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Beware of Verizon World Apps International Ballot Award Draw Scam

If you have recently got the email message claiming that your mobile number has been selected as the auspicious champ of Four Hundred Thousand Dollars (400,000.00 USD) in the Verizon World Apps International ballot award draw, then you should not believe that because that is nothing other than a scam.


These kinds of email scams are not a new thing. In the past, lots of people have already become the victim of these kinds of scams. These kinds of scammers, first of all, make you believe that you have won the big money and then later ask you to send your personal information. Once you send them your personal information, first of all, they will sell that information to the third parties to make money for themselves such as your email address, passport or citizenship copy, mobile number and so on.


Never ever submit your credit card information to these kinds of scammers, otherwise, these scammers will keep on charging your credit card until your credit card limit becomes zero.


Let’s find out more about Verizon World Apps International ballot award draw scam as below.

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Beware of Verizon World Apps International ballot award draw scam at Verizonballot

Verizon World Apps International scam. scam.

When you get this Verizon World Apps International ballot award draw email, the scammers ask you to contact them at this email address:-, but never do that because if you contact them, they will ask you to send your personal information and start to deceive you. Also, don’t visit their website which is because this website has been run and operated by the same scammer.


You can find the sample of this email scam as below:-


“Congratulations!!!Your Mobile number has been selected as the auspicious champ of Four Hundred Thousand Dollars(400,000.00 USD) in the Verizon World Apps International ballot award draw. Payment Ref: VRZUS-VB/W779. Please contact ( ) to receive your won prize fund. Thank you for being part of our community, and for helping to connect the world free.”


Like we have mentioned before, once these scammers get your personal information, they will sell that to the third parties and make money from that. Not only that, but they will also charge your credit card if you give them your credit card details. However, they don’t stop deceiving you there. If you keep on contacting them, they will ask you to send some money in order to release that prize money. If you still believe that instead of thinking why any lucky draw will ask you to send money to cut the necessary fees instead of cutting from the prize money that you have won, then it will be your own fault for sending them money.


So, never ever follow these kinds of scammers. Yep, people always want to stay in a dream world when they find out they have won something big out of blue. But, if you ever find that you have won the lottery or get the huge amount of money out of blue without buying any lottery ticket or without doing anything, then you must know the fact that is a scam. Money doesn’t come so easily, never. You need to do hard work in order to get money. So, instead of following these scams, if you really want to make money, then you can find the plenty of online works and businesses, however, you have to work for that. So, if you are ready to do the work to make money online, then you can find the list of genuine and trusted online works and businesses by clicking this link:-


Among those genuine online works and businesses, our No. 1 recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate about which you can find the details by clicking this link:-


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Good Luck!

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