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Probux Scam : Zapbux and Fusebux are the next Scams

Warning: KayAds is from same admin of Probux

Before we begin with our Probux review, we want to make you clear that we don’t recommend any PTC sites because PTC sites are neither good for advertisers due to their low quality advertisement services, nor good for the ones who want to make money because it is very difficult to earn good amount of money from any PTC sites. On top of that Probux and its all sister sites are scams, so definitely we don’t recommend it. OK, let’s begin with our Probux review as below.

Final Update:- Probux and its all sister sites have been already shutdown without paying majority of members, means it has turned into scam as we have predicted in our review as below.

Update: December 5, 2014:- We find that the new PTC website known as “Kayads” is from the same Admin of Probux. So, it is better to back off from that site.

Ya! Probux is 100% SCAM and it is going to be shutdown soon.


Probux Scam or Not ?

How we know Probux is SCAM?


Probux has connection with scam sites known as Onbux and Upbux. The name of the owner is Mr. Gustavo Gil Peron.


The owner of this company is addictive towards the similar kinds of fake sites. And his addiction will not end here.  He still has two other similar kinds of sites known as Zapbux and Fusebux. 


Some of you may be surprised to know that Zapbux and Fusebux are the sister sites of Probux because the owner doesn’t showed any association among them and he does it intentionally so that he can scam one after another. He doesn’t want people to know which sites belong to him so that he can continue to cheat people (huge number of people).


So, now we added Zapbux and Fusebux both in our “Bad and Scams” list. We know that Zapbux and Fusebux are paying right now but previously Probux, Upbux and Onbux were paying too. Hence, it is clear that the owner of Probux seemed never wanted to realize his sin and will keep on doing scam one after another. Now onwards, if we will find more sites related to him, we will no doubt declare them as SCAM.


How can we say Probux is going to be shutdown soon?




1. Probux is not paying

Probux Scam, Probux News, Probux Information


“You can withdraw money only 4 times a day”. You can see there in the site written like that but when the time comes to withdraw, the payment processor button is not available and if available also then payout limit is already exceeded and have to try again and again. Ha Ha! Keep on trying, we already tested many times and the time will never come. Now you can’t withdraw money from Probux. So if you have any money in Probux account, use it to advertise your website or affiliated link so that at least you can use it the other way and get some benefits from your hard earned money. Do it fast guys before Probux shut it down.


2. Forum of Probux is down: Non-responsive support system

“Forum is under maintenance for 48 hours”. This is what they announce, but in reality it is not backed from more than 7 days. Not only that. They even stop responding to the support ticket (emails) from the members. None of the support ticket (emails) have been reply by Probux from more than 1 month.

3. Probux View Ads: More than regular

Now days, you can see lots of ads in Probux than usual. May be some of you are happy to see it because you may thought that can earn more money. But sorry to disappoint you, it is only because Probux is now going to shutdown very soon and some clever members already knew it and they are using their money as fast as they can in the advertisements like we mentioned above. This is the reason you can find more advertisements in Probux these days.


Final Thoughts on Probux


Probux is scam, so there is not any extra thoughts on it. Anyways, hats off to the owner of Probux (Mr. Gustavo Gil Peron). He is a great con artist. May be he is the only one who can even scam the experts online workers. 


Remember the name “Gustavo Gil Peron” – One of the biggest Scammer or we can say Con Artist.


If you want to know other scam websites, then please view our “Bad and Scams” section. If you want to know the best and trusted online works, 100% Legit companies to work online, then visit our “Good and Trusted Online Works” section.  For more details about Legitimate Work at Home Companies, click >HERE<


Please leave the comment below if you want to report anything about Probux or if you want to ask anything related with Online Work Field. We are ready help to you.

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