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What is Pure Haven Essentials? Scam? Review – NOI
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What is Pure Haven Essentials? Scam? Pure Haven Essentials Review, AVA Anderson Review, Is Pure Haven Essentials a Scam or a Legit?

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If you are searching Ava Anderson reviews as well as Pure Haven Essentials reviews, then you are in the right place. In this article we have provided Ava Anderson negative reviews as well as positive too. Ava Anderson later changed their name to the Pure Heaven Essentials. It is a company working in the field of personal care and home products such as skin care, lotions, shampoo etc.


Ok let’s first of all provide you brief AVA Anderson products review: The company claimed their products are non toxic, but later researches found they had toxic chemical ingredients mixed in their products. You can found about chemical mixing more in details by searching in the internet about AVA Anderson product reviews.

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OK, let’s begin with the review of Pure Heaven Essentials:


Old Site:-

New Site:-


Aforementioned, Pure Heaven Essentials is new name of AVA Anderson and is online business company working in the filed of personal care and home products, while they still state that they sell 100% non toxic products, with no any artificial mixing, but the reality is different.


If you have a question like: Is Pure Haven Essentials a scam? Then the answer will be yes because they claimed that their products are non toxic, but it has been already discovered that they had some toxic chemical mixing.


What is Pure Heaven Essentials scam?


It’s the scam about their products ingredients which they have been hiding to the entire customer as well as the co workers of the company.


In order to earn money from this site, we have to pay $99 and we should sell the products from door to door or online which is difficult because it is hard to convince other people to sell new products and on top of that those products which claims to be non toxic, but not in the reality. However, if you still can scam other by selling products by telling them lies about the ingredients of product, then you can get commission from Pure Haven Essentials on selling the products from 30% to 50%. But remember, they had already lied about the ingredients of their product and now when they are caught in action, they change their name from Ava Anderson Non Toxic to Pure Heaven Essentials.


Aforementioned, the huge negative side of the AVA Anderson/Pure Haven Essentials product is that it has been sold and marketed as 100% non toxic, but in the reality, it has some toxic ingredients, due to which it creates a problem later to the consumers as well as to salesmen. On top of that, always ordering products and selling door to door as well as online and that is also by lying the truth about the product is definitely a hassle.


Now, it is clear that their products are toxic, but they claim their products are non toxic. So, we can’t guarantee such kind of company which had made false statement on their products will keep on paying to its affiliates as well. So, why would we bother ourselves to earn money online by marketing such kind of products when we have many good alternatives like Wealthy Affiliate where we can earn money genuinely without scamming anyone. Here’s the link of the detail review of Wealthy Affiliate, our no.1 recommended online business:-




We don’t recommend anyone to work with Pure Haven Essentials. However, if you still don’t care the fact of their products ingredients and only care about the commissions, then you can go ahead as they are paying on time to their affiliates.


Please feel free to leave the comments so that we can discuss more about Pure Haven Essentials.


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