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What is Is Twinkas a Scam? – NOI

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What is Is Twinkas a Scam or a Legit? is an illegal company because it is a combination of two illegal schemes and those are Ponzi and Pyramid schemes. This kind of business model is collectively known as a Cash Gifting Scheme. If you don’t know what is Ponzi and Pyramid scheme, then you can find the details by clicking the links below:-


Ponzi scheme:-

Pyramid scheme:-


Now you know clearly either is a scam or a legit, what is Twinkas in real. So, now you don’t have to search any other Twinkas reviews in order to find out the answer to those queries. You will also find out why is Twinkas a combination of Ponzi and Pyramid schemes within our Twinkas review here.


However, after knowing the fact that is an illegal company, if you don’t want to find out more details on it, instead want to find out the list of legit online works and businesses so that you earn regular income online, then you can click this link:-


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OK, let’s continue with our review to find out in detail what is in real and why is a combination of Ponzi and Pyramid schemes.

Twinkas complaints. reviews. Twinkas legit or scam?

Twinkas login and join in link:- (Not recommended to join)

What is Twinkas? Either is Twinkas scam or legit?

The business model of Twinkas is an illegal scheme due to which Twinkas can’t be legit. However, these kinds of companies claim themselves to be a donation program, but in reality, is an illegal company.


Yep, we agree that the few members of these kinds of companies can make money, especially those who join the system at the beginning. But, in order to make these kinds of business models sustainable, it should be able to have a continuous flow of new cash into the company which is not possible without selling any real products or services and in case of Twinkas it doesn’t have any real products or services to sell.


Yep, if you can take a risk, then you can make some money or looses all of it when it collapses at the same time when you invest in it. Actually, the majority of members will lose money in these kinds of companies. Many companies which were running this kind of business model such as, MMM Global, BTCInvestments, Zarfund and so on have been already turned into scam which proves this business model practically can’t sustain for a long time.


As per the business model of Twinkas, affiliates need to pay money to join the program to help other members and in return, they will earn back 200% from the money invested (donated) by another member.


Have you ever think from where that extra 100% will be managed to pay you back 200% profit in total? It will be managed by using the money invested by two affiliates to pay you the claimed ROI. That’s why the business model of Twinkas follows 2X1 matrix which means it requires two positions to be filled in order to be eligible to get the commission. Means, you need two people after you who invest money in this system so that you can be paid.


In total there are four tiers for Twinkas affiliate to invest in according to which if you invest ₦5000, you will receive ₦10,000; if you invest ₦10,000, you will receive 20,000; if you invest ₦20,000, you will receive ₦40,000 and if you invest ₦50,000, you will receive 100,000. Means the affiliates will earn back 200% profit in total and even Twinkas guarantees its affiliate to receive their ROI within 21 days (within 15 business days).


However, there is not any verifiable source of income coming into the Twinkas other than the money invested by the affiliates. So, it is clear that Twinkas will use the money invested by new members to pay the old members which prove Twinkas is a Ponzi scheme.


Each time Twinkas pay its members, it will create a debt into the system equal to the 100% amount and that debt will keep on increasing and ultimately the whole system will collapse.


Many people always argue with us how can the owner of these kinds of donation programs scam people when there is a direct donation between the members. They also claim that the owner doesn’t get any benefit from these kinds of programs. For those people, we suggest them to think twice. First of all no one will open a website or any business without thinking their own profit and on top of that, in most of the cases no one knows who is the real owner of these kinds of companies and even if we know, then also the owners can make many other accounts in the name of their relatives and they can become the members by themselves and take the direct donation from other members. So, obviously, there is a high chance of happening that.


If you check the WHOIS details or the official website of, you will not find out any information about who is the real owner of Twinkas because that information hasn’t been provided in the official website and also has been hidden within a WHOIS. Twinkas has also not revealed its real location within its WHOIS due to which we even can’t believe the address which they have provided on their website is real or not. In online business industry, none of the legit companies hide their owner details, only scam companies do.


Once the market to get the new members become saturated, then the last one who joins the system will not get any benefit because he/she will not get any new members to make any money and will just leave the system which will start to backfire the whole system and slowly the members from down to up will start to leave the system and at last the system will collapse. This is the reason why these kinds of businesses are categorized as an illegal Pyramid Scheme which will never sustain because, in order to sustain, the company should provide some good products so that there will be always a scope to get the new buyers. Without a good product, it is hard to make a system sustainable and even these kinds of business models are already marked as an illegal business by the concerned authorities.


Lots of sites with this business model have been already turned into the scam. That’s why it is better to stay away from these kinds of companies. This is why we don’t recommend Twinkas and have listed it on our Not Recommended sites list.

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