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TrafficVertex Review, Sanbux, Is it a Scam – NOI

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TrafficVertex Review, Sanbux Review – Is it a Scam?

Final Update:-

We don’t recommend TrafficVertex (Sanbux) anymore because its business model is not sustainable.

NOTE:- Sanbux is not one of those sites which we are recommending to you. We are only providing review on this site as per our research. Our No.1 Recommended Company is Wealthy Affiliate and you can find our detail review on it by clicking the following link or by clicking red banner as below :-

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Sanbux changes their name into TrafficVertex. Besides that, system is still same. However, it seems they have lowered the amount of ads in order to make system more stable.

Sanbux is belong to new owner who has not any record in the past in online work industry. So, he has not any link with any scam sites in the past. However, Sanbux follows Revenue Sharing business model. You must know the fact that there is always risk involve to work in Revenue Sharing sites about which we have explained in detail within our “Promising Online Works” section which you can find through right-hand side menu of our website.



What is Sanbux:-

Sanbux is Revenue Sharing plus Bux Model PTC site. So, we can say it is one site which has feature of Paidverts + Neobux. You can find the detail about how to work in Sanbux as below in “Detail strategy to work in Sanbux” caption.


You must know the fact there is always risk involve to work in Revenue Sharing Sites about which we have explained in detail within our “Promising Online Works” section which you can find through right-hand side menu of our website.


Background of Sanbux:-

The owner of Sanbux is Syed Naveed and he is from Ameerpet, Hyderabad, India. This is his first site which offers members to work online and earn money from it. As he has not any past record in online work industry, so it is hard to tell how he run this site unless we observe it for several months.

Sanbux domain was registered at 2014-09-30.

Detail Strategy to work in Sanbux:-

As we mention before, Sanbux have both features of Bux Model and Revenue Sharing PTC, so you can earn money in this site by doing following kinds of work.

1.       View daily Fixed Ads and Micro Ads

2.       Increase Bonus Ads Points and Earn by Viewing Bonus Ads (High Value Ads)

3.       Earn Commissions from Direct and Rented Referrals

1. Viewing Daily Fixed Ads and Micro Ads:-

Sanbux Review

As per regular PTC sites, you can earn in Sanbux also just by viewing daily micro ads and fixed ads which you can find at “View PTC Ads” section under “Earn Cash” button on the top menu of Sanbux. Just click on those ads and then you will be directed to another  page where you need to view ads for some seconds and then need to click “get credited” button in order to earn the amount equal to that ads.


In “View PTC Ads” section, you will also find out Bonus Ads section, but in order to view those ads, you need to have bonus points about which we have described as below.


2. Increase Bonus Ads Points(BAP) and Earn by Viewing Bonus Ads (HIGH VALUE ADS)

You will get high value ads like $1, $5, $10+ per click, even more when you have more BAP points. You will get those ads within “View PTC ads” section, only if you have BAP.

In order to get BAP, you need to invest money in advertisements. Each $1 advertisement you purchase, you will get 145 BAP which in return will deliver you total $1.45 worth ads, means $0.45 pure profit. Not only that, you will get 25 unique member visits, 1000 Banner Impressions of size [468×60]. Means you will earn money while you are advertising your referrals links or websites. So, free advertisement plus more benefit. From these kind of advertisements, it has high chance that you will get referrals and affiliates in another online work companies which referral links you will advertise. So, if you invest $1, then you will get $1.45 return and also will advertise your referral links or website.

Sanbux is Scam or Legit?

In order to purchase “Bonus Ad Pack”, first of all you need to add funds. In order to add funds in your purchase balance, go to your account and then click “add funds” on the purchase balance and then select the desire payment method. As soon you finish add the funds, click “create” on the top menu of Sanbux and then click “PTC Adverts”. After that click “Bonus Ad Pack” and then click “create campaign” and enter the details about your advertisements.


Like this you can increase your BAP because more BAP you have, you will get more high value ads. Following are the group (level) distribution according the the BAP level and the percentage of ads that each group can get in Sanbux. 

  • 75 to 999 BAP – Level 1 members will receive 3.00% cash value ads.
  • 1000 to 2499 BAP – Level 2 members will receive 5.00% cash value ads.
  • 2500 to 4999 BAP – Level 3 members will receive 7.00% cash value ads.
  • 5000 to 9999 BAP – Level 4 members will receive 10.00% cash value ads.
  • 10,000 to 24,999 BAP – Level 5 members will receive 13.00% more high value ads.
  • 25,000 to 59,999 BAP – Level 6 members will receive 16.00% more high value ads.
  • 60,000 to 124,999 BAP – Level 7 members will receive 20.00% more high value ads.
  • 125,000 + BAP – Level 8 members will receive 25.00% more high value ads which is the top most level of all.

3. Earn Commissions from Direct and Rented Referrals

Like in other bux model PTC, in Sanbux also they have rented referrals features. However, they claim that they don’t run any BOTS and all rented referrals are real people. But, it’s hard to believe in rented referrals because those are totally in control of the site. However, it seems it is very hard to purchase rented referrals in Sanbux because almost all time they post that they run out of rented referrals. So, may be rented referrals here are real people. But, who knows. So, it is better to focus on direct referrals than rented referrals.

You will get 5% commissions for each ads view by your referrals. If your referrals purchase $1 ad pack, then you will get $0.1 commission. Commissions for both rented and direct referrals are same. There is no limit for number of referrals, so you can make as many referrals as you can which is the main key to earn money within Sanbux.

OK, But………….

How to get direct referrals in Sanbux?

In order to know the detail strategy to get direct referrals in Sanbux, please click àHEREß


Drawbacks of Sanbux:-

  1. Like we have mentioned before, Sanbux is operated by new owner in online work industry who doesn’t have any records in the past in online work industry. So, it is hard to know his intention.
  2. The business model of Sanbux is risky as it follows the Revenue Sharing business model, however at least it has back up with PTC model due to which they can generate good additional income from PTC advertisement sales. But also we suggest you to read our detail explanation on Revenue Sharing sites in order to know the risk involve within these kind of sites by clicking “Promising Online Works” section on the right-hand side menu of our website.
  3. As we have mentioned before, it is revenue sharing site, so only invest that much amount which you can afford to lose in Sanbux or just work as free user and invest only that amount which you earn within Sanbux to increase your earnings.

NOTE:- We only post the truth. We are not saying Sanbux is 100% legit. If you want to know the site which we are recommending, which we declare as 100% Legit and from which you can earn real online income by doing real online work, then click HERE<-


We love to hear from you and help you. So please feel free to leave the comment below if you want to report anything about Sanbux or want to give any feedback about this page and about our website or want to report anything about Online Work Industry.  

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