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What is K Money Mastery? Is it legit or scam? – NOI

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What is K Money Mastery? Is it legit or scam?

K Money Mastery review. What is K Money Mastery? Is K Money Mastery a scam or a legit?

The owner of K Money Mastery is Stefan Pylarinos. This is a complete course of training on how to create and publish ebooks and sell then on Amazon at $ 60. There are two upsells (extra offers) with K Money Mastery, one is the “How to write a book in 24 hours” costing you extra $ 17 and the second one is “The Kindle Virtual Assistant Training Program” with additional cost of $ 147, created by the owner of K Money Mastery Stefan himself. Unlike from most of the upsells being incense and irritating, these upsell products of K Money Mastery are quite interesting and worthy to look at because they are related to the original products based tutorials and training programs. We categorize this under our legit section.

Positive Aspects:

This company provides trial option to the interested candidates all in just $7 for seven days which means they are not deceitful but in fact trying to convince you with experimental basis. So with this discounted price you can review the product and get to know what actually the company is offering you.

There are lots of contents inside it which are classified in five main areas. Among those five sections, ”Lessons” where most of the contents are incorporated and these contents are very informative and useful. There are plenty of lessons in this section containing at least one video and others relevant materials on each lesson. Each lesson contains valuable information which is very easy to understand.

Negative Aspects:

Besides having so many contents which genuinely help you to create your own ebook and publish it to your target market, but this job is not the easy one. So you need the assistance and guidance to get go. But here there is no one to help you out because they lack the support system. No interaction between the members about the job they are doing. So you cannot figure out the things many times and you may fail and quit due to the reason. Further this product also advice for outsourcing the book creation, which means hiring writer to publish your ebooks. So, this will be the costly idea if you really want to create quality product. Even if you like the idea, always go for the better options to make your product realistic, original and sellable. As be mention above, this is an original products based tutorials and so no any fictional ebook can be created based on this training program. Basically this product is based on driving traffic to your website with the help of ebooks you create from their training program.

Our Recommendation:

We consider this product as a legit one which helps you in understanding the basics of creating an ebooks for your products in the reasonable investment you make. But lack the details and precise information and guidelines on actual writing process as well as publishing on Amazon without outside sources to complementing your products.


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