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What is Is BitKong Scam? – NOI

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What is Is BitKong Scam or Legit? BitKong Review. Review: Are you searching for the BitKong reviews in order to find out what is Bit Kong in real, either is BitKong safe or not, either is a scam or a legit and so on? If so, then you are absolutely in the right place because here we are providing the honest review of BitKong without promoting it. Here, within our BitKong review, you can find both pros and cons of this company. So, let’s begin with our Bit Kong review.


So, what do you think? Either is BitKong a scam or a legit?


Well, if we considered the fact that the domain has been registered at 2013-11-08 and it is still paying its members at the time when we are doing this review, then we can’t say is a scam. (We have reviewed in 2018, however, we will definitely update here if something changes in the company besides than what we have reviewed here)


However, many people misunderstand this company as a money-making platform. Yep, you can make money from its affiliate program which is not much though, but the real concept of this company is gambling, not a money-making platform.


OK, let’s continue with our Bit Kong review in order to find out what is BitKong in detail as below.

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BitKong fake or real? Bit Kong reviews. BitKong legit or fraud?

BitKong login and join in link:- (Join at your own risk, and also find out either you are eligible to do the gambling according to the rules and regulation of your country or not before joining it)

Either is Bit Kong a scam or a legit?

If a company is paying on time for many years, then we can’t call that company a scam. But that doesn’t mean we will recommend that company as well. There are some reasons which make us not recommending BitKong which are as below:-

  • The owner details, legal registration and so on of is not provided openly. It has concealed the owner details in its WHOIS details and also hasn’t provided any information about who and from where is operating and running this website within its official website as well.
  • Yep, it provides free faucet games from where members can earn some bitcoins but the real deal is the gambling where there will be equal chances to lose and win money. So, if you are in this company only to make money, then you must know the fact there is equal chance to lose your money. Actually, we also don’t recommend any binary options platforms because we don’t recommend the risky companies which are gambling more than the money-making platform.
  • Gambling is not legal for the residence of many countries. So, you should find out the legal rules and regulations of your country before jumping into the gambling platform like, otherwise, you can end up having legal issues.
  • If your country is not legal to gamble, then you should not promote it as well to earn affiliate commission.
  • Although it provides 0.25% commission for every bet amount that your referral bet in the company, it is still hard to earn from its affiliate program because there is high competition for promoting gambling program whereas there are fewer people interested on it. So, the demand is lower than supply due to which it will be hard for you to find the good number of affiliates to make money from this company. So, if you are interested to make money online, then this is not the platform for you, instead, you can check our list of good and trusted online works and businesses by clicking this link:-

    Among those genuine online works and businesses, our No.1 recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate about which you can find the details by clicking this link:-

  • You should be always doubtful when it comes to online gambling platforms because these sites are here to make money for themselves, not to lose all the time.
  • Many people have complained that this site lets them win little at first and later on make them always lose. Well, it is a gambling platform, so obviously you can’t expect to win always. So, those kinds of BitKong complaints are normal because it is a gambling platform.

So, now we make you clear why we don’t recommend you to join BitKong because we are here not to promote the gambling sites, not even the binary options but we are here to guide you to make money genuinely by doing real works. However, that doesn’t mean we are saying BitKong is a scam. It is not a scam since it is paying, but it is definitely not a platform to make money online.

Please feel free to share this BitKong review with your friends and families to let them know its reality:-

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