it is better to donate money for good causes than throwing money on crap like that.


Even sometime they are putting picture comparison like arts or just nature pictures. So for what kind of product are they just putting those pictures? Comparing pictures of arts and nature, which company get benefit and what kind of product they are going to sell from it. So, they want to get opinion in 2 Euro to sell range from 0.5 to 1 Euro per product?


Whitepinsplus .com even trying to get critical information from members like phone number, utility bills with full address in order to verify which can be dangerous.


None of Legit company will put the cashout period more than 1 month, but in Whitepinplus case, they put it for 91 days because they can at least hold each member for 91 days.


Like we mention before, there are many other things which have why, how and for what in Whitepinplus. That is why we list it in our Scam List.


If Whitepinplus come here and can give us valid answer us about this why, how and what, then we can re-think about it again. Otherwise, it is 100% SCAM.

It is better stop wasting time in these kind of companies who always offer high dreams and start to focus on real online works which you can find in our “Good Trusted Online Work Companies” section.


The real online work never hides anything and it shows what it have. For example WA, which shows members each and every aspect of online work, who teach them how to succeed in any kind of online work and how to open your own business online, which give opportunities to earn real income by teaching step by step method. You can find the more detail review about WA within our website by clicking this link:-


Your comments are valuable for us. So please feel free to leave the comment below if you want to report anything about Whitepinsplus or want to give any feedback about this page. 

We are happy to help you.

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