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What is SoCupNews? Is SoCupNews Scam or Legit?

SoCupNews is nothing but a classic scam with new themes and attractive looks which claims to pay $3 to $4 per news that you read in its site and claims to let you cashout when your earnings reach $2700. But, in reality, it doesn't pay you after your cashout request and if you ask its team to release the payment, they will just suggest you to upgrade your account first in order to get the payment. But, even if you upgrade your account, then also it will not pay you. So, this site is not here to pay you, but just here to lure people by showing easy money so that they can make money for themselves.


So, stay out of the sites like SoCupNews, it is nothing but a scam which never pays. That is why we have listed SoCupNews within our bad and scam online works section. If you really want to make money online, then we suggest you to take a look at our list of good and trusted online works companies by clicking this link:- newsonlineincome.org/legitimate-work-home-businesses/


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OK, now let's begin with our SoCupNews review in order to find out what is So Cup News in real and why are we saying SoCupNews a scam.

SoCupNews review. What is So Cup News? Is So Cup News scam or legit?

SoCupNews login and join in link:- http:// socupnews. com/ (Not recommended to join)

What is SoCupNews.com and Why is SoCupNews.com scam?

Aforementioned, SoCupNews is a scam site because it simply doesn't pay its members after a cashout request. It just waste the time of people. More than that, it has also stolen the money of some members who believed in it too much because those members when asked the team of SoCupNews to release the payment soon, then the team of SoCupNews suggested them to upgrade their account first in order to get the payment soon. When those members asked them to help them to upgrade by deducting their earning balance, team of SoCupNews simply refused to do that and suggest them to upgrade using their own money. But, some of those members who upgrade, they also didn't get the payment from them.


Actually, this is not the first site of this kind. If you search the internet, you will find out many similar kinds of sites which may be probably running from same group such as MainofnewsBaseofnews, Capitalofnews and so on. In the past also there were similar kinds of sites, but with different looks, means with different themes, such as LuckiNewsQuestofNewsAllNewsRoundStatofNews, QuestofNews and so on. May be all of these sites are from same group, but can't confirm it because the owner details are hidden in all of these sites. No one knows who is running these sites and from where these sites are operating. So, only on the basis of business model, similar looks and copy cat details, we can guess that all of these sites are from same group. Anyway, either they are from same group or not, it doesn't matter because all of these sites are scams and none of these sites had paid any of its members and neither will pay in the future because there is not any legit company which can make any benefit by showing news to each person at the rate $3 to $4 per news. On top of that, hiding owner details itself shows the bad intention of the owner.


SoCupNews also offers its members $170 if someone join SoCupNews through the member's affiliate link which is completely a bogus rate which none of the legit sites will pay ever because if legit sites start to pay that kind of rates for such a simple task, they will broke within a day. Anyway, SoCupNews is a scam site and it doesn't have to pay a penny to anyone, so it can claim whatever it likes.


Actually we can say much more about SoCupNews, but we think we have already provided enough reasons to prove SoCupNews is a scam. So, we are now going to conclude this review.




Aforementioned, the sites like SoCupNews are not here to pay anyone, but instead to make money for themselves. They can make money by showing the advertisements in their website, they can make money by selling the information of members to the third party which members need to provide them during registration process, they can make money by tricking members to upgrade their account, they can make money by misusing the payment processor details of the members which members have to provide them in order to request the cashout and so on. So, stay out of these kinds of sites, otherwise you will lose both time and money instead of making money.


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Like we have said before, among all online work companies, Wealthy Affiliate is our No.1 recommendation because you can earn good amount of money from Wealthy Affiliate on regular basis for your lifetime, but it is not so easy to earn money like SoCupNews has claimed. However, it is also not difficult as well if you work with Wealthy Affiliate. In order to find out what is Wealthy Affiliate in detail and the link to join it, you can click this link:- newsonlineincome.org/wealthy-affiliate-review/


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