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Paid Surveys at Home Review, Is it Scam? – NOI

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“Paid Surveys at Home” Review, Is “Paid-surveys-at-home Scam or Legit?

“Paid Surveys at Home” is actually not a online work company itself. It is the agent company which act as the middleman which charges a fee to let you access to the list of “paid to take surveys” companies. There is not any guarantee that you can get back your investment from as you are investing in one company and working in another company. That is why we never recommend anyone to work in middleman type of companies like “Paid Surveys at Home”. More than that, the companies which suggest you are those companies which you can find by searching yourself in search engines like Google. So, you must know that you are paying to Paid-surveys-at-home only to know the list of Paid Surveys Sites. Even some sites which Paidsurveysathome refer are not good and in some even you need to invest further money to work. So, why we pay them money only to find out other survey sites? If you just visit our “Good and Trusted Online Works” section, you can find two surveys sites known as Clixsense and Paidveiwpoint where you can join free of cost and start to work immediately. So, why we pay money to some agent just to find the list of such kind of sites.


Besides this, there are other drawbacks of which you can find in “Drawbacks of “Paid Surveys at Home” caption as below.

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Detail Review on "Paid surveys at home", Is Paid-surveys-at-home Scam or Legit?

Drawbacks of Paid Surveys at Home :

  1. As we mention before, “Paid Surveys at Home” is middleman company and you pay that amount only to find out other paid surveys site which is totally worthless because you  can find those sites free of cost by searching in Google. For that you no need to pay money to “Paid Surveys at Home”. Even many site they refer are not legit. So, you are paying them in order to work in other scam sites.
  2. The money which claim that you can earn by joining their paid surveys programs are totally fake. You can’t earn as they claim you. Putting fake data is major drawback of this system.
  3. They have registered their website privately so that no one can identify who is the real owner of this site and from where they are operating this site. Hiding information in online work industry is totally scam move and only those hide their information who have either link with scam sites in the past or who want to scam in the future.
  4. They sell your personal datas, email address etc. to 3rd party due to which you will start to get lots of sales and promotion emails after you sign up with “Paid Surveys at Home” and even your information can be misuse by those 3rd party.
  5. There are many complaints around the Internet from the members of claiming that “Paid Surveys at Home” has cheat their money because they didn’t find anything as “Paid Surveys at Home” claim to give them before they sign up into the system. 

Conclusion about Paid Surveys at Home :

As per our explanation, it is clear that “Paid Surveys at Home” is not a good program. So, we have listed it in our “Not Recommended” programs list. However, if you are interest in Paid Surveys Programs, then you can join Clixsense and Paidviewpoint which you can find listed within our “Good and Trusted Online Works” section. However, you must know that you can’t earn good income without referrals in any legit Paid Survey sites. So, we have provided the detail strategy to work in legit survey site which you can find by clicking the name of respective survey companies as below:-

1. Clixsense

2. Paidviewpoint

However, working in survey sites can’t help you to make full time online income. So, if you want to establish your online business by doing real online work from which you can earn full time income for lifetime, then we suggest you to try “Wealthy Affiliate”. You can find our detail review on Wealthy Affiliate by clicking this link:-

You can find list of other trusted sites within our “Good and Trusted Online Works” section and list of other paying sites within our “Promising Online Works” section.

Note:- If you had already joined Paid Surveys at Home” and want to refund your money, then you can do it if it is not more than 60 days. But, for that you have to contact Clickbank as product is listed in Clickbank.

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