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What is MacKeeper? Is MacKeeper a Scam? – NOI

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What is MacKeeper? Is MacKeeper a Scam? MacKeeper Any Good?

Although MacKeeper is not a scam, we don’t recommend you to use MacKeeper software and you can find the reasons for that within our MacKeeper review as below. So, if you are searching for MacKeeper reviews to find out either is MacKeeper scam or legit, either is MacKeeper safe to use or not and so on, then you don’t have to search any other MacKeeper software reviews because here we are going to provide the complete truth about MacKeeper application. So, your search for reviews to find out either is MacKeeper legitimate or not ends here.


Aforementioned, it is clear that we don’t recommend you to use MacKeeper and we are going to explain why within our MacKeeper software review here. However, MacKeeper also provides the opportunity to make money online by joining its affiliate program and promoting it. That is why you can find so many advertisements of MacKeeper because not only MacKeeper, but other people are also promoting it so that they can earn money when someone purchases this MacKeeper software. However, we don’t recommend you to promote it because we always believe working with a problem free company so that you can establish a long lasting online business. If you promote the controversial product, then you will end up with many complaints from your clients and you will lose your reputation and later you never gonna get any clients because many people will start to disbelieve you. So, if you are looking to make money online by joining its affiliate program, then we suggest you search for other alternatives like you can find the list of legit online works and businesses by clicking this link:- 


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OK, let’s continue with our review in order to find out what is in real and either is a scam or not.

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Get rid MacKeeper. It Safe? Reviews MacKeeper. MacKeeper legit scam. MacKeeper safe use or not.

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Is MacKeeper legit or scam?

In 2014, the lawsuit was filed against the developer of MacKeeper, Zeobit in Illinois because MacKeeper warned the users about the fake security and performance problems to convince them to pay for the full version. In 2015, Zeobit settled a class action lawsuit against it for US$2 million. 


However, after that also many people complained different issues of MacKeeper. Yep, some of those MacKeeper complaints can be false, but we can’t ignore them. Some technicians who have repaired the Mac reported that in every case where MacKeeper has been installed, it has been the main cause of the problem, usually causing performance problems or freezing or crashing. But, some reviewers are saying just opposite of that and praising the MacKeeper software for well designed and easy to use.


So, what is true? Is MacKeeper good or bad? Is MacKeeper fraud?


Actually, MacKeeper is one of the most controversial software. The main problem we have found in MacKeeper is its marketing technique. Many people think even it is a virus because of its annoying marketing campaign where pop-ups ads keep on claiming that your Mac has been infected even without any infection. Zeobit, the developer of Mac Keeper was slammed for seedy marketing tactics which includes pop-under ads, plants sock-puppet reviews and encourages sleazy affiliate sites. Its ads let people think that their Mac is affected by the virus and they have to install this software immediately in order to protect their Mac which in reality is not true. So, this kind of false marketing strategy is one of the reasons people think MacKeeper is a scam.


Many people have complained that it holds your machine hostage until you pay up and can’t be removed completely. Well, somehow it is true because it is one of the most difficult software to uninstall from your Mac. First of all, it makes people afraid that their Mac has been infected due to which some of the people just install it in a bit of hurry and the problem starts after the installation. We don’t mean it can harm your computer after the installation. But, later on when you find out your Mac was not infected and that was only the marketing campaign, obviously, you want to remove it. But, once you install it, it will be very difficult for you to remove MacKeeper from your Mac. Due to this fact, you can find many MacKeeper complaints that it holds your Mac as a hostage as it is difficult to delete MacKeeper.


People have also reported that it slows down their Mac and erases the hard drive, deletes photos, and makes your documents disappear but those MacKeeper complaints may not be true. 


As we have mentioned before, the lawsuit was filed against the developer of MacKeeper because MacKeeper warned the users about the fake security and performance problems to convince them to pay for the full version which is also a bad marketing approach to make the sales of your product.


So, if we consider MacKeeper only as a suite of cleaning and optimization tools for Mac, then it is not bad, but its marketing approach has already made lots of people believe that this is not a good software to keep your Mac safe. So, in this situation, we don’t think it is a good idea to join its affiliate program and do its marketing in order to make money online. So, from our side, we don’t recommend you to join MacKeeper affiliate program because when there are lots of other affiliate programs to make money online then why should we choose controversial product like MacKeeper, such as you can find several legit ways to make money online by clicking this link:-


Actually, we also don’t like to install MacKeeper personally in our Mac because there are lots of other non-controversial software to keep our Mac safe such as, Avast Security, AVG, Avira and so on which even provide the free version for personal use. Not only that, but those are renowned and reputed brand in the industry, so why should we choose MacKeeper.


However, we don’t mean MacKeeper is a bad software or scam or something like that. You can find lots of positive reviews praising its features such as memory cleaner, duplicates finder, smart uninstaller, files recovery, data encryptor, disk usage and so on. So, it is not a scam but due to its marketing technique, lawsuit, lots of complaints and negative reviews making it look like a scam. So, we must agree that it is one of the most controversial software. So, why go after controversial ones when there are lots of other good alternatives? So, this is the main reason we don’t recommend MacKeeper.

Now you must be clear either is MacKeeper real or fake and what is the problem with MacKeeper software. So, if you want to share this with your friends and families, then please feel free to do so.

Your comments are valuable to us. So, please feel free to leave your comment below if you have to say anything about MacKeeper or want our help in relation to online business industry.

We will be more than happy to hear from you and help you.

Good Luck! 

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