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MerchantShares Review, Merchant Shares Scam? – NOI

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MerchantShares Review, Is Merchant Shares Scam or Legit?

Final Update:- MerchantShares is not paying its old members and only paying to new members in order lure more investment from them. It is already more than 2 months that existing members can’t withdraw money from Merchant Shares and when they ask them, they always make some excuse, but never pay anything which proves that they are having financial problem and having financial problem proves that they were not sharing revenue by making real profit, but were sharing using the money invested by one member to other, which means it is proved that MerchantShares is a Ponzi scheme. So, we don’t recommend anyone to invest in Merchant Shares and now we have listed it within our Not Recommended sites list.


Below is our previous update and review on Merchant Shares.

Urgent Notice, May 7, 2017:- Like we have mentioned in our review as below, it seems Merchant Shares was not making real profit and sharing profit by using the investment of new members to the old members. We can now confirmed that because they are now having financial problem. From time to time they are disabling withdrawals. We thought after they changed to revenue sharing site, they may be able to run further more days. But, it seems now they are struggling to manage the funds.


As you know from starting we haven’t recommended Merchant Shares and you can clearly find that within our Merchant Shares review as below. But, some people always come here and argue with us to list Merchant Shares within our Good and Trusted Online Works section because it was paying on time from years. Now may be they will know why we didn’t list it within our Good and Trusted Online Works section and only listed it within our Promising Online Works section. Anyway, after observing their recent financial problem, now we are listing it within our Watch List. If they don’t solve this financial problem soon, we will move them to our Not Recommended sites list. Anyway, from our side from starting we haven’t recommended it about which we have clearly mentioned within our review as below and had listed it within our Promising Online Works section by explaining about the full risk involve to work in these kinds of companies.


Below is our previous review on Merchant Shares.

Updated review on Merchant Shares (New Review on a Service Merchants Corp. Company)

Updated at 9 April 2017


Recently MerchantShares change their business model. So, after testing Merchant Shares new version, we are going to reveal the real truth about Merchant Shares, such as what is Merchant Shares new version, either any members lose their money while Merchant Shares change their business model or not, either is business model of Merchant Shares legal or not, either is Merchant Shares a scam or not, either is there any Merchant Shares complaints from its members or not and so on. So, considering all facts, you can find the complete updated review of Merchant Shares as below where the yellow letters indicate the previous version of Merchant Shares which is not applicable anymore.


Actually, we have explained in detail about the risk involve to work with these kind of companies within this page:-


If you can take risk, you can make money from these type of companies, but can lose money in same time. So, from our side we don’t recommend these kinds of companies. It is completely upto you either you want to join these kinds of companies or not after finding out the fact on these kinds of companies. So, here, within our Merchant Shares review, we are going to provide you the real fact about Merchant Shares so that you can decide yourself you want to work in it or not. However, we only recommend those kinds of companies where there is almost zero risk to work, such as you can find out the list of our recommended online work companies by clicking this link:-


Among those recommended online work companies, Wealthy Affiliate is our No.1 recommendation. You can find details on Wealthy Affiliate by clicking this link:-


So, is MerchantShares a scam or not? Ok, let’s find out more about what is in real within a Merchant Shares review as below as per new updates.

Merchant Shares login and join in link:- (Not Recommended to join)

Merchant Shares review, What is Merchant Shares? Either is MerchantShares scam or legit? Either you can make profit in Merchant Shares or not? Click HERE to join Merchant Shares.

Well, like we have said before, if you are searching for the updated MerchantShares reviews in order to find out either Merchant Shares is a scam or a legit after its new update, then you are 100% in the right place. Here, within a review of Merchant Shares, we have provided both pros and cons of the company, the complete truth about Merchant Shares. In brief, we want to inform you that Merchant Share is paying online from March, 2014 without any issues, however, still it is a risky company because before it was a HYIP and now it is an advertising revenue sharing company which legality is still not clear. More than that, you have to purchase AdPacks in order to earn revenue when company makes profit and if company can’t make enough profit and always keep on losing, then even have a chance that all funds of the company will dry out and it collapses.


As pervious the previous business plan of Merchant Shares, members need to invest in Stocks, Forex, Commodities and Web Ads and when they made profit, then they shared those profit with investors. However, the return of rate was bit high which was 150%. But, the plus point was that they were sharing as low as 0.25% to maximum 2.25% per day. However, now they have changed their business plan. But, the sharing ratio is same, which is 0.25% to 2.25% per day until members get back 150% ROI. Now instead of HYIP model like investing money into Stocks, Forex, Commodities and so on, now members need to purchase Adpacks and need to view daily 5 to 25 ads to earn back the revenue. 


Actually, their pervious model was more like a Ponzi scheme because although they said that they used those investment to make a real profit, but there wasn’t any verifiable proof for that. But, changing their business model to an advertising revenue sharing platform, now at least members can purchase advertising service to take part in revenue sharing pool due to which even if members don’t get revenues, at least will get advertisement benefits. So, if ROI plans offer some products or services, we can’t call them Ponzi scheme, but still there is not any legal support for this kind of business model. So, still we can’t confirm the legality of advertising revenue sharing companies, but at least now they come out of classic Ponzi Scheme model. Still giant revenue sharing company like TrafficMonsoon is fighting in the court to legalize advertising revenue sharing model, but still we can’t say it is legal or not until that court case is finalized.


But, we can see that many revenue sharing advertising companies are surviving from long time. Some examples are MyPayingAds, FutureAdPro and MyPayingCryptoAds which are surviving from very long time after paying more than 0.5% per day where as Merchant Shares only commits to share between 0.25% to 2.25% daily. So, if we consider other sustaining revenue sharing sites, we can say that paying 0.25% per day is not a big deal for advertising revenue sharing sites. But most of the sustainable revenue sharing sites are only offering maximum 120% ROI in total, but Merchant Shares is offering 150% ROI, which may lead them to be unsustainable comparing with other revenue sharing sites. However, those revenue sharing sites are offering from 10% to 15% referral commissions, where as Merchant Shares is only offering 5% referral commission, so according to referral commission rate, Merchant Shares is more sustainable. When MerchantShare was a HYIP, that time also it was paying 150% and become sustainable for 3 years. So, may be Merchant Shares has some ways to deal with this rate to keep on paying. But still that is not verifiable, so we can’t say anything about that.


So, committing to share only around 0.25% to 2.25% daily makes them sustainable for longer than other advertising revenue sharing companies because if they can’t make enough profit to share, they will just start to share less and we will get ROI in more longer time. But, since the total rate of return is high, still there is a risk involve to work with this company. More than that it is hard to believe that Merchant Shares is really making profit or not. If they are not, then may be they are paying in Ponzi model way which can’t be sustain for long run. But, considering the fact they are already sustaining from so long time and still government authority didn’t do anything to them and still they have license to run an international business from Dominica, so we can’t mark them completely bad as well. That is the reason we have listed Merchants Shares within our Promising Online Works section, neither in our Not Recommended section, nor in our Good and Trusted Online Works section. But, that doesn’t mean we recommend it. It only means MerchantShares is paying on time and has potential to be good site in revenue sharing industry.



What is MerchantShares? Background of Merchant Shares

Merchant Shares is a revenue sharing advertising company operating from Dominica. The company was registered in 2007, however, it is online and operating globally from March 2014. They have registered as “Service Merchants Corp.” with registration number 11861 in Commonwealth of Dominica under International Business Companies (IBC) act 1996. The company has also provided the legal documents as proof of its registration which you can find in the site by clicking “about us” on the top menu of MerchantShares page. They have also provided the number to call them in their Facebook page which reinsure their physical location more correctly. But, as per our research, their registered address is belong to 8 Copthall, Roseau Valley 00152, Roseau, Dominica which is actually a hotel address with name Roseau Valley. However, they have already mentioned the name Roseau Valley, so it may also have the case that their office is rent in that hotel, but since we are not from Dominica, so we can’t say much more about it and only can follow the legal documents that they have provided for us.


Comparing with other HYIP and advertising revenue sharing sites, at least Merchant Shares has provided legal registration documents. However, it is not enough to make them sustainable. It is the business model which makes every business sustainable, not the registration documents and the business model of Merchant Shares is still risky. However since they have provided their contact details with telephone number, at least we can trust them more than other same kind of companies. It is always better to have more clear owner details in case of revenue sharing sites.


Previously, their money got loss when payment processor known as EgoPay turned into scam. But also, they managed it well in a favor of all members about which we appreciate them. Later in 2017, they changed their business model from HYIP to advertising revenue sharing company and this time also they didn’t let their members lose any money. So, it seems they are pretty good in this kind of business because they are sustaining from so much long time. It is already more than 3 years when we have updated this review and they are still paying members on time. They even haven’t provided PayPal as their payment option which indicates that they are already very much experienced in their business because they know that PayPal and revenue sharing schemes are opposite faces. However, it is still a risky platform. So, if you want to purchase AdPacks in this company, only purchase that much amount which you can afford to lose and also try to take benefit by advertising your website or referral links through those AdPacks credits.



How to earn money from MerchantShares?

Before we explain you how to earn money from MerchantShares, first of all we want to warn you that all sites like MerchantShares is a risky platform and they can be shutdown all of sudden if they can’t make enough profit. Their previous model was like a Ponzi scheme, but also still they used to claim they were not Ponzi scheme because previously they claimed that they were using the investments of members in Stocks, Forex, WebAds and Commodities and making real profit and sharing that real profit to the members. But, now they convert into advertising revenue sharing platform where members can earn revenue only if they help the company by viewing daily ads so that their advertisement platform will be good and those who purchase AdPacks, not only get 150% ROI, but will also get benefits to advertise their products and services using the credits which they will get while purchasing those AdPacks. Many advertising revenue sharing businesses are sustaining from long time, but also about their legality, still it is not confirmed. Anyway, only they know the reality. However, to be on safe side, we don’t recommend anyone to purchase the AdPacks more than the amount they can’t afford to lose. But, it is hard to find the revenue sharing sites which have registered legal documents. So, that makes Merchant Shares stands out among all other revenue sharing sites.


Ok, now the way to earn money from this site is simple, that is just by purchasing AdPacks starting from $20 and then by viewing 25 ads daily to earn revenue from your those AdPacks. They will share revenue minimum 0.25% to maximum 2.25% of your AdPacks amount daily until you earn back 150% ROI. If you don’t want to view many ads daily, then you can purchase higher amount of AdPacks such as you need to view 20 ads daily for $30 AdPack, , 15 ads daily for $50 AdPack, 10 ads daily for $70 AdPack and 5 ads daily for $100 AdPack in order to get 150% return on your AdPack amount in total. You will get back total 150% return of your AdPacks purchase amount on daily basis at the rate of 0.25% to 2.25% daily. Means, if you purchase $20 AdPack, you will get back $30 total. So, you will make $10 pure profit. 


Once you view the ads daily, you also need to click “claim” button every next day in order to get the revenue sharing earnings. Means today if you view ads, tomorrow you will find “claim” button to get the earnings for that day.


In order to grow up fast and decrease the work load to view ads daily, it is better to purchase $100 AdPacks so that you can get back $150 in total. However, when you purchase $100 AdPacks, you will at least start to earn $0.25 daily or even upto $2.25 daily. So, when your daily earnings reach $20, you can use that earnings to purchase one more $20 AdPack or can wait some more days to purchase $30 or so on AdPacks. Like this way, you can keep on re-purchasing AdPacks from your earnings in order to grow up your AdPacks numbers and earnings and then after some months, you can withdraw your original purchase amount, means $100 and keep on playing with profit sums due to which you will be on safe side even the site collapses all of sudden.


You can also earn commission by making referrals in Merchant Shares. You will get 5% commission on the amount of AdPacks that your referrals purchase. Yep, it is quite low, but at least it will help to make system more sustainable. If you don’t know how to make referrals in any company, then you can click HERE for details. But, we suggest you to never lie anyone to make your referrals and explain them the risk involve to work in this kind of companies.


The available payment processor in Merchant Shares to purchase AdPacks and to withdraw earnings are AdvCash, Perfect Money, Neteller, OKPay, Payeer, PayToo, SolidTrustPay, Payza and Bitcoin.




There is no doubt how much legal document any revenue sharing companies like Merchant Shares can provide, there is always a risk to work with such companies because even they pay from the real profit as per their claim, then also if sometime they can’t make the profit, then also they have to pay at least minimum share daily which they can pay only in Ponzi scheme model and like this if they keep on losing, then one day company can collapse all of sudden. So, we always suggest everyone to purchase only that much amount of AdPacks which they can afford to lose in these kinds of companies.


Merchant Shares is online and paying on time form 2014, which means already more than 3 years by the time we update this review. Actually most of HYIP and revenue sharing sites can’t survive this long. So, we can take it in positive way. Ya, some people will say that more older the HYIP and revenue sharing sites become, there is more risk to collapse soon as new members start to dry up. But, only if company is paying in a Ponzi model. If company is paying by making real profit, then it will never dry up. Merchant Shares is still online and paying after running for 3 years, so may be they are paying by making real profit, but only they know the reality.


Like we have said before, Merchant Shares is a risky site. So, once again we suggest you to purchase AdPacks only that much amount which you can afford to lose or if you are not a risk taker, then better stay away from these kind of sites and join the 100% legit, genuine, risk free sites like Wealthy Affiliate about which you can find the details by clicking this link:-


You can also take a look at our list of several kinds of risk free good and trusted online works by clicking this link:-


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