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What is SnagAJob.com? Is SnagAJob Scam or Legit?

SnagAJob review:


What is Snag A Job? Is SnagAJob.com scam or legit? Are you searching for SnagAJob.com reviews to find out the answers to these queries? Well, then you don't have to search any other SnagAJob reviews because you are going to find out the complete answers to these queries within our SnagAJob.com review here. OK, let's begin with our Snag A Job review.


SnagAJob has now changed its name to Snag.


What is SnagAJob.com (Snag)?

SnagAJob.com is a platform where people can seek jobs and employers can post ads for part-time or full-time jobs. The founder of SnagAJob is Shawn Boyer. This company is located in California, United States. It was founded in 2000. Although it is one of the popular job seeking service in the United States, you can find lots of complaints, some negative SnagAJob.com reviews around the internet.



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SnagAJob complaints. SnagAJob fake or real? SnagAJob legit or fraud?

SnagAJob join in and login link:- Snagajob.com

Either is Snag A Job a scam or legit? Let's find it out

Although you can find out some negative SnagAJob.com reviews and SnagAJob complaints, we can't categorize this company as a scam because this company itself is not a scam but there are some drawbacks of this company due to which it has such complaints and negative reviews.



Drawbacks of SnagAJob

  • Once you open the account in SnagAJob as a job seeker, you never can delete the account which is definitely not good. Everyone has right to unsubscribe from any websites they want.
  • There are many outdated, unavailable, scam offers and so on listed in SnagAJob. Many users have fallen into scams by applying with scam job offers and others have wasted their time with outdated and unavailable jobs. Those scam job offers are not from the SnagAJob but also we think SnagAJob must put some good filter system to filter those job offers. Snag should make its system more user-friendly, otherwise what is the use of having job searching site where there can be scam offers. Due to this fact, many people have report SnagAJob as a scam and provided negative reviews and complaints.
  • People also have complained that support system of SnagAJob is not good.
  • The users of SnagAJob, especially job seekers get lots of unwanted calls and emails after they registered with SnagAJob which many users find annoying.
  • There are many job seekers looking for jobs in SnagAJob due to which it is very difficult for many job seekers to get any chance to be recruited.
  • Employers who have listed the job in SnagAJob have complained that SnagAJob keeps on charging them fees even after they close their job listing. Although SnagAJob has solved the problem after those employers have contacted them but also from time to time employers are complaining about this issue which shows the lack of professionalism of SnagAJob.
  • Due to the lack of real account management, employers feel difficult to find real applicants due to lots of lazy applicants who even don't bother to write their name in a proper way. Snag lag to filter the real accounts.
  • SnagAJob sells the personal information of job seekers to the third parties such as colleges, companies, websites and so on due to which job seekers get bombarded by many unwanted calls and emails. Actually many users don't like the idea of selling their personal information through any website.


So do we mean SnagAJob is a scam?

Aforementioned, although Snag has lots of drawbacks, still this company is not a scam. It has also helped lots of job seekers to find the legitimate jobs and has helped employers to find the good candidate for their job.


If you want to give it a try, it's better you do little research about the job listed within Snag before you send the personal information to those job offers. You can find out the background of the companies who have listed the job and also can directly go to the website of employer and ask them about the listing of a job before you submit your personal information. In this way, you can save yourself from scam and can use Snag as a good platform to search job.


Employers must contact the support team of SnagAJob as soon as possible if they find out some payment issues. Although SnagAJob is slow to provide help on time, but also at least they will help you to eliminate your problem.


So, if you use SnagAJob in a safe way, it is a good place for both employers and job seekers. But considering its drawbacks, we have listed it within our Promising Online Works category instead of Good and Trusted Online Works category.

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Good Luck!

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