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What is China Construction Bank, a Scam? – NOI

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  • April 12, 2020

What is China Construction Bank, a Scam? CCB Review

China Construction Bank is definitely not a scam, but the website “” which is pretending to be from China Construction Bank is definitely a scam because first of all they are not from a real China Construction Bank and secondly their business model is completely a Ponzi scheme and thirdly they are hiding their real owner details.


China Construction Bank is a reputed bank from China which is expanding around the globe, but the Ponzi scheme known as China is a scam site pretending to be from China Construction Bank and making people very confuse. Actually it is one of the big advance form of scam which we have ever come across.


So, if you ask what is China Construction Bank, then sure it is one of the reputed bank around the world and one of the best bank in China. But, if you ask with us either is scam or not, either is China Construction Bank a scam or not which is offering upto 700% return on the deposit amount within 5 days, then that is 100% scam because that is not from a real China Construction Bank, but is form the scammer who is using the new way to scam people. The official website of real CCB (China Construction Bank) is “”, but the website domain “” is not from China Construction Bank, but is from a scammer who is running the website in the name of China Construction Bank by showing the high amount of interest rate so that he/she can scam people and run away by taking the deposit amount of many people.


We know that many will argue with us that China ConBank is also paying, but you must know the fact that these kinds of sites will pay only for few days in order to lure more people in their company so that they can gather big deposit amount from many people and run away with a big money. They are not here for small money, so first of all they will pay some people to show the real payment proofs to lure more people into their scam.


Do you want more proof to prove that is a scam? OK, then let’s continue with our review as below to find out what is CCB (China Con Bank) in real.

What is CCB China Construction Bank, What is, ChinaConstructionBank review.

Real China Construction Bank login website:-

Fake China Construction Bank login website:- https:// china-conbank. com/

What is China Construction Bank and what is

The real China Construction Bank is the established bank in China which was founded in 1954 in Beijing. Still its headquarter is in Beijing and its offices is all over the China plus also in other countries like New York City, Seoul, Singapore, Barcelona, Frankfurt, Luxembourg, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, Tokyo, Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland, and a wholly owned subsidiary in London. It is one of the top four bank in China. It was second largest bank in the world in 2015 by market capitalization and sixth largest company in the world. [Source: Wikipedia]


But, the is not the website from the real China Construction Bank as we have mentioned before. It is from an unknown person who is hiding his/her real identity so that he/she can fool people to deposit money in his/her company thinking that is from real China Construction Bank. But in real, the is a Ponzi scheme which can’t be sustain for a long run and even it is already deceiving people in the name of big company. So, as soon as the legal authority find their details, they will catch them and shutdown their site. But, we are sure they are already aware of that and they will not continue this site for a long time. May be they will shutdown their site and run with the money of several people before authority can catch them.


It is not the first time that Ponzi scheme has fooled people in the name of bank. There are other scam sites in the name of bank such as USA Bank Corporation, Invest Bank, Solid Trade Bank and so on. Recently one company known as New Age Bank has been already turned into scam and many people has already lost their money there. But, this time whoever open this, he/she crosses the limit of every scam sites because this is the first Ponzi scheme scam site which dare to use the name of big company to fool the people. We feel so bad for China Construction Bank as well because when many people loses their money in this site, may be they will keep on bothering the staff of real China Construction Bank.


If you take a deep look on the interest rate of China website, then you can find yourself that they are scam because none of the real bank in the world can sustain by paying 700% within 5 days on the deposit amount, which means if someone deposit $1000, then they will get back $7000 and that is also within 5 days. So, whenever you see such too good to be true deal, then in real that is not true. Like this there are many ways to spot a scam by yourself about which we have explained in detail within our this post:-


Actually we can provide much more detail to prove is a scam. But, we think we have already provided enough points to prove is a scam site and is not from a real China Construction Bank.


Still don’t believe us?


OK, just call the real China Construction Bank offices anywhere in the world and ask them by yourself. Then you will know the fact.




Aforementioned, it is clear that is not a website from a real China Construction Bank, so don’t deposit your money there. Yep, at starting China Con Bank will also pay some amount of money to some people in order to show the payment proofs to lure more people into their scam so that they can gather tons of money and then run away with big money. More than that, even if any real company offers 700% ROI within 5 days, then we should know that there is something wrong with that company because none of the legit company need to collect the investment from several people when in real they can generate 700% profit in 5 days. More than that, top bank like China Construction Bank never need to pay such high interest rate to their clients in order to get deposit and even if they start to pay such high rate, they will broke within a day. So, stay away with these kinds of scam companies.


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