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Webtalk complaints. Webtalk fake or real? Webtalk legit or fraud?

Before we begin with our detailed Webtalk review to make you clear either is a scam or a legit, either you should join Webtalk to grab its revenue sharing opportunity or not and so on, first of all, let us give you the brief verdict on Webtalk.


Webtalk is not a scam but at the same time, there is not any guarantee that this website will be popular and you can make some income from its revenue sharing opportunity. However, it is free to join and you can use it as a social media site, so nothing will harm you by joining it free of cost. So, if you want to join Webtalk, you can join it by clicking this link:-


OK, now let’s find out what is Webtalk.



What is is a social media site almost similar to existing social media sites which is becoming popular in a short period of time. However, does Webtalk becoming popular because it provides some unique features than other social media sites? Well, let’s find out. However, first of all, check the following promotional video of Webtalk in order to find out the features of Webtalk.

From the above video, it is clear that Webtalk is going to be the all in one social media package with an e-commerce store. However, it is not guaranteed that people will feel good to do everything using one website/app. If people are already satisfied using other social media networks for different purposes, why they bother to use this new social media site? Just because it offers everything in one package? Well, we think people will be more comfortable using the different platforms which they are already using than using a completely new platform. On the other hand, if one platform offers everything together, then that can be complicated to use as well.


People also may also feel unsecure to rely on one platform because people still believe in saying “Don’t put your all eggs in one basket”. Anyway, we don’t want to be completely negative about Webtalk because there is also a positive side such as users only have to login into one app to use multiple features, all in package of Webtalk definitely saves the space on devices because we only need to download and use one app than using multiple apps and so on.


There are always two types of people. One who feels to easy to use one app than the multiple ones to do the multiple tasks while other feel easy to use their multiple existing apps. People also feel more secure to use their existing app than the new apps especially to make the purchases using the credit cards. So, it is more difficult for Webtalk to grab the attention of the e-commerce market as well as the upgrade function of social media sites like LinkedIn.



What is the main challenge for new social media sites?

It is always very difficult to grab the attention for new companies in the market where there is already a big competition against the giant companies and we all know that in social media field, there is already a tough competition against the giant companies like Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber, Reddit, Imgur, Pinterest, VK and so on.


The main challenge for new social media sites is to create a social network for their users between their friends, families, and colleagues. People use social media site mostly to share their thoughts, activities, pictures and so on with their friends, families, and colleagues. When people join new social media sites, they will feel bored if none of their friends, families or colleagues join that site and will ultimately leave that site. And there is no way social media sites can grab the attention of all friends, families, and colleagues of the users together to join the platform. So, those who join the new social media site, they can leave later when they don’t find any of their friends or families or colleagues in that site. So, it is a big challenge for any new social media sites to provide full social networking to their users compared with the established social media sites.


So, do you think Webtalk can overcome this challenge? What do you think? What kind of strategies Webtalk should bring to make it renowned so that lots of people join it and most of the users can find their friends, families, and colleagues within this platform? You can share your thoughts within the comment section below.



Why does Webtalk become popular in a short period of time?

When we check Webtalk, we didn’t find out any impressive features which can turn head of people towards it. So, why is it becoming popular?


It seems Webtalk is only becoming popular due to its commitment to share up to 50% revenue to 1 million of its users who manage to join first and also due to its MLM opportunity. People are joining Webtalk at the moment only thinking they can make some good amount of money when this site start to share the revenue.


However, have you ever think that in order to share the revenue the site should earn first? In order to earn the decent income for a social media site, it takes genuine attention of people to use its platform for social networking purpose, not just because they want to make money.


So have you ever think who will join this site after 1 million users reach, well we think very few because it has nothing new to offer other than the money-making opportunity. So, those 1 million members who join this platform, they also can’t make a good amount of money if it can’t make good revenue. So, if it doesn’t manage to attract the people to use it as a social media site, then how it can generate revenue? And if we think people will join it, then what is in it that other popular social media sites don’t have so that people will attract towards it? Well, we found nothing such attractive feature in Webtalk except one which is the feature of posting and sharing separately with your colleagues, friends or families. You can add people as a friend or colleague or family and can post separately for each of them. So, do you think this one new feature can drag people towards it? Well, time will tell that. However, most people like to grab the attention of lots of people on their post. If people share their post to the limited number of groups, the number of likes and shares that they can get will be limited due to which they may be like to share their post to everyone most of the time. Anyway, time will tell how this one new feature gonna benefit Webtalk in the future or not.




Can Webtalk create another benchmark in the social media business?

Aforementioned, in order to attract people who are using popular social media sites, this site should do something new and entertaining and it is lacking on that part.


At the moment Webtalk is becoming popular because it is grabbing the attention of the people by declaring it is going to share 50% revenue to 1 million members who first join this site. Well, at the moment people are joining it due to this fact, but what after it reaches 1 million members? After that how it attracts more people or make the existing members stay active in its site? Even there is a high possibility that the current members will leave this site if they don’t earn good revenue which is not possible unless it can grab the attention of members by providing unique and entertaining social media features.


Yes, we agree that Webtalk provides people with the opportunity to market their business. However, don’t you think only online marketers or those who want to make money join this platform and instead of building the real social network, members will keep on promoting their products with each other? On top of that, popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, VK, Reddit, Imgur and so on already providing the opportunity for people to market their products and services, so what’s new there?


Social network sites can be popular only if they can give the real social value. For example, Facebook is providing social networking between friends and families whereas LinkedIn providing social networking between colleagues and clients. So, what’s new with Webtalk? Oh, yes, 50% revenue. So, do you really think it can be popular and compete with social media giants only due to the fact that the first 1 million members can earn 50% revenue or members can earn 5 level affiliate commission?



Let’s talk about Webtalk MLM opportunity. Is that completely legal?

Well, we are never a fan of MLM opportunity because it is always hard to retain referral after level 1. However, in the case of Webtalk, it may appeal well if it can stand strong as a social media site because the downlines can remain active if it can be a popular social media site. 10% commission on sales made from your referrals is not a bad deal.


However, there is always the downside of the MLM program. If companies fail to handle the MLM program well, they can always face a legal issue because the MLM program can be considered as a Pyramid scheme even for small flaws in the system. In the case of Webtalk also, we think it’s not a good idea to provide the referral commission up to multiple downlines on the sales of upgrade fees. However, providing a referral commission on product and advertisement sales can be justified.


Anyway, at the moment we can’t say more about the MLM opportunity of Webtalk because it is still in beta phase. When it fully launch, then we can dig more into its MLM opportunity.



Conclusion: Do we recommend Webtalk?

We don’t think it will harm you by joining Webtalk as a free member. So, you can definitely join it and see it yourself by yourself.


Actually, social media sites depend upon the luck because social media site can be successful only if that can provide the chain between the friends, families, and colleagues of the users which is possible for new social media sites only by luck because it is very difficult to happen the friends, families, and colleagues of the users join together in new social media platform. If users don’t find out they have anyone to share their thoughts or activities or pictures and so on, then they will definitely leave that social media site. So, we wish good luck to Webtalk. Hope every user find some friends or colleagues or families in Webtalk so that they feel entertaining to use it, and that completely depends upon the luck. However, that also depends upon the promotional activities of Webtalk. So, let’s see that together. Let’s try our luck together by joining this platform by clicking this link:-


If this platform become popular, then we will lose nothing joining it for free of cost, instead, we can have some chances of getting some revenue money in the future if we join it before it hits the 1 million members.

Remember, there are records of new social media sites taking a good grab of the market such as VK in Russia, WeChat and Weibo in China and so on. So, anything can happen in the social media industry. That’s why we don’t think it is bad to join Webtalk.


Once again, here is the link to join Webtalk:-


You must click the provided link to join the Webtalk because you can’t join it directly without any referral link, means without any invitation from friends and families.


As you can see, we have shared our thoughts on Webtalk. It will be our pleasure to hear your thoughts as well. So, please feel free to share your own Webtalk reviews by using the comment section below. We will be more than happy to hear from you and help you.


Good Luck!

If you want to share this Webtalk review with your friends and families through your social media accounts, then please feel free to do so:-

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    Philip (Wednesday, 10 October 2018 07:04)

    Hi NewsOnlineIncome,

    That was a thorough review on WebTalk and I am really glad as well as there was additional data I found valuable. I learned this morning that they require members, perhaps even the first 1 million members, to go Premium at $20 to qualify for earnings?

    I think there is some confusion about that going Premium part inside WebTalk right now. Many thing that we need one of our referrals to go Premium to qualify for the referral commissions. Others think that WE ALL have to go Premium.

    Yet, if I am not mistaken, I though RJ Garbowicz (Founder of WebTalk) said that the 1st 1 Million is Free For Life?

    SO! Now I am confused haha πŸ™‚ .

    Any thoughts at that one point NewsOnLineIncome would be deeply appreciated.

    Thank You ~Philip.

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    News Online Income (Thursday, 11 October 2018 11:43)

    Dear Philip,
    If we must become a premium member first in order to qualify for their MLM opportunity, then that makes Webtalk an illegal scheme known as a Pyramid scheme, not an MLM company. However, at the moment it is in beta phase, so let’s not jump into the conclusion. However, if it really forces its members to upgrade their account in order to qualify for a multi-level downline commission, then this company will face a legal problem in the future. In that case, we should leave this company. So, let’s wait and watch until it fully launches.

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    Veeresh (Tuesday, 01 January 2019 07:55)

    Thanks for your honest post. Is there any limit on the number of people to sponsor? When does it start to pay? Did anybody get paid so far?

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