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Scam: PayPal: A Payment Sent to Zulily Clothing – NOI
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Phishing Scam Alert! The “PayPal You Sent Payment to Zulily Clothing Co”.


Beware of the scam email sent by the cybercriminals claiming you sent a payment of $19.12 USD to Zulily Clothing Co (payment via your PayPal account. This email is nothing other than the phishing email sent by the cybercriminals to trick you to submit them your PayPal’s email and password so that they can hack your PayPal details as well as your credit card details which are linked with your PayPal account and steal your money.


You can find the sample of such phishing email below.

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The "PayPal You Sent Payment to Zulily Clothing Co" Phishing Scams

Actually these days you can find lots of phishing messages claiming you send money from PayPal to some company. For example, you can find about another similar kind of phishing message claiming “You sent a payment of $47.99 USD to Blanja, Ltd” by clicking >HERE<. So, maybe the same cybercriminal is behind this Zulily Clothing Co PayPal phishing email as well.



Below is the sample of scam email – “A Payment Sent to Zulily Clothing Co”

Re: A payment sent to Zulily Clothing Co (payment – on Wednesday, December 05, 2018 has successfully.


Payment Receipt <>

Wed 12/5/2018, 3:15 PM

Wednesday, December 05, 2018,

Transaction ID: LQ24282219122EOQL

Dear Customer,

You sent a payment of $19.12 USD to Zulily Clothing Co (payment it may take some time until this transaction to appear in your PayPaI account,


Zulily, Clothing Co

payment> Instructions for merchants

You haven’t entered any instructions.

Shipping address – confirmed

Danny M Zachery

3772 Ripple Street

Saginaw, MI 48601

United States. Shipping details

SeIIer haven’t included a shipping

Description Unit Price Quality Amount

Final Frontier Hoodie – Grey

$19.12 USD 1 $19.12 USD



$0.00 USD

$19.12 USD


$19.12 USD

Payment $19.12 USD

Payment sent to payment

Invoice: lNV/498121/L82A1/3822N

You don’t recognize this transaction?

Click to Dispute this transaction

In the phishing email sample as above, you can find out that this cybercriminal has asked you to click to dispute the transaction at the end of the email. When you click there, you will be directed to the webpage which looks exactly similar to PayPal but with the domain “”.


The domain name of PayPal will be always “”. So, if you ever find the webpage which looks exactly similar to PayPal but not with the domain “”, then you must know that is a fake PayPal website.


Never ever provide your PayPal credentials and credit card information on such a fake PayPal website, otherwise, cybercriminals will misuse your those details and will steal your money from your PayPal as well as from your credit card.


To be on safe side, never ever click any link provided on any email sent by PayPal. Instead, directly go to the official website of PayPal which is “” and log in there to check your account status.


If you ever have mistakenly provided your PayPal credentials to fake PayPal website, we suggest you immediately change your password and then contact the support team of PayPal and follow their direction to secure your PayPal account. You should also contact your bank or credit card company to secure your credit card which is linked with your PayPal account.

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Do you want to share something about this PayPal phishing email or want to report about any other phishing emails or text messages? Do you need our help to investigate some online business to find out either that is a scam or legit? If so, then please feel free to leave your comment below.

We will be more than happy to hear from you and help you.

Good Luck!

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