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Making Money With a Website – But How To?
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Are you searching for the ways to make money from a website? Do you want to know how to make money from a website? Or, Do you want to know how to make a website very easily?

Well, you will get the complete answers of these queries here in this post.

Before we begin with the ways of making money with a website, first of all, let’s start with the best platform from where you can make a professional website very easily without having any technical knowledge.

Making Money With a Website

Well, there are definitely the plenty of platforms to make a website these days among which the most popular ones are WordPress, Blogger, Wix, Joomla, Jimdo, Wealthy Affiliate and so on. However, the best ones that we liked are WordPress, Jimdo and Wealthy Affiliate. So, let’s find out the short description on these three platforms from where you can make a very professional website.


WordPress is a platfrom to create a website which is free and easy to use. You can use this platform to create a website so that you can start to blog from your own website and make money. OK, let’s talk about money making part later. First of all let’s find out about creating website with a WordPress platform.

You can either use the hosted service via or by downloading self-hosted installations from The installation files provided by WordPress would be around 20 MB in size. WordPress provides a professional platform to create a blogging websites. Although it is easy to create a website using WordPress, you need to have some basic technical knowledge to build a website using this platform about which you can find the details by following this link:-

You can also find more about WordPress by clicking this link:-

WordPress doesn’t provide the complete package to create a website so you have to purchase domain and website hosting services from different platforms to build a professional money making website. The best platform to purchase a domain can be Namecheap and GoDaddy whereas HostGater, SiteGround and Wealthy Affiliate can be the easy platforms for website hosting.

Wait a moment. Yes, we know you are thinking it is little big confusing and technical to create a website by purchasing different services from different platforms. Well, it is not too much complicated but yes, you need to have some basic technical knowledge to create a website using WordPress. So, if you are looking for the complete beginners platform to make a website, then Jimdo and Wealthy Affilaite will be the best platform for you which provides all in one platform to build a professional money making website.

So, why are we talking about WordPress here if Jimdo and Wealthy Affiliate provides more easy platform to create a website. Well, it’s because WordPress is very much popular as it has long history in the business of website creation field. So, if we skip WorPress platform, it looks like we are having some biased post over here.

So, before we describe more about WordPress and process of creating a website with the WordPress, first of all let’s have a look at more easy platform to create a website which are Jimdo and Wealthy Affiliate.

You will find more detail about creating website with WordPress later in this post. However, first of all let’s find out about Jimdo and Wealthy Affilaite platforms which are more easy platforms to create a money making website than WordPress


Unlike WordPress, Jimdo provides the all in one package to create a website. Using Jimdo, you can create a website just by signing up with Jimdo services. It provides three kinds of memberships and those are Free, Pro and Business.

All memberships of Jimdo provide complete package, from creating a website, domain to website hosting. Once you sign up with Jimdo, you will get guidance automatically which show how you can create a website using Jimdo platform.

However, the free service of Jimdo doesn’t provide you a professional platform to create a website because the domain that you can get as a free members of Jimdo will be under the subdomain of “”. If you want to have your own private domain, you should go for Jimdo pro subscription which will cost $90 per year.

Jimdo free service is also not good for getting good traffic because its SEO plugins will be only activated for the landing page of your website and you won’t get any search engine rankings for rest of your page. Where as Jimdo Pro provided a very good platform in a cheapest cost. You will get your own private domain, free custom emails on your domain name, full SEO plugins to optimize your each page for search engine rankings and definitely a very easy platform to create a website with all necessary plugins that you generally need to create a professional money making website.

The best part of Jimdo is the easiness of creating website. You can directly write down the content online on your Jimdo website as you are writing the Facebook post or writing in Microsoft document. It is that much easy.

In order to see how much it is easy and test yourself, first of all, you can sign up as a free member with Jimdo. Once you create every necessary stuffs for your website using free membership and test it fully, then only you can upgrade to Jimdo pro. So, you have a choice to upgrade only after you fully test the platform free of cost which is definitely a very good service provided by the Jimdo.

However, once you get tons of traffic to your webiste, it’s better you upgrade to Jimdo Business membership plan which will cost around $240 per year. However, you can upgrade to Jimdo Business only if you feel that is necessary and that is also if you are already making good amount of income from your Jimdo Pro plan.

Jimdo Business plan is only necessary for those who are getting lots of traffic, means already making too much money from their website. Otherwise Jimdo Pro subscription already enough to create a professional website.

The most needed feature of Jimdo business can be the URL redirect from the deleted or 404 error pages to the active pages, for making some pages nofollow and so on. Now it may sounds too much technical for you. Well, that’s why we said you need Jimdo Business only when you become too much professional, means by the time when you are already making good amount of income from your website.

You will get 5 GB storage and 10 GB bandwidth as a Jimdo Pro users which is quite enough for lots of website, actually for 95% of websites. However, if you get too much lucky and start to get millions of visitors per month and want to write more than 1000s of contents, then you can go for Jimdo Business plan which offers unlimited storage and bandwidth.

Actually, our this post is not about how to create a website but it is about making money with a website. So, we don’t want to explain too many features of Jimdo here. So, if you decide to use the Jimdo platform after reading this whole post, you can find the detailed review on Jimdo by clicking this link:-

Now, let’s have some short description on another website making platform known as Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate

If you are searching for the most easy platform to make a website and make money from that, then definitely, without a doubt, Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform for that.


It’s because Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t only provide the full package to build a website, means from domain to hosting and all necessary plugins to build a website, but it also provides complete training with step by step video tutorial to create a website. Not only that, it also provides the step by step video tutorial to drive the traffic/visitors to your website from search pages like Google, Yahoo, Bing and so on. You will get full SEO optimization training from Wealthy Affiliate. Once you learn to get the traffic from various means to your website, you will also learn to make money from that website once again by following the next level training of Wealthy Affiliate.

So, if you don’t have any idea of creating a website and make money from that, then Wealthy Affiliate is the top most place to establish your website business. You will not only get the full training to make money by creating your website in your own subject of interest but you will also get full support from the Wealthy Affiliate community which is full of experts in website business field. You will also get up to date live webinar training to find the latest update in the industry so that you will not end up facing some problems due to updates in search engines algorithm or any other platforms related to this market.

The training provided by Wealthy Affiliate is up to date so you never have to be worried of getting junk knowledge.

Wealthy Affiliate challenge everyone to test this system free of cost which proves how much transparent and worthy is this platform. It provides free membership to try this platform for free under which you can make 2 free websites in your own subject of interest under “” sub-domain and can take 10 basic lessons free of costs. Unlike Jimdo or any other web hosting platforms, the free websites that you make within Wealthy Affiliate also come with full SEO plugins due to which the content from your free websites also get rank well in search pages same as other paid domain websites.

The websites that you made within Wealthy Affiliate own platform will be with WordPress themes and plugins. So, instead of going through the tough way of making website with popular platform WordPress, you can make WordPress website very easily with Wealthy Affiliate.

So, what are you waiting for? You can join and test Wealthy Affiliate free of cost and see how it works by yourself by clicking this link:-

The membership cost of Wealthy Affiliate is also very cheap. It’s all training packages, live support, community support, live webinar, website building platform with hosting of 25 websites comes with only $29.9 per month cost if you pay annually. There is no additional cost or up-sells in Wealthy Affiliate. The only additional cost that you need to pay is for domain which won’t cost you more than $14 per year if you purchase domain within Wealthy Affiliate and around $10 per year if you purchase domain with service like Namecheap.

Since this is not the post to show you how to create a website but it is a post to show you the best way of making money with a website, so let’s conclude this Wealthy Affiliate review here. If you want to find out more details on Wealthy Affiliate, you can click this link:-

Let’s continue about making website with a WordPress

Now you already know that the website that you make within Wealthy Affilaite also comes with full WordPress plugins and premium themes. So, we don’t think you need to hassle to much to create a website directly using WordPress platform, but also if you want, then here is some details for you.

Aforementioned, first you need to purchase a website domain and hosting from different platforms. After that you need to follow lots of steps some of which are little bit technical which you can find by following this link:-

So, if you don’t want to hassle up too much and want to create a money making website very easily and want to learn from creating website to make money from that website, then definitely Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform for that.

At last – How to make money from a website?

Sorry for making this post too long before coming into the main topic of this post. But, we feel we need to explain about some good platforms to create a website first of all before we explain the ways of making money with a website.

Now here is the process and ways of making money with a website:-

Process to create a money making website:-

Choose a niche:-

Before you decide to make a website, first of all, you need to choose a niche. Niche means your own subject of interest in which you have some knowledge and ideas, so choose the topic in which you have some ideas to write some contents.

Many people misunderstand the concept of choosing the niche. Instead of going to their own subject of interest, they start to search what topic other successful blogger have chosen and try to copy that thinking they can also make their website same popular and make same money like those top blogger are making.

However, in this business, copying other concept is worthless. If you choose some topic thinking that will have many visitors and lots of money for you, you will end up giving up this business. Because, if you choose the niche in which you don’t have idea, just because other are making money from that niche, then definitely you are not going to make any good progress because you will not have enough idea what kind of content/article you should write regarding that topic and without adding content day by day, you can’t succeed in this process. So, don’t go after choosing popular niche.

Instead choose the real niche, we said real niche because niche is the subject of your own interest, so real niche means your real subject of interest in which you have some knowledge and ideas to write some contents/articles on your own.

Don’t worry, every niche is profitable. Well, we will tell you how later in this post.

Keyword Research:-

The keyword research is the process of finding out what people are searching on the search pages like Google, Yahoo, Bing and so on and how many people are searching that keyword term and how many competition already have for that keyword. Competition means the amount of content/article that already there written by other websites in same topic. If you find out there are lots of competition, you should choose other keyword to target in your content, not the one with high competition. Because to make your content/article rank in first page in search pages, you should choose the keyword which have less competition.

Well now it sounds difficult for you? Thinking how to do keyword research? Well, don’t worry on that part because you can find in detail how to do the keywords reserach by clicking the following links:-

What is Keyword Research? How to do Keyword Research?

Which one is the best Keyword Research Tool and how to do the Keyword Reserach using that tool.

However, above two links are only if you want to do it on your own. But if you want to follow the step by step training to learn about keyword research, then once again it’s better you join Wealthy Affiliate.

SEO Optimization:-

Actually this process you need to implement side by side with all the process. First of all you need to install SEO plugins while setting up your website first time. After that you need to put the meta head tag and meta description whenever you write each content. However, meta description is not so much important these days. But, meta heading must be put in the area provided by SEO plugins.

The meta heading will be the topic of your each content. So you need to copy-paste your content heading to meta head tag. And your topic also need to have the keywords that you have find out doing the Keyword Research.

According to the different platforms, you will find the SEO meta head and meta description settings. Each website building platform will clearly provide you the direction to find out the SEO settings. However, it is more easy if you join Wealthy Affiliate because Wealthy Affiliate provides the step by step training to do the SEO settings in a very professional and easy matter.


Content is a key to drive a traffic to your website. Without a quality content, don’t expect any good results. When we say quality content, many people confuse about writing contents in artistic way. Well, we are not saying that. You no need to writer to write a content. You can write the content about the topic in which you have good knowledge so that you can easily write what you know about that thing. It’s like sharing your ideas, your views regarding something with your friends through your social media accounts. You only need to write little long. That’s all. So, don’t confuse to be a writer. You no need to be a writer.

Warning! While writing the content, never ever copy any contents from any website. Yes, you can read the content in other websites and take ideas but only ideas, then write the contents on your website on your own. You will not get any good ranking in search pages by writing a duplicate content. That’s why you should choose a niche in which you have good knowledge. So, make the website only in that subject in which you have some knowledge and ideas.

Don’t think which niche is profitable, think in which niche you have good enough knowledge to write some contents on your own. Later on when you out of ideas, then you can read the contents from other websites to take ideas but once again you need to write on your own.

More Contents:-

Yes, more contents you write by targeting more new keywords, you can grab more traffic from search pages. So, never stop your content writing process. Day by day keep on building new contents by targeting new keywords relevant to your niche.

Ways of Making Money With a Website

Once you get the good number of traffic to your website, you can start to make money from your website which you can do in following ways:-

Affiliate Products:-

Searching Affiliate products related to your website content and selling that by providing the affiliate link of those products through your content. When people click such affiliate link and purchase something, you will earn the commission which will be provided from the affiliate programs. Lots of companies have affiliate program. So, there is high possibility to find out the affiliate products which is relevant to your content.

The top companies providing affiliate programs are, JVZoo, ClickBank,, eBay Partner Network, Shareasale, GiddyUp, and so on. You can apply for free with lots of these kinds of affiliate programs and promote their products by providing the affiliate link given by those companies through your website content. When some people click that affiliate link and purchase something, you will make some commission of that product value. The commission value will be different according to the different companies.

Now maybe you are thinking why people will purchase through your affiliate link instead of directly purchasing from those companies. Well, it’s because first of all people will search in search pages like Google about the reviews of the products before they purchase and when they find out your review on the first page they will click that and read the content of your website. If they believe what you have written about those products, lots of them will definitely purchase the products from your recommendation. It happens because only those people landed in your website content who are searching for the product which you are promoting. So, those people already already interested on that product and trying to find out either they should purchase that product or not. So, your positive review on that product will easily convince them to purchase the product through your affiliate link.

However, never ever do any false review. If you think some products are too much bad, better not promote them. If you think some products have both pros and cons, it’s better you mention that clearly so that it will be more easy for your website visitors to decide themselves.

Remember, honesty wins the race here. If you sell bad products saying that is good, you may be succeed to sell one time but next time those people will not purchase anything from your recommendation. However, if you provide honest review, you will start to gain the trust of people and they will again come directly to your website as well as they will recommend your website to your friends and families which will results increase in your social traffic as well as your search engine traffic. So, always provide honest review about the products that you want to sell.

Creating your own digital products:-

Well, it is not difficult to create your own digital product and sell them online. Even you can just make the training in a pdf format by writing in text format in Microsoft Word document and saving that to the pdf format. That training material can be of anything, like about cooking something, or ways of cleaning, or tips to lose weight or tips for diet plan and so on. You can make such document on anything in which you have idea. It’s better you make such training material or any such kind of pdf document in a text format with pictures and then upload those to sell in the sites like ClickBank, JVZoo and so on and set up the price to download your material and also provide the description what your material offers. After that you can grab the link of your upload file and paste the in your relevant website content. When people click that link and purchase your digital product, you will earn money which you can cash-out from the respective companies like ClickBank, JVZoo and so one wherever you upload your content.

Actually, there are multiple ways to create a digital products, not only training materials such as you can create a video of showing some ideas or tricks, you can provide tips to make money which you have learned, you can provide the better ways to be successful in career and so on. Even you can write eBook, something interesting and sell that if you are a good writer. So, you can make any kind of digital products and sell that easily from your own website.

Selling your own products if you have any:-

If you are a shop owner or if you produce some handicraft products or you are good at making some products, you can easily sell that through your website. You just need to write the content relevant to your products and make people aware of your product. Then you can recommend people to purchase those product from your content.

You can sell your own products directly by providing the link from your content website to your product based website. If you don’t have your own e-commerce website for your products, then you can list your products in third parties website like and grab the link of those product’s page and paste it to your website content from where people will click the link and purchase your products from the website like and you will earn the money equivalent to your product value. However, the website like will cut little fees for doing that, but it’s very easy and safe way to sell your products.

Selling the services or trainings:-

If you provide some services or trainings, you can also mention about that by creating relevant content within your website. When the content is relevant to your training or services, people who landed to that content will be those who are searching about such services and training within search pages like Google, Bing, Yahoo and so on. So, those people are your potential customer. If you provide your contact details to get your service or training, some of those people who have landed in your website content will contact you as per your guidance to get training from you or to get any kind of services from you.

However, you better target specific place around you for selling such training or services which you can do by targeting your website visitors only to certain place. There is a setting in Google Search Console about that. If you want to learn about these settings, it’s once again better to join Wealthy Affiliate as you can learn about these stuff very easily from there.

What if your content is not suitable to sell anything or if you simply don’t want to sell anything. In that case, can you still make money from your website?

Placing advertisements within your website:-

If you don’t want to sell anything or promote anything from your website, or if your website niche is not suitable to promote or sell anything, then also there is a very good and easy way of making money with your website and that is advertisements.

Now maybe you are thinking where and how you can find the advertisements to place in your website. Well, it is very easy and you no need to do anything for it. There are the big companies like Google AdSense, and so on where you can apply to place the advertisement to your website. You sign up and apply to those services for free of cost. However, you must be getting traffic to your website before you apply to these services. If your website is not getting any traffic, they will not approve your website to place the advertisements. So, first of all, drive traffic to your website and once you start to get traffic, then only apply with these services.

However, if your website niche contains the probihited contents, you may not get approval from big advertisement networks like Google AdSense, Ezoic, Monumetric, etc., but in this case, you can apply with other advertisement networks. If you search in Google, you can find the advertisement networks for any kind of contents providing by various companies. You can apply free of cost in most of them.

When people land in your website, read your content, you will earn some small money on per view basis given by these advertisement networks for displaying their ads on your website. If some visitors click those ads, then you will make more money because you can earn good income on per click basis. Since these companies provided relevant ads, there is maximum chance to get clicks from your visitors.

Don’t worry about setting up those ads in your website. That is very easy which you can do in few minutes. Once you apply with those companies, they will provide you the detailed tutorial to place the advertisements on your website. So, you don’t have to be worried on that part.

Offering guest post/content:-

You can also offer a guest post and get paid for it. But remember, this can create issues of duplicate content. So, we don’t recommend it if SEO is the main source of your traffic.

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