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What is 165Founding? 165 Founding Scam? – NOI
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What is 165Founding? Is 165 Founding Scam or Legit? (165 Founding Blindly Follow) is a cash gifting scheme which is an illegal scheme, so 165Founding is a scam. These kinds of business model never sustain for a long time and only able to pay few members at starting and the majority of members will lose money at the end.


Now it is clear either is 165Founding a scam or a legit, what is 165 Founding Blindly Follow. However, if you want to find out more about 165Founding, then also you don’t have to search any other 165Founding reviews because here, within our 165Founding review, you are going to find out the complete truth about this site. So, your search for reviews to find out its reality ends here.


But, after knowing the fact that is a scam, if you don’t want to find out more details on it but instead want to find out the real and sustainable ways to make money online, then you can find that by clicking this link:-


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OK, let’s continue with our review in order to find out what is in real and why is a 165Founding scam.

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165 Founding reviews. 165Founding complaints. 165Founding legit or scam?

165Founding login and join in link:- (Not recommended to join, it’s a scam)

Why is a scam?

165 Founding is a scam mainly due to its business model which is a cash gifting scheme. The cash gifting scheme is a combination of two illegal schemes and those are Ponzi and Pyramid schemes. In order to find out more about Ponzi and Pyramid schemes, you can click the following respective links:-


Ponzi scheme:-

Pyramid scheme:-


The other reasons that make 165 Founding a scam are:-

  • Although let online users register with but also the compensation plan of 165Founding has nothing to do with the products of Resvera. It seems it is only letting members join so that it looks like it is selling the real products so that it can make legal authorities confused. But, if you check its compensation plan, the whole plan revolves around only filling the referral matrix and gifting cash to the sponsor which is just a cash gifting scheme, an illegal scheme.
  • These kinds of companies need the continuous flow of new investment coming into the company and that is also more than the amount that existing members have invested so that they can make profit which is actually not possible because whenever these companies pay one member, they need to use the money invested by two other members due to which each time they pay one member, they create a debt. Like this, the debt will be kept on increasing and the whole system will be collapsed.
  • It is also hard to get the new members continuously. So, the market will be saturated and the last one who joins the system will leave the system and slowly the members from down to up will start to leave the system and at last the whole system will be collapsed.

  • These kinds of businesses never sustain for a long run. Many sites have been already failed which were running this kind of business model which proves this business practically can’t sustain for a long time.

  • Actually, the owners of these kinds of sites know themselves that these businesses will not sustain for a long time, that is why they never revealed their identity. You can’t find any information about who is operating and running either on the official website of 165 Founding or in its WHOIS details. None of the legit companies will hide such details, only scam companies do because the owners of scam companies have to cheat people and run away with their money, so they have to hide.

So, now it is clear that 165Founding is an illegal and unsustainable company with unclear owner details. So, we don’t recommend it and have listed it within our Bad and Scams category.

Please feel free to share this 165 Founding review with your friends and families to warn them about this scam:-

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We will be more than happy to hear from you and help you.

Good Luck!

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