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What is Elect.Capital? Is Elect Capital a Scam? – NOI

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What is Elect.Capital? Is Elect Capital a Scam or a Legit?

If you are searching for the Elect.Capital reviews in order to find out either is Elect.Capital a scam or a legit, over all what is Elect Capital in real, then the straight answer is Ponzi scheme. Yep, Elect.Capital is an illegal company pretending to be legit, which it is not. More about it you can find within our Elect Capital review as below.


Elect.Capital is a Ponzi scheme covering up itself by providing the UK Companies House registration document which is actually not a license to run an investment company, but just a registration for tax purpose. Many Ponzi schemes in the past had used such trick to make people confuse. Actually, it is very easy to register company in UK Companies House. For that you just need to pay 20 GBP and even no need to provide real address, but just can rent address from any virtual address services which actually Elect.Capital has did. If you go and check the address that Elect.Capital has provided, then you will find out their reality.


They claim to have offices in 4 countries and 170 employees working with them together. If you go check their address, you will find out nothing as per their claim. They also claiming to be in business form 2000, but we can’t find any information about them before the date they launch their website which is back in 2016. OK, let’s dig out more about Elect.Capital through our Elect.Capital review as below.

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Elect Capital login and join in link:- https:// elect. capital/ (Not Recommended to join)

What is Elect Capital and why don’t we recommend it?

Yep, we agree that Elect.Capital has managed to pay till date (August, 2017) when we are writing this ElectCapital review. But, that is not a surprising thing to find out. There were tons of Ponzi schemes in the past which manages to pay even for 2 years, such as Merchant Shares which has now all of sudden already stopped paying completely. That is why Ponzi schemes are illegal because we never know when they stop paying, today or tomorrow or after some months, but sooner or later they will definitely shutdown without paying the owe money of the members.


The way Ponzi scheme pays is using the newly invested funds of one member to pay the other member. But, each time they pay, they create a debt into the system. For example, Elect Capital has claimed to pay upto 3.7% daily for 30 days or 0.7% to 1% daily for 365 days. So, when they pay additional profit to the members, they create the debt equal to the profit amount that they pay to that member. In that way day by day the debt amount will be increase and when the withdrawal amount start to become more than the new investment coming into the company, they will just stop paying. However, most of Ponzi schemes stop paying even before they start to lose the money and run away with money of members. After all Ponzi schemes are illegal, so they can do anything. If you want to know more about Ponzi scheme, then you can find the details by clicking this link:-


You can also think in another way. If some company can generate enough profit to pay upto 3.7% daily profit to the member, then why they even need to collect the investment from several people and pay them 3.7% daily interest rate instead of simply taking a loan from a bank or using their credit card money for which they just need to pay less than 1% monthly. So, why aren’t they doing that? Why are they choosing the less profitable way for their business if they are real? So, this proves their business model is bogus.


Other than the UK Companies House registration document, they haven’t provided any information about who is operating Elect Capital. Even they have hide their owner address and name within WHOIS details. If their address is real, then why they have to hide their owner details within WHOIS. None of the legit online businesses hide their owner details and address in WHOIS details, only scam companies do.


The only reason the Elect.Capital manages to survive longer than other Ponzi scheme is because it is offering less rate of return than those Ponzi schemes which are offering even upto 80000% return within 3 days. Actually, Ponzi schemes are like that. Those which offer less rate of return, survive little longer than those which offer high rate of return, but ultimately both collapses, it’s only a matter of time. To find out more about Ponzi scheme, you can click this link:-


Now you have already find out what is Elect Capital and why we don’t recommend it. So, now if you want to find out the list of our recommended legit online works and businesses, then you can find those by clicking this link:-


Among those listed legit online works and businesses, we have rated each companies on the scale of 100 according to the date of establishment, the amount of money that members can earn from the company, the rate of successful members within the company, the proven business model of the company and the future business sustainability of the company. Considering all those factors, Wealthy Affiliate has topped the position with 97 out of 100 score. If you are interested to know more about Wealthy Affiliate, then you can find the details by clicking this link:-


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