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Melaleuca Review, Is Melaleuca Scam or Legit? – NOI

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Melaleuca Review, Is Melaleuca Scam or Legit?

Are you searching for the Melaleuca product reviews in order to find out either Melaleuca is a scam or a legit? Do you want to find out where is the Melaleuca product store located at and the background of Melaleuca wellness company. If so, then you are in the right place. You will get all the information about Melaleuca company such as about products, Melaleuca marketplace, Melaleuca business center etc. In brief Melaleuca is very old MLM company and paying on time to its members. So, we can’t say Melaleuca is a scam company. But it doesn’t mean that we are recommending you to work in this company. Actually, we’ve listed Melaleuca in our Not Recommended section because we have find out lots of complaints against Melaleuca customer service around the internet reported by Melaleuca members and it is also very hard to earn from this company because the company is already old and there are lots of competition to sell its products. Actually the demand is low than supply. The brand name of this company is also not so popular. So, it will be difficult for us to sell its products and recruit people in this company. Actually we only recommend companies like Wealthy Affiliate where there is almost zero risk and from where 100% we can make money after doing some work, not like in Melaleuca where we need to work very hard and even can’t be sure either we can make any money from it or not. You can find more details on Wealthy Affiliate by clicking this link:-


OK, let’s begin with our Melaleuca Review as below.

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This is the website URL for Melaleuca login and join in:- http www melaleuca com

Background of Melaleuca, Melaleuca Info

Melaleuca was founded by Frank L. Vandersloot in 1985. So, it is an old MLM company which has managed to survive for so long time which is positive point about it. It started out as a small business in Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA. There are variety of products offer by Melaleuca like, Vitamins and Supplements, Food and Weight Loss, Hot Beverages, Medicine Cabinet, Beauty, Cleaning and Laundry, Hair care and so on. Melaleuca is operating in 17 countries and has created $1 billion in revenue in past few years. You can find Melaleuca business center, Melaleuca stores in following countries:-

  1. United Kingdom (UK)
  2. United States (USA)
  3. Canada
  4. Mexico
  5. Australia
  6. New Zealand
  7. Ireland
  8. Netherlands
  9. Germany
  10. Austria
  11. Poland
  12. Singapore
  13. Malaysia
  14. Japan
  15. Korea
  16. Mainland China
  17. Hong Kong

It sounds really good, right? NOT SO FAST.


Although, it looks like a good company but also many members as well as consumers are not satisfied with their products and services and if you are looking at this company to make some money out of it, then better you stay more far from it. Why? Let’s check it out in “How to earn money from Melaleuca” caption as below.



How to earn money from Melaleuca?

You can join Melaleuca for free. But it is really difficult to earn money from this site. There are some bonuses they have shown on their website and it seems like there are many ways to make money in this company comparing with other MLM companies. But most of the bonuses are only available for higher ranking affiliates. It means there is no chance to earn those bonuses for new members, specially for free members. Its membership is free but, you should have to purchase their products and also you have to recruit the new members and sell the products as much as you can. So, it only looks like free, but without investment from your side or your recruits, there is no chance you can earn money here. On top of that, it is an old company, so it will be more difficult for you to sell their products because competition is high to sell its products as there are already lots of members who are already selling these products from many years. Actually, the main reason you see lots of positive Melaleuca reviews around the net is only because those members who are promoting these products are posting those reviews of Melaleuca products. So, by observing only those Melaleuca product reviews, you can guess yourself how much competition you have to face in order to sell the products of Melaleuca.



Drawbacks of Melaleuca

  1. It’s free to join in Melaleuca, however you or your referrals have to purchase or sell their products in order to earn money from it, which means without you or your referral investment, you can’t earn money from this site. And if you won’t able to sell the products or recruit members, you will earn nothing from Melaleuca.
  2. Melaleuca has been around for a long time and so many costumers had complained about its costumer service. Even you can find lots of issues like some of the costumers had returned the products to the company and claim their money back as per the TOS of the company. But most of time the response of Melaleuca is very bad on those cases. Even many members have reported that their money got keep on cutting from their credit card after the cancellation of membership even upto more than 3 months.
  3. All the bonuses are only available for top higher ranking affiliates so, there is no chance to earn bonuses for new members.
  4. Members claim that some of the affiliates forced to purchase the products which they have never ordered and when members return back those stuffs, company asked them to pay for the return shipment. lol. How ridiculous that can be? How could they force the members like that even mistakenly. It seems they only care about how to take money and doesn’t care about customer service at all. So, we can say Melaleuca customer service is very bad.



Due to the reasons we have mentioned as above, we don’t recommend you to work with Melaleuca. It is not completely a scam company but many of its members are having trouble to earn money, even most of them have leave this company after working for 5-6 months because more than 95% members failed to make even a penny from this company. So, it is better to stay away from the companies like Melaleuca if you want to join it only to earn money because if you put same effort and time to work in other top rated online work companies like Wealthy Affiliate, you can 100% make a good amount and even can established your full time online career for lifetime. So, why we waste our time and effort in companies like Melaleuca where there is not any guarantee to make money. For more details on Wealthy Affiliate, please click this link:-


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