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Is scam or legit? What is in real? Are you searching for reviews to find it out? If so, then you are absolutely in the right place. We have here provided the complete truth about One Life, both pros and cons like OneLife complaints, OneLife compensation plan, OneLife office location, OneLife affiliate program, etc.


Actually, through this One Life eu review, we have pointed out many drawbacks of OneLife and find a huge risk to work with this company due to to which we have listed it within our “Not-Recommended” sites list, you can find about those drawbacks in detail within our One Life review as below. Actually we only recommend those kind of sites where there is almost zero risk to work, which doesn’t have any legal problem, which is sustaining from many years and have proven track record of success. One of those kind of recommended company is Wealthy Affiliate about which you can find detail review by clicking this link:-


OK, let’s begin with our OneLife review as below and find out OneLife is scam or not.

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Background of OneLife. What is OneLife?

OneLife is the sister site of OneCoin, as well as we can say rebranding of One Coin. In fact, OneCoin has done pointless rebranding with the different name as OneLife. OneCoin domain is still available in the market, but they have launched another site known as OneLife with the same business model of OneCoin. Like in OneCoin, they have hide the address of the company and the name of owner of OneLife in the WHOIS data. Actually we can see the only reason to rebrand the name of OneCoin is because OneCoin already had lots complaints from its affiliates and you can find lots of bad reviews on OneCoin. So, it seems by rebranding name as OneLife, they want to attract more new investors who will be unaware of its relation with OneCoin and can’t find those complaints and bad reviews about the company. If you want to know more about OneCoin, you can click this link:-


You can find many reviews have been claimed that OneCoin is both Ponzi and Pyramid Scheme. It seems the OneCoin is planning to lure new members by naming same business model as OneLife so that those new members when try to to do the research on OneLife by searching terms like OneLife Review, OneLife scam etc. in search engines, they won’t find any complaints or bad reviews about them. But, they can’t hide it for long time because website like ours is here to reveal the truth about the companies like OneCoin. 



How to earn money from OneLife

Actually, we will never recommend anyone to work with OneLife in order to earn money from it because it is very risky to work with this company and the main reason for that is its association with another company known as OneCoin which is already facing lots of legal issues and about which you can find lots of bad reviews and complaints.


Actually, the business model which One Life offers to earn money from it is almost same like the One Coin. So, if you still want to know what One Life offers to earn money from it, then you can just see how to earn money from OneCoin within our review by clicking this link:-




Aforementioned, you can find out that One Life is not a good company because it is associate with OneCoin which is already facing lots of complaints and legal issues. More than that, the business model of OneLife is almost same as OneCoin and it is very risky business model. They claim that you will earn OneTokens which you can exchange like cryptocurrency. But, those are not actually cryptocurrency because those tokens, known as OneTokens or OneCoin are not publicly tradable, neither listed on any public cryptocurrency exchanger, nor usable for anything other than the internal transfer between investors of OneCoin and OneLife. This so called crypto currency can be collapse anytime in the future when the OneLife or OneCoin can’t bring new investors in the system. So, we simply don’t recommend you to work in both One Life and One Coin. Actually, we only recommend the top rated companies like Wealthy Affiliate where you can earn full time income online for your lifetime without taking any risk. You can find our detail review on Wealthy Affiliate by clicking this link:-


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