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Social Monkee Review - NOI

Social Monkee Review - Does Social Monkee Work ?

Social Monkee (www. social monkeee .com), also misspell as Social Monkey Backlinks, is one of the backlink builders service which creates automatic backlinks for your website using social bookmarking websites or Pligg websites (script for social bookmarking sites which is now not useful for website ranking after Google update at 2012). It builds 25 such backlinks per day for your website. That is why you can see lots of positive Social Monkee Reviews which were actually made before 2012. After 2012, using SocialMonkee backlink builder is risky and useless.

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Backlink is one of the major factors in Google ranking. It increases the visibility of your website and creates mass for your website through which you can increase your Google ranking position. But the question is what kinds of backlinks could help you in doing that? Do all the backlinks play equal role in your webpage’s higher ranking?


Well we can clearly mention that only natural backlinks can add high value in higher ranking in Google page but not with the artificial ones that have been created using unnatural sources like Social Monkee. They can create backlinks for your website but cannot add value to your website as they have no significance in Google ranking.


Our recommendation


What we should be clear about is Google will track out such backlinks because they constantly observe your source of backlinks and when they found your backlinks are coming from similar source like Pligg websites which have very low value in itself, then they can even low rank your website from their search pages. This means you are taking high risk using such services. On the other hand, natural backlinks, which are created from high value websites, can have huge difference in Google ranking. If the sources of your backlinks are created from different high quality websites, it will definitely add high value in Google ranking.


So, we don't recommend services like Social Monkee which ultimately can do more bad than good to your website.


Please refer HERE to know detail about how to build natural backlinks for your website.


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Good Luck!

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