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Questofnews Review, Is "Quest of News" Scam or Legit?

Questofnews is scam or legit? Honest Review of Quest of news

"Quest of News" is from the same owner who have other scam sites like LuckiNews, Allnewsround, StatofNews, Qumfrage .com etc.  Not only this, he has record of operating many scam sites in the past and among them, the most famous one was Circumnews. He is scamming people from many years by opening similar kind of websites and then closing them without paying to his members. Instead, when members request money and ask why their payment is pending from many days, then he always ask them to upgrade account in order to get payment fast. Due to which some of members invest money thinking they can get their payment fast. But the reality is that any site belong to this owner had never paid to its members. 

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Qumfrage is scam or legit? Honest review on Qumfrage.

The owner of Qumfrage, QuestofNews etc. always open his website by hiding his real identity and the real location so that no one can identify who is he and from where he is operating these sites. However, there are some data which he always put same and make us very easy to identify that those websites are operating by him. We love to explain how we identify it, but we feel if we explain about it, may be from next time for us it will be difficult to catch him and he can scam more people freely. 


He always target beginners through keywords like "how to make money online", "work from home jobs", "work at home jobs" etc. which every beginners will type in search engine in order to start their online carrier and they will become very happy when they find out the website belong to this owner because every website belong to this owner offers very easy money and people always get excited by finding out easy way of making money. However, they never know that money doesn't come easy in online work as well. Both online and offline work need hard work in order to earn good income. However, online work is very good platform to make your dream of becoming rich to be true. But, that will not happen within a night and for that you must do hard work in trusted companies. If you are interest to do the real online work, then you can find the list of Good and Trusted Online Work companies and detail guide to work in each of them by clicking this link:-

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