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What is Foap App? Is Foap a Scam? - NOI

What is Foap App? Is Foap a Scam?

Are you searching for the Foap reviews in order to find either is the Foap app a scam or a legit? If so, then you are absolutely in the right place. Here, within our Foap review, we are going to provide you the complete truth about Foap app, both its pros and cons, such as the owner details of the Foap app, the way to make money from Foap app, analysis to find out either is Foap scam or legit, analysis of negative Foap app reviews and Foap app complaints and so on, overall about what is in real. Actually we have listed Foap app within our Promising Online Works section because it is paying to the members on time and there is not any risk to earn money from it. But, still we didn't list it within our Good and Trusted Online Works section and the reason for that you can find in detail within our Foap app review as below. Before that if you want to take a look at our list of good and trusted online work companies, then you can find that by clicking this link:-


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Foap App review. What is Foap App? either is the Foap App a scam?

Foap login, join in and Foap app download link:- (You can also download Foap app from Google Play and Apple Store)

What is Foap App? Background of Foap App

Foap is an application where anyone can upload the photos and list that for sale. Foap app can be download from Apple store or Google Play or form its official site So, it is available for both iOS and Android users. 


Foap App was launched in 2012 and it’s headquarter use to be at Grev Turegatan 21 144 38 Stockhlom, 144 38 Sweden, but now they have offices in three countries, in Sweden their address is Box 538, 291 25 Kristianstad, in USA their address is 119 W 24th street, 11100 New York and in Poland their address is Aleje Jerozolimskie 56C, 00-803 Warszawa. As per WHOIS record, the owner of Foap App is David Los from Stora Varvsgatan 6A Stockholm Sweden. They have provided the name of their management team on their website and the names are, David Los as a founder and CEO (now it is Adrian Dubler as a CEO), Martin Garbarczyk as a partner and head sales (now it is Rui Dell'Avanzi as a head sales), Lukasz Anwajler as a partner and CTO (now it is Michał Samluk as CTO) and Henrik Sundewal as partner and CFO (now it is Emilia Szkop as CFO). Means now the management team has been changed, but the company is still paying on time to every members who can make money by selling their photos through Foap app. So, at least they are upfront about the owner details which is good sign for any online money making companies. More than that, it has been covered in the news by reputed news channel (ABC news) which proves Foap is legit. You can find that video clip as below.

How to make money from Foap app?

It is free to join Foap app and upload your photo to sell in the app. But, it is not as easy as it seems to earn money form this app. So, despite company is legit, we still list it only in our Promising Online Works section instead of Good and Trusted Online Works section because only the lucky ones can sell their photos in this app and can make money from it, but definitely not the place to have a full time online income. 


In order to start work with Foap app, first of all you have to download Foap app in your smartphone by downloading it either form Google Play if you are using Android device or from Apple store if you are using iOS device or just directly from its official website You can download and use this program free of cost.


Once you download this app within your smartphone, first of all you need to fill out the form providing the information like your full name, your date of birth, your country, payment details and so on. Once you complete that, you can start to upload images in this app that you want to sell.


But, it is little bit time consuming to upload image in this app because after you upload your photos, you need to name that photo and write a brief description about that photo and then need to add tags to that photo by choosing relevant tags as per the content of the photo. Those tags will help your photos to come up on search results when people search terms related to that tags to find the photos. Once you done that, you need to select the license for which you need to answer the few questions about photo and Foap will choose license for you. So, you can think yourself how much time you need to spend to upload one picture in Foap.  


You also require to rate 5 pictures of other members so that 5 members will rate your picture. If your pictures get top rating, you will have more chance to get your pictures sold out in the Foap market at the rate $10 per photo. But, 50% of your sales amount will go to the Foap app and you will get only $5 for each time your photo get sold out.


But like we have said before, you can upload only one photo at one time and you will require to add keyword tags and so on which is time consuming. So, instead of listing every pictures within Foap app, it is better you only upload those pictures which you think are good and can be sold out. After all no one will purchase bad pictures, right? So, there is no point to upload many pictures. Instead of uploading 100s of pictures, if you upload only one good picture, you will have more chance to make money from Foap app.


But, unfortunately most of the people has been failed to get top rate for their photos and unable to sale their photos due to which some of those are yelling Foap app is a scam and writing negative reviews on Foap and making complaints against it.


People must know the fact that selling picture is an artistic work. Will you buy any pictures if you don't like them? Similarly, those who want to purchase pictures, they only purchase if they like the picture. So, if you are not good at photography, don't expect to earn from this app and even if you are good at photography, then also don't forget that you have to compete with other members in Foap to sell your pictures. So, it is not easy as it seems to earn money from Foap, however, it is free, so you can still try by uploading some pictures.


The best part is that you will not lose your copyright when you sold your photos in Foap because buyers don't get rights to sell your photos and still you can sell your same photos as many times as that can be sold.




Aforementioned, it is not easy to sell the photos as it seems in Foap app. But if you are good in taking pictures and if you have some couple of good photos, then sure you can upload those to sell in Foap app, but that doesn't guarantee your photos will be sold out because there are lots of other members within Foap app with whom you need to compete to sell your photos and more than that, it depends on buyer mood. For example, if you are buyer, you will not purchase every photos, but will only purchase those which you like, right? So, some people can make good money from this company, some even can't make a penny. It depends upon both, quality of your photos and your luck. However, this program is free to try, so you can go ahead and try your luck. So we have listed it within our Promising Online Works section instead of our Good and Trusted Online Works section.


But, if you are a good photographer and really want to make money by selling your pictures online, then it is better you start out your own website to sell the pictures to have a regular good income from this profession.


Yep, we know that making website is not a cup of tea for everyone, but only if you don't know where to start. Otherwise, there is some training programs where you can find readymade websites where you only need to upload your contents like articles, videos, pictures and so on as same as you post content in your Facebook account.


More than that, there is one training program where you will not only learn to make a website easily, but will also learn to make money by creating a website in your own subject of interest. It is not that you only have to sell the pictures form your website, you can sell anything and if you don't want to sell anything, then also you can make money from your own website by placing advertisements of services like Google AdSense free of cost. If you don't have your own products, you can earn by selling the products of third party like eBay, Amazon, JVZoo and so on. There are multiple ways to earn from your own website and about all of those you can learn very easily with step by step video lessons from top rated online work training program known as Wealthy Affiliate where you can also earn money within itself. You can find our detail review on Wealthy Affiliate and the link to join it by clicking this link:-

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