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Project Payday is Scam or Legit? Project Payday Program Review

Before begin with the Project Payday Review, we like to make you clear that this review is not to promote ProjectPaydayResearch, but to deliver the truth about Project Payday Research so that you will get correct Project Payday Research information. You can find the list of legit site within our "Good and Trusted Online Works" section and list of scam sites within our "Bad and Scam Online Works" section. However, we have listed Project Payday in our "Not Recommended" section because as per our Project PayDay research, we neither can declare it as legit nor as scam because it is paying to its affiliates on time, but in order to earn money from Project Payday, you have to force other people to purchase its crappy products, which means actually you need to scam other people in order to earn from this system. We only recommend genuine companies like Wealthy Affiliate where we don't have to lie anyone to make them join the program. You can find the details on Wealthy Affiliate by clicking this link:-


So, what do you think? Project Payday is scam or not? Does Project Payday really work?


You may have found lots of mixed reviews of Project Payday Program because those who are promoting it, they are providing the positive Project Payday testimonials and declaring Project Payday is legit because the only way to earn money from this program is by referring people and make them buy their useless products. On the other hand, those who join the Project Payday by viewing those legitimate reviews and hoping to earn money just by doing work in Project Payday following Project Payday training without involving in Project Payday referral program, they got frustrated at last and start to post lots of Project Payday complaints and Project Payday scams reviews.


OK, let's begin with the Project Payday Review as below in order to find out in detail Project Payday is scam or real.



Project Payday background information - What is Project Payday Research?

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Project Payday (www projectpayday com) is not so new in the market, it is online from 2006 and still paying on time to its members. However, that doesn't mean it is the best platform to work online. Actually we don't recommend anyone to work in this platform because you will end up spending more than you can earn from this system. But also, it has still managed to survive for so long time because they know how to drive targeted traffic into their site so that most of new comers in online work industry become victim of it. On top of that, there are lots of people who are promoting it because Project Payday referral program is the only best way to earn money from this system for which you have to make referrals and need to convince them to pay for the subscription just to join the system which cots around $40 and to buy crappy products in the name of cost per action work and make commissions out of their purchases. So, do you really want to earn money like that?


Project Pay Day is only available for United States members. If you try to access "www. projectpayday. com" from outside of USA, then you will be redirect to the Traffic Brokers page. So, it is clear that ProjectPayday and Traffic Brokers are from the same group. Traffic Brokers is another program where you have to pay to join the program, around $50 and once you join the system, you will find out that you are paying for the forum and the outdated training which is completely useless. You can find our detail review on TrafficBrokers by clicking this link:-


Although the business model of Traffic Brokers and Project Pay Day is not same, but ultimately the way you can earn money from these two companies are same. That is only referring people and convincing them to buy useless products so that you can earn commissions from each sales. However, if you can do that, you will definitely earn from these systems. But don't you think that it is scamming other to make profit for yourself?



The way to work in Project Payday is scam or legit - Read and decide yourself

OK, lets find out how to make money from Project Payday?


Firstly, you have to pay around $40 to join Project Payday. After that, the main way to earn  money from this system is by completing the Cost Per Action (CPA) offers which means you get paid by the company to become their lead. In this offer you have to fill out at least one CPA offer by yourself to be qualified for their program and one more if you want to obtain Pro Membership. It sounds good, but now the problem starts here. To complete those CPA offers, you are required to provide your Credit Card as well as other personal information to the company for your payment. On top of that, you have to purchase the products of the companies which are offering you those CPA. Ok lets do the math. You have already paid $40 to join the system and now when you are doing CPA offers in order to earn money, once again  you need to pay more. How hectic it could it be filling the CPA offers forms each day and more than that providing your Credit Card details to someone else and even buy their products just to earn little money? Oh, actually can we earn more than what we have invested? Most of members don't.


And after filling out two CPA offers, you have to pass on this same process to other people to make money. Here we are talking about second offer. Referring Project Payday to other people, getting them into this site and making them do the same thing, filling CPA offers forms by them, this is their second offer. Now here is the catch. Actually you can't make money only completing the CPA offers. You are completing those offers and purchasing products and membership only to make your sponsor rich, not you.


So, now what you have learned?


You have to refer other people and let them do the same what you have done before in order to earn money from this system. Means let them buy or subscribe to those products which you already know are useless. Yep, if you can do that, then sure you can earn money from this company and they will 100% pay you because it is paying its affiliate from years.  This is the exact way some people are making money from this site. Now, do you think is it a simple business model for you to go on with? Ohhh Really?


We simply doubt how anyone could survive in this business model in long run just by getting others’ back to step in. And getting other people certainly is not an easy job at all. If there is some product from which you can get even a little benefit without referring people, then at least it will be easy to make your referrals sustainable. But, once your referral find out that they can't earn without referring people, then either they will follow your step or just leave the site. More than 99% will leave the site. Most of people will not join this kind of system unless you lie them that they can actually make money form its products. But don't you think lying other is also one kind of scam?



Final words on Project Payday Research

We certainly do not recommend such website in which people get lost in some chaotic dealings. But if you still thinks that this site could be your destiny, then it’s all up to you whether to work in it or not?



What do we recommend?

Nevertheless, you need to learn every aspects of online affiliate business to succeed. Your correct choice of actions over the varieties can lead you to establish a long term residual business online.


You can find here the right approaches and exact business model which you can easily adopt in your affiliate marketing business. Wealthy Affiliate is the most trustworthy online business expert that provide exact business model and detail methodologies you can easily implement. It really simplifies your affiliate marketing job and facilitates to achieve the target you set on your work. Even if you want to make money from Project Payday by making tons of referrals in it, then Wealthy Affiliate will provide you the best strategy to make tons of referrals in any online work companies you work. You can find our detail review on Wealthy Affiliate and the link to join it by clicking this link:-


Best of Luck!

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