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Beware Of Wallpaper 15 Scam Text Message – You are subscribed to Wallpaper15 for £50/week. To cancel: Wallpaper15 – Not Genuine

  • Scams
  • “Thanks YourName, you are subscribed to Wallpaper15 for £50/week. To cancel: Wallpaper15 .com/3X5qto2” – From Number: 447871670467
  • “Thank>s YourName, you are subscribed to Wallpaper15 for £50/week. To cancel, here: Wallpaper15 .com/lqId1D3” – From Number: 07763982690
  • “Thank s YourName, you are subscribed to Wallpaper15 for £50/week. To cancel, here: Wallpaper15 .com/tFSQxWY” – From Number: 447591584393
  • “Thank.s YourName{, you are subscribed to Wallpaper15 for £50/week. To cancel, here: Wallpaper15 .com/gD4bt3A” – From Number: 07745876819

NOTE: The details provided in the above message examples may be impersonated.

If you have got the text messages/SMS as mentioned above, then you must know that those are fraudulent messages, not genuine or legit ones. So, you should not click any link or download anything or follow any instructions provided on those messages.

These kinds of text messages/SMS are just a few examples of these kinds of phishing scams. These scammers can come up with a new way to scam people. So, you should never believe any such messages which claim you have done or got something without your consent or someone has hacked your personal account, or you have won a big amount of money or prizes from some reputed companies out of blue and so on.

Anyway, now you know that these messages are scams, so let’s find out what is the motive behind these messages.

Beware of fraudulent text messages mentioning You are subscribed to Wallpaper15 for £50/week

What is the motive behind these fake messages?

The main motive of these cybercriminals is to get your personal information as well as to steal your money by tricking you. They can make money by selling your personal information like email address, ID details, financial details and so on to the third parties. That’s why they always ask you to send your personal details in those messages or click some link or download something from where they can hack your personal details.

Never provide your credit card information to these kinds of cybercriminals. Once cybercriminals find your credit card details, they will charge your credit card randomly without your consent until your credit card runs out of money. So, if you have already provided your credit card information mistakenly to any of these cybercriminals, we suggest you immediately contact your bank or credit card company and tell them to cancel your credit card and provide you the new one.

These kinds of messages may also contain some files attached to them or links to click there. Never ever download such files from such messages because those may contain some spyware, malware or virus which can harm your device or even can hack your device to get your personal information. Also, never click any link provided in such messages because when you click such links and visit some websites, then such websites also may contain some spyware or malware or viruses that can harm your device.

These cybercriminals will also try to steal the money from potential victims by asking them to send some money to pay some fees to get some gifts and prizes. However, if you send them your money, they will just vanish with your money. So, never ever send any money to them. Real companies will never ask you to send any money to pay some fees or tax to get the gifts, prizes or winning amounts. Instead, they will cut the necessary fees just from your winning amount and send you the remaining balance. So, all companies which ask you to pay money first to send you some gifts or prizes or winning amounts are scams.

Actually, you should not follow any instructions provided in such scam messages. Instead, you should just delete them. If you get confused either such message is a scam or from a real company, then you should directly contact the main company or visit the official website of the main company and login there to check the details but never visit any website by clicking the link provided on such messages.

Now you know about “Wallpaper 15 subscription” scam messages. So, if you want to make your friends and families aware of these kinds of scams, then please feel free to share this post with them through your social media accounts.

It will be our pleasure to hear from you. So, please feel free to leave your comment below if you want to report about fraudulent posts or messages (reports with the sample of phishing messages will be better). We will be more than happy to help you and hear from you.

Good Luck!

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